MacBook mid 2010 - How to upgrade performances


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Jun 18, 2018

I have a mid 2010 MacBook unibody white 13" with Intel 2,4 GHz Core d2 Duo and I wish to upgrade its performances.

I presently have 2GB 1067 MHz DDR3 memory and would like to upgrade it to either 8 GB (2x4GB) or even maybe 16GB (2x8GB). I am not sure about the 16GB being installed, will the macbook still work?

Also, I would like to add an SSD. What SSD can I have. What is the best SSD I can have to my macbook will be able to support, as I don't want to pay a high quality SSD when its not supported and its performances will get leveled to the macbook's.

Also, is there something else than adding memory and adding an SSD that can upgrade my mac's capacities, such as making it faster or/and boot itself/programs faster? Can I upgrade my mac's 2.4GHz/s for greater performances ? If so, can I change the Core 2 duo processor to i5/i7 ? Is this even possible ?

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Feb 20, 2009
RAM will only help a little with speed. Don't get your hopes up here.
It's an SSD that "will make all the difference".

ANY SSD should do. One will not be particularly faster than any other, because the 2010 MacBook has a SATA-2 bus (where 2.5" form-factor SSDs have a SATA-3 bus).

So -- I'd "buy for price", and not spend too much. The MacBook is 8 years old already.
I'd suggest Crucial or Sandisk.

I'd also suggest you spend about $12 for one of these when you buy the SSD:

You can use this to "prepare and test" the new SSD -BEFORE- you actually open up the MacBook. This will make things MUCH easier if you run into any problems, because the MacBook will still be "intact" and usable. I STRONGLY SUGGEST that you do it this way.
After you swap the drives, you can use it to connect the old drive (for a backup or for extra storage).

You will need a Phillips #00 driver and a TORX T-6 (the latter for removing the "busses" on the SSD that "sit in the slot" in the MacBook).

Go to to see the procedure (it's easy).
Pay special attention to how the back cover is "unhooked" for removal.
There are tabs that must be properly un-hooked, or you risk bending the cover.

I recommend that you buy ONE 8gb DIMM (NOT two of them).
When the back cover is off, just replace the "topmost" DIMM.
This will give you 10gb of installed RAM... plenty.
My recommendation for a RAM source: