1. emlit

    iPhone 5 or earlier How Best to Move Away from 5s

    Considering a) my wife's 5s took an inadvertent bath, b) we're out of our current contracts, and c) Verizon is running a decent Mother's Day promo, I need advice for upgrading our old 16GB 5ses. I don't want to spend a ton of money, so what's your take on the following options: 1) Take...
  2. I

    Macbook pro 126GB or 256GB?

    Hi everyone, I'm an student in Junior year highschool and I want my mac to last me throughout university too. I'm going to be storing all of my photos and videos in an external hard drive, but I wonder if 128GB would be enough for all the apps that I'll probably need. Btw I'm studying veterinary...
  3. T

    iPhone 8(+) iPhone 8 64gb v iPhone 7 128gb

    Looking to upgrade my iPhone and can get an iPhone 8 64gb or an iPhone 7 128gb for about the same cost. I'm not too clued up on the models and technology in general, so would really appreciate some advice as to which is a better investment for a 2-year contract. The new model with less...
  4. A

    Is 128GB enough for college?

    Hello everyone. I'm going to start college this fall and buy my first ever personal computer, after using iPad as my main device for few years. I'm not going to store any Movies or Music on my computer, I'm using Netflix/Amazon/Apple Music for entertainment purposes. I'm not playing any games...
  5. jusacruiser

    iPhone 7Plus - 128GB vs. 256GB

    I am comparing a iPhone 7Plus 128GB versus a iPhone 7Plus 256GB Phone. Other than the OBVIOUS double Capacity......what other differences are there between the 128 vs. 256 ? Sounds crazy....but do they weigh the same? How about the data write speed? Anything else you can think of?
  6. janeauburn

    256 GB?

    What's on your phone that makes so much storage necessary?
  7. Mzcocoa

    iPhone 7/7+ ordered in October

    just wondering if anybody have gotten info on 7/7+ orders that was made in October? If so what kind... I ordered a MB 7+ 128 thru sprint.com on 10/04 my shipping dates are 11/9-11/23. Hoping the October orders are shipping before thanksgiving fingers crossed.
  8. E

    128gb vs 256gb

    so I Originally ordered the 256 jet black for myself and 128gb matte for my dad. The 128 is coming tomorrow . I have the 128gb right now and have about 60gb space after deleting stuff . I mostly stream, except for audiobooks. I do a lot of photography and plan on shooting raw. Very little video...
  9. G

    27" iMac - 1Tb or 2Tb Fusion Drive?

    I having been considering entering into the Mac world for a few months. I was going to wait to see whether a new model came out later this year, but the Pound falling against the Dollar has made me nervous about a price increase so I hope to pull the trigger in the next week or so, as soon as my...