3d touch

  1. F

    iPhone 11 Pro Does non-3D Touch devices have an equivalent for this?

    I still use my X and want to upgrade this year but I do worry about losing 3D Touch. The feature I use the most is hard pressing the keyboard to get the cursor. I know there’s a feature to hold on the space bar (not as convenient but whatever), but what I really like is moving the cursor to a...
  2. Heroine Lover

    iPhone 8(+) I’m replacing my iPhone 8 screen digitizer tomorrow: any looming questions?

    My new iPhone 8 Plus screen and digitizer arrives tomorrow. It doesn’t come with the home button or camera etc. Are there Any unanswered questions on the forum, or anything that I should try to investigate while I’m doing it? Also does anybody have any tips for me? I’m going to experiment and...
  3. L

    iPhone XR Iphone XR and 3dtouch enabled games

    I'm thinking about getting the iPhone XR and was wondering how games that implemented 3Dtouch handle the lack of this function. Is there the possibility of some apps and games not running on the iPhone XR? for instance I believe I saw somewhere that a small game I'm interested in called...
  4. gdmedia

    IOS Keyboard as trackpad to insert text

    I just learned that if you deep-press on the #IOS keyboard space bar, the keyboard works like a trackpad, so you can insert text without using your finger on the screen. Apparently, works on any iPhone or iPad with 3D Touch. (So, not the iPhone XR, apparently.) Solves #1 thing I hated about IOS...
  5. NoHardFeelings

    iPhone XR Live Wallpapers Not Available -- Deal Breaker?

    I got a chance to play with an iPhone XR and wow isn't it nice. However, one key deal breaker to me is that iPhone XR does NOT support Live Wallpapers, where you can set a Live Photo to your Lock Screen. I find this rather absurd. It's not like the iPhone XR lacks the capabilities or the...
  6. Shadow_Saunter

    Reverse Live Wallpaper

    I’ve noticed lately that when I use Live Wallpaper on my iPhone X it only works in forward, the image no longer rewinds. This is only true with wallpapers that I downloaded from one of the apps in the iTunes Store, the the native live wallpapers still work just fine. So, in other words, when I...
  7. JPack

    Other Software 3D Touch for 6.1" iPhone

    The picture is starting to come together for the 6.1" iPhone and 3D Touch. It seems Apple is replacing the 3D Touch module with a cheaper sensor layer which allows them to rely on software for pressure sensitivity. In January, Kuo reported the 6.1" model would be using an out-cell touch display...
  8. Ashwani

    iOS How to cutomize 3D Touch in IOS to interact with third party services to show dynamic values.

    Currently I'm working on 3d touch feature to show dynmaic values on 3d touch(It's in Cordova app) but could't find any event or function to call external service on force touch of icon without getting inside the app. Link for Cordova Plugin used...
  9. robbietop

    iPhone X 3D Touch

    Howdy folks! Apple introduced ForceTouch on the Apple Watch and then later 3D Touch on the iPhone. So far, there is no inkling that 3D Touch is coming to the iPad. What does everyone think of 3D Touch? My use case is very simple: I show it off to people. I never use it. I can't see any...
  10. Manny_s

    iPhone X iPhone X weird noises

    Does anyone else’s iPhone X make a weird cracking noise every once and a while? It sounds like it’s coming from the Taptic Engine. It’ll make a weird noise when I 3D Touch
  11. CreatorOfWorlds

    iOS 11.0.1 better, but...

    3D touch still lags Occasionally when logging into phone, the entire OS will lag and stutter for about 10-15sec Itunes and apple music apps lag Scrolling through widgets to add or remove lags These are my main issues on my iPhone 8Plus Anyone having these issues as well?
  12. T

    iOS 11 Control Center HomeKit Access

    Hey guys, Previously I was able to open control center and quickly adjust my lights, thermostat and see which motion sensor was triggered. Since updating I have the additional step of having to 3D Touch HomeKit to access these things and also sometimes it reports nothing is responding...
  13. jun180

    Other Would you give up 3D Touch for TouchID in the display?

    It was interesting to read a report by Ming-Chi Kuo stating that 3D touch was a reason why the in-display TouchID sensor for the new iPhone X never made it to production. Here's a section from the article on 9to5mac.com: "While this year, Face ID is limited to the iPhone X, Kuo believes it will...
  14. Lion007s

    Has the 3D Touch App switcher returned? UPDATE: Intentionally removed

    I heard it was removed in beta 1 and possibly may have been a bug. Is it back in beta 2? It's my favourite way on iOS 10 to switch between apps or pull up multitasking view on my 7 Plus. Love just 3D Touching on the left edge of the screen.
  15. hovscorpion12

    Does the 2017 iPhone need a home button?

    With the iPhone 6S and 7's 3D touch to enable multi-tasking, is a home button whether software or hardware even needed? With the current "rumor" that Apple is having difficulties embedding the home button under the screen, or having it placed on the back. I decided to embark in the no home...
  16. S

    iMessage 3D Touch Keyboard Not Working

    Hi Everyone, So on my lock screen when I get an iMessage notification I would 3D press it on my lock screen get the pop up message with the keyboard. Now whenever I 3D touch the message pops up but no keyboard. Is there a setting for this? Welp I figured it out. Can a mod close this thread...
  17. gothamcitydemon

    Rich Notifications for Instagram Not Working Properly

    Hello everyone! So, I'm new to iPhone and I've had my 7 plus since around late January, meaning when I got the phone I was up-to-date with iOS.10. Although 3D Touch and Rich notifications works for all my apps just fine, I love Instagram's the most, especially being able to pull up the photo...
  18. Squillace

    iPhone 7 taptic feedback intensity with 3D Touch on app icons

    Hi, So a few days ago I was playing around with my iPhone 7 Plus and I "think" I noticed some kind of interface effect I didn't notice or heard about before. Let me explain: when you press an app icon on SpringBoard to bring up the 3D Touch options, there's this little taptic feedback. Nothing...
  19. G

    iPhone 6s Plus 3D Touch While On Call

    Hi, When I'm on a phone call and use 3D Touch while on speaker (or not, but normally I would be) 3D Touch doesn't return a haptic feedback, instead I get an old-school vibration. This only happens while on a phone call, otherwise I get a nice haptic feedback. This is a horrible user...
  20. Lion007s

    3D Touch multitasking more difficult on iOS 10 GM?

    Hey there, I've noticed after installing iOS 10 GM on my 6S Plus that to initiate multitasking by force pressing on the edge of the screen that it requires a much harder press than when on iOS 9. Is this a bug?