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  1. Oliver Christie

    Help me decide! 8GB or 16GB?

    In the past, I have always gone with max RAM and low storage. Too many tabs open on Chrome and Safari, some Photoshop, lots of Excel sheets. With the M1 is 16GB needed or can I get away with 8GB?
  2. mglakner

    Explain RAM Utilization on macOs

    I use a 2014 mac mini as a home server (plex, itunes, photos, etc.) it has 8gb of Ram. I run some ram intensive apps like a Ubiquiti controller and my usage was into the 60-70% range, so i thought i needed more ram, so i bought a 2012 mac mini with 16gb. I cloned my 2014 to my 2012 and booted...
  3. ScreenSavers

    Has anyone tried 16GB in the Mid-2010 17" recently?

    I have the Mid-2010 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7 17" MacBook Pro with 8GB and I sure would like to have 16GB in it. Has anyone actually tried this under Mojave? I don't want to blow money, as the maximum I see everywhere is 8GB.
  4. A

    16GB RAM vs 32GB RAM - Radeon Pro 555X vs 560X - Editing 4K video?

    What’s more important for editing 4K video? Upgrading the RAM, graphics card or processor? Main question is between 16GB RAM vs 32GB RAM and Radeon Pro 555X vs 560X. Buying 2018 MacBook Pro for video editing and would appreciate some input. I use Adobe Premiere. The thing that is most...
  5. GoodCusion

    Is it even worth it?

    Hiya guys, LONG time lurker. Have finally signed up because I'm lost. Im rocking a fairly old(2015) 13: macbook pro 8gb ram core 2.7 i5 256gb disk. We do everything together. I sit on this machine all day, do all my web work, print design, graphic design and dabble with video for fun. It does...
  6. dmsea1

    i7 - 16GB - 1TB SSD Setup and overall Review - 2nd night LOVE!!

    Just for anyone wanting a real world low-tech review . Disclaimer, I am very much an amateur at this stuff. I am replacing a 2009 iMac - so yes, this is a massive jump. I was hoping for an iMac refresh, but this setup looked too good to pass up - so I went in. I record music in GarageBand...
  7. M

    MacBook mid 2010 - How to upgrade performances

    Hello, I have a mid 2010 MacBook unibody white 13" with Intel 2,4 GHz Core d2 Duo and I wish to upgrade its performances. I presently have 2GB 1067 MHz DDR3 memory and would like to upgrade it to either 8 GB (2x4GB) or even maybe 16GB (2x8GB). I am not sure about the 16GB being installed, will...
  8. Jamalogo10

    2017 13nTB i7 vs. 13TB

    I recently placed an order for a 2017 MBP nTB with n i7 2.5-4GHz, 512ssd, 16ram. I got the educational discount and added the educational bundle. Paid $2100 plus $200 for the apps bundle = $2300 and I'm concerned I paid too much for the "base" MacBook Pro that supposedly has a worse CPU. And...
  9. U

    rMB with 16gb RAM?

    I have just read an article on 9to5mac which says that the 16 gb Ram MB 12" is highly expected for the WWDC. Is there a possibility that this can be real? Would you buy it? What would its impacts be on the notebook and for its longevity?
  10. M

    tbMBP 13" i5 or i7 16GB RAM for large excel files?

    Hello guys, I just bought a 13-inch tbMBP with 16GB Ram and 512GB SSD and the i7 processor. I wanted the basic i5 processor but all apple stores just had the 512gb/16gb models with the i7 processor available. Now I'm trying to find arguments for the i7 processor. Is the 3,3GHz i7 far superior...
  11. dillonbradley4

    nTB vs TB 13" Advice for Graphic Designer

    I'm a soon to graduate graphic designer looking for some advice on my replacement for my Mid 2010 13"MBP. Before I explain the options let me give you a bit of background of my general usage: I use the Adobe suite (mostly photoshop, illustrator, indesign and a little bit of after effects) on a...
  12. S

    Is 16GB really that bad?

    Hi, I'm new to the forums and I've been lurking on here, since in a couple of months I want to purchase a iPhone 6s Plus in Rose Gold for cheaper when the iPhone 7 comes out. One thing I've been debating is whether or not to get the 16GB or the 64GB. I am working now but I am trying to save as...
  13. N

    Macbook Pro ram question

    Hello Macrumor forum users! I recently purchased my first ever MacBook Pro, my Macbook model is the: MacBook Pro (13-inch, Late 2011) Here is a link to the ram in question...
  14. D

    16 GB, clean install, and running slow with El Capitan

    Hi, few weeks ago I was still using OSX 10.7 (lion) with 16BG, and my computer was super fast. It is a Macbook pro 13-inch Mid 2012. Recently I installed the newest OSX 10.11.4 (El capitan), so from 10.7 to 10.11 it is a big leap. I made a clean install, erased the hard drive, then transferring...
  15. eugenioroar

    Macbook Pro upgrade

    Hey there everyone, I guess everyone on this forum has thought on upgrading it's Macbook Pro from whatever the amount of Ram it had to 16gb of Ram. Well, last time I tried installing the 16gb everything went well... I checked if the computer was recognizing the ram and everything, which it...
  16. J

    Late 2012 27inch iMac - Upgrading RAM - is 16GB the maximum?

    Hi there, I'm looking at upgrading my iMac's RAM (27 inch, Late 2012, 8GB). I just checked on Crucial and it is saying I can upgrade it to 16GB, but my iMac has four slots, so why is 32GB not being offered as an option? Any advice, as always, greatly appreciated. Thanks