1. C

    iPad Pro - how to delete files to free storage

    So, I worked some files on LumaFusion, and added them on iCloud storage. Those files remain on my iPad as well, without the option like OneDrive to unload them locally. I thought when adding more files would remove some others to make space, just like Photos. This doesn't happens, and I am...
  2. sam198211

    iPhone 11 Pro Max Which iPhone 11 Pro max should I choose?

    So I'm buying a preowned iPhone 11 Pro max. I am upgrading from an iPhone 7 haha so it's a much needed upgrade.. Both are at 100% battery health and I have to choose between these 2. Please note I am in Australia so under consumer law apple have to replace any defects 1 year after the original...
  3. Roykatz

    iPhone XS Upgrade Xs 64gb to 11 256gb

    Hi everyone, I’m having a hard time deciding if I should upgrade or not. On the one hand I’m always running out of memory on my Xs 64gb and I don’t really mind the lcd screen on the 11 model but the thick bezel are really annoying imo. What do you suggest I should do? I Would also love to hear...
  4. amg949

    Does my 2018 MacBook Pro 13" 256GB have slow SSD ?

    Using Black Magic Disc Speed Test on a 2018 MacBook Pro 13" with 256GB Write: 1300-1400 MB/s Read: 2600 MB/s Is anybody else experiencing something similar? Write speed seems unusually low What are your SSD write/read speeds on the 256GB ?
  5. I

    Macbook pro 126GB or 256GB?

    Hi everyone, I'm an student in Junior year highschool and I want my mac to last me throughout university too. I'm going to be storing all of my photos and videos in an external hard drive, but I wonder if 128GB would be enough for all the apps that I'll probably need. Btw I'm studying veterinary...
  6. Mr_Xer0

    Package Thieves

    So you stayed up all night waiting for that clock to strike midnight to hit that pre-order button, youve gotten your email confirmation and text from your carrier solidifying your spot for a Nov 3rd delivery date. Phew!! All is good, or is it? If you aren't going to be home to receive your...
  7. A

    Is 128GB enough for college?

    Hello everyone. I'm going to start college this fall and buy my first ever personal computer, after using iPad as my main device for few years. I'm not going to store any Movies or Music on my computer, I'm using Netflix/Amazon/Apple Music for entertainment purposes. I'm not playing any games...
  8. S

    What iMac for pro video editing?

    Hey, how are you guys doing? I'm a video editor (starting out) and beginner music producer. I work with Adobe CC programs. Im looking to buy a 2017 27 inch iMac. I have a budget of about 2700€ / 3000$. I'll be crying when I spend it because it took so long to earn that money but hopefully the...
  9. GadgetBen

    New iPad Pro has arrived! iOS 11 not available

    So my iPad Pro is here! I followed all of the steps to install iOS 11 and no update is being made available to my new iPad Pro. I have a developer account. I have deleted the profile and retried the steps 3 times. I submitted a request at Developer Apple Forum but I thought that someone on...
  10. M

    Which specs do I need?

    Hi, I am going to buy a new mac laptop soon, have had a MB Air 11" (4GB RAM, core i5, 128GB SSD) for two years, and it is starting to slow down a lot. I want a powerful, future-proof and very portable Mac. I will mostly be using it for Lightroom editing, light Final Cut Pro use and smaller...
  11. jusacruiser

    iPhone 7Plus - 128GB vs. 256GB

    I am comparing a iPhone 7Plus 128GB versus a iPhone 7Plus 256GB Phone. Other than the OBVIOUS double Capacity......what other differences are there between the 128 vs. 256 ? Sounds crazy....but do they weigh the same? How about the data write speed? Anything else you can think of?
  12. E

    128gb vs 256gb

    so I Originally ordered the 256 jet black for myself and 128gb matte for my dad. The 128 is coming tomorrow . I have the 128gb right now and have about 60gb space after deleting stuff . I mostly stream, except for audiobooks. I do a lot of photography and plan on shooting raw. Very little video...
  13. ck3801

    Apple.com 7+ Jet Black 10/18-10/31 delivery dates any movement

    Ordered on 9/9 at 1:15am mdt 7+ 256gb AT&T Next delivery dates 10/18 -10/31. Still processing:( Anyone have any movement on theirs'?
  14. B

    Just got an IUP email update!

    Apple said they'll have my specified model available for pick up at my preferred store on Monday the 26th. I called their number about 6 hours after I saw the MacRumors post about people calling in and having the special team aid them. Not bad, all I wanted was to upgrade to the T-Mobile 256GB...
  15. A

    7+ 256gb shipments.

    Not seeing many 7+ Matte blacks shipping. As you get updates post here. I ordered one on 9/9 6:18am on AT&T app. Prepping to ship since 9/9. Payment still processing in bank acct since then as well. I've heard nothing from carrier since. Share your info.
  16. egreggs6870

    iPhone 7+ "256GB" Updates ONLY

    It seems in most of the tracking threads people with different models are seeing cc charges and shipping info except the ones who perordered the iPhone 7+ 256GB (All Colors). I figured it would be nice to have a specific thread (I didn't see one if there is one can someone post the link). I...
  17. CodeSpyder

    Receiving Jet Black 256GB 7 Plus on Launch Day? Post here if you are.

    Post here if you are and include a screenshot please. This may be the only post in the thread. My delivery estimate is Sep 26 - Oct 3 and I received an email confirmation email at 12:08 am pacific time. Remember, I'm only talking about 7+/256GB/Jet Black.
  18. oliverames

    23 Sept to 27 Sep

    Hey guys! Ordered an iPhone 7 Plus 256GB Black (GSM) model 5 minutes after pre-order opened and I've got that 23 Sep, 2016 - 27 Sep, 2016 by 2-3 Business Days delivery window. Anyone else with this window? I vaguely remember Apple Watches with a similar, week-after-launch delivery date ended up...
  19. G

    Macbook Air 256GB or 512GB storage, 4GB or 8GB RAM?

    I currently have a Mid-2012 Macbook Pro. Processor: 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory: 4 GB Storage: 500 GB SATA Disk (I've currently only used about 170 GB) Now, I'm looking to buy a Macbook Air because its lighter and I'll be carrying it to and from university. My question is, would it be smarter...
  20. jeanha124

    iPad Pro 12.9 256gb capacity

    What is the actual capacity of the 256gb? I have seen the 32gb and the 128gb ones, but not the 256gb since it only came out a couple months ago.... On mine it says 232gb, but is that the same capacity that other 256gb ipad pro users have? I'm asking because I got mine as an open-box certified...