1. bobesch

    Black Screen on early-2009 24" iMac

    A few days ago I took my early-2009 24" c2duo iMac to the Office to get him connected to the office-network. It's got Win10Pro installed and at home, everything worked fine. In the office fans started to run on booting and continued to run nonstop at full speed, so I powered the iMac down and...
  2. K

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro Upgraded CPU resulting in Black Screen

    I have a 2009 Mac Pro which I successfully (with the help of this forum) upgraded to 5,1 to Mojave running a RX580. Got it to run and work off of my NVME. Everything at this point works, the screen works. I then upgraded the CPU to dual X5680 3.33 ghz, which I purchased used off of Ebay that...
  3. B

    MP 1,1-5,1 Quick Help needed – cMP 4.1 red CPU LED and not booting after SSD install

    Hello, I just got a 2009 cMP 4.1 single CPU with 5.1 firmware flash. I wanted to install a PCIe SSD (AXAGON PCIE-NVME M.2 PCEM2-NC + Samsung 970 EVO). When I pressed the power button, the vents and DVD drive started as usual, but after one or two seconds I could smell a bit of smoke. No boot...
  4. nos1609

    Xserve 2020 [Xs3,1]

    Finding the info in both FB group and multiple threads here and there is becoming more difficult, so I am pretty sure time has come for such a thread. Xserve3,1 upgrade guide 2020 Part 1: Logic board The logic board that was bundled with the default and the cheaper configuration was designed...
  5. T

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 4,1 Case Same as 5,1?

    Hi, Does anyone know if a 4,1 (2009) case is exactly the same as a 5,1 (2010 - 2012) so components from a 4,1 model will fit into a 5,1 or vice versa? Cheers, Chris
  6. costabunny

    MP 1,1-5,1 cMP 2009 dual CPU - Random shutdowns

    Hi y’all My Mac Pro 4.1 dual CPU was a swap for my XBox One S. It was purchased direct from Apple UK by my friend who did the swap. He has had it in his photography studio, and it has done light work over it’s life. Anyways; first thing I had to do was put a boot disk in it and re-install...
  7. kevinakerberg

    Only LED #1 Turns On Late 2009 27" iMac

    Hi everyone, I received a 27" late 2009 iMac from a friend who said it wouldn't start. Upon taking it apart and investigating, I found that several internal cables were broken and the video card was loose. After replacing these cables and reseating the video card (also had to add RAM) I tried to...
  8. Misuu

    Would this be a good purchase?

    I currently am looking at a MacBook. I don't know if I should buy it or not, I have used other Apple devices but never a MacBook. My main purposes for using it is communicating and digital art. Would it be a good purchase? Modified Item: No Non-Domestic Product: No Operating System: Mac OS X...
  9. bobitavu

    cpu upgrade fail single x5675 mac pro 2009 updated 5.1

    Hi, sorry for the double post, maybe some readers will only get it here Hi everyone, new to this forum. Mac pro 2009 mono cpu (stock mono 2,66) updated to 5.1, high sierra with bootrom MP51.0089.B00 BootROM CPU update fail !! Trying to install a x5675 bought on ebay After cpu change and new...
  10. R

    Best USB 3 card for Mac Pro 2009 running Mojave

    Hi, What is the fastest and well performing usb 3.0 card that I can buy for Mac Pro early 2009 running Mojave. I have heard from somewhere that with some cards it splits speed somehow when transferring from a USB 3.0 hard drive. Because of having limited ports, which I don’t want. So what...
  11. Polybius

    Forbidden sign with Mojave Patcher

    Hey everyone :) I have a MacBook White 2009 with macos x Leopard 10.5.8 and intel core 2 duo 2.4Ghz. I followed the instructions of mac os mojave patch but when I start on ALT and I choose the boot usb key it shows me the forbidden sign. I also can not enter the recovery system with CMD + R. I...
  12. G

    MPc 4.1 2009, PSU Blows fuses in house

    I have one 2009 4.1 MPc. UPDATED: Machine keeps blowing fuses upon plugging it into socket for power. Once one fuse is blown (or fuse is blown one time) the machine runs just fine. I now did have another look at the problem, and seems that the fuse will blow when cable is put in FIRST time...
  13. S

    Recurring Kernel Panics: Mac Pro 2009

    Hi All, I've got a pretty heavily modified Mac Pro 2009 (flashed to 5,1) with upgraded processors, RAM, video card, USB 3, SSD, the whole 9 yards. Since upgrading, I’ve been getting near constant kernel panics. It used to be when I was in Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, things like that...
  14. K

    Mac Pro 2009 GPU upgrade issues (RX480)

    Hey everyone, first post here. I recently acquired a 2009 Mac Pro (4,1 flashed to 5,1) successfully updated to High Sierra. I had an ASUS Dual OC RX 480 lying around and am having some trouble getting it running properly. As far as I've researched, High Sierra is supposed to have built-in...
  15. imfastrnu2

    BCM943602CS - PCI-E Wireless Card

    Hey everyone, I just picked up a BCM943602CS Wireless card (PCI-e) for my 2009 Mac Pro that I updated to a 5.1. The card is advertised as Mac compatible and many people use it in the Hackintosh builds, but for some reason I can not get my Mac to recognize it. My OS is Mojave. Has anyone had any...
  16. MCAN

    New M.2 drive has very slow transfer speeds

    Hello everyone, Yesterday I installed an ADATA SX8200 M.2 drive via a PCIe adapter in my 2009 Mac Pro (flashed to 5,1) and have found the read/write speeds to be less than stellar. For a drive that is supposed to get speeds of 3200 MB/s read and 1700MB/s write, I am getting lackluster speeds...
  17. MMacG1167

    Late 2009 iMac sleep screen issue

    I have a 27" iMac from late 2009. It has a 2.8 Ghz Intel core i7 processor, 8GB of 1067 MHz DDR3 RAM, and an ATI Radeon HD 4850 512 MB graphics card/chip. It has a 1 TB SATA HD of which about 687GB is available. The OS is High Sierra (10.13.6). I essentially leave it turned on 24/7, and for a...
  18. E

    I now own multiple cMPs, how to compare components?

    I thought I'd include this quote because it describes my situation perfectly. I have had a single processor 2009 cMP for over a year now, and saw a great deal on a dual tray 2009 and picked it up as well. Other than cosmetics and the tray, what would be the best way to determine which...
  19. D

    Mac Pro 2009/4,1 Dual Socket - no chime, no boot with both CPUs

    My 4,1 / 2009 unmodified dual proc Mac Pro was having intermittent crashes (every *other* boot, it would randomly freeze). I took the CPU tray out and discovered a wiggly northbridge heatsink that needed to be refastened to the board. Taking off CPU-A to get to it, I noticed the thermal paste...
  20. CardioGod

    20" Apple iMac (2009)

    I was recently offered the chance to buy a lot of 35, 20" Apple iMacs (2009). They are $3,000 Specs: Model: iMac9,1 RAM: 2GB Hard Drive: 160GB Processor: 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo