1. T

    All iPads Can I give apps WiFi access but stop browser access?

    i bought my 9yo grandson some app games and coding apps - the problem is that they need WiFi access to play them ? Is it possible to allow these apps access but restrict browser and Apple shop access? Thanks in anticipation.
  2. X

    RIGHTS issue with SMB access from Catalina to Mojave Disk

    Hey, Since I have updated my 2012 MacBook Air to Catalina (latest version) I have sometimes no access to a network shared Disk on my Mac Pro 5,1 with latest version of Mojave - other shared disks on the same computer like Macintosh SSD (Mac Pro System Disk), TimeMachine Backups can be mounted...
  3. Z

    Hiding my Behance work

    Is it possible to change the public view of my portfolio in Behance? Suppose i wish to show my work only to a specific number of people, is it possible to grant access only to them?
  4. S

    System and other settings not locked

    It seems I am able to make changes in "System Preferences" as well as permission settings on the "get info" window of folders/files without first "unlocking" (clicking the padlock icon and entering my password). I thought this was something I always did in the past. Am I missing something? Is...
  5. H

    Help me with accessing internet (wifi problem)

    Im using 2013 mid mac pro retina. Here is the situation. Since few days ago, I can connect wifi but cannot access internet (safari, chrome) all of sudden. I watched youtube and googling to find the way to fix it. Delete all wifi and creat again, rename it, make inactive, PRAM reset. Nothing...
  6. Lingerlasse

    Ssl password aso..

    Why cant i change anything almost.? Look... Hope u understand Danish
  7. T

    Can I see who has opened the Photos app and when on MacBook air..perhaps using Console?

    Hi folks I am concerned that the technician I gave my Macbook air for repair has opened my Photos app without my consent. I have been searching online for ways to identify when apps were used. I discovered the Console log and I can see relevant "Photos app" messages there but it is not clear to...
  8. J

    Microsoft Access Advice

    Hi there, So I have quite happily run VMWare Fusion 7 on my late 2010 iMac for a number of years, primarily so I could access a largish Microsoft Access database I use regularly for reference. Recently I updated my iMac to High Sierra which broke my VMWare compatibility and, because I...
  9. Z

    disallowing access

    How can i disallow for anyone else on the ethernet network to access either the files of my mac or the the files on my usb/ext hd drive that is connected to it? Let me note that i do not have admin rights on that mac and that mac is connected to the network via ethernet.
  10. melissapete24

    Suddenly Can't Access Anything Google

    I have an iPhone 7 running iOS 11.2.6; it has been since the update first came out, as I like to keep my devices up to date. Yesterday, everything was working just fine; I had no issues whatsoever. Today is a whole different story. I can't access anything Google. I first noticed it when I...
  11. S

    iPhone 6(S)(+) How to see any access on my Phone?

    Hi community, I have got an iPhone 16GB (Modell: MKQL2ZD/A, v 11.2.2 (15c202) ) and an issue. I want to know if there is a way to know/see ANY access to any menu, file or app inside my phone. The reason I ask this is because I am suspicious of somebody that could have had access to my smartphone...
  12. T

    How Two-Processor Mac Pro access RAM?

    Hi All, I plan to buy used Mac Pro (mid 2010) with 2 processors but I am not sure how Mac manage RAM between these 2 processors. For example, if I have 32GB (8X4GB) RAM with 8 cores (2 quad-core processors) will I be able to access all 32GB per core, or is it 16GB per processor (in which case a...
  13. Chris4943

    Cisco clean access auto login?

    How can I automatically login to my college's Cisco Clean Access client that requires I type in a username and password to use the wifi constantly. I would like the end result to be like when I get home and open my computer and I'm automatically connected to my wifi. It's 2016, it can be...
  14. G

    Time Machine Problems After Clean Install

    I have a neighbour who was having lots of problems with El Capitan, including Safari and other OS X applications that wouldn't open. We backed up his computer using Time Machine on a Time Capsule, and did a clean install of El Capitan. The computer works fine now, but we now don't have access...
  15. M

    BT connected devices lost iCloud (ATV) connection

    Guys, I use many HomeKit devices. Some of them are only Bluetooth connected - Elgato EVE weather, switch, power receptacle, August lock etc. Some are via wifi bridge as Philips Hue. I have 2 ATV4 and 1 ATV3 in my apartment , all of them are on and with the same iCloud account. Usually I have...
  16. l0renz

    Malware on my Mac?

    Hi all Recently I downloaded a disk image file from the internet which had some consequences. It installed MacKeeper and a HelperBar safari extension. Those are the files I could find. However, when I read articles on the internet, some words from that article are highlighted, to point out it's...
  17. ghulst

    El Capitan, OS X server and no file sharing

    Ok, I am puzzled by this, but it might be that I just thought it would be easier to do than it actually is... I have a Mac Mini that I use as a media server. I would also like it to hosts files that I can then access from my macbook wherever I am. So, I have created a VPN server on the Mac Mini...
  18. H

    Forums are very slow

    Hi, The forums appear to load very slow on both PC and iOS. Other websites load fine so it's not my network connection. Can this be examined?