1. T

    Is my Mac hacked?

    The fans on my MPB were spooling up pretty fast so I checked Activity Monitor to see what's going on. I noticed something called 'deleted.' This is what I found: cwd / txt /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/CacheDelete.framework/deleted txt /Library/Preferences/Logging/.plist-cache.r8vMFLPr...
  2. HengenJL

    February Challenge

    Boom! You have been invited to compete in ''February Challenge''! First, download Challenges: Once you have the app, enter invite code: 'aknp' or tap on the link below to join: loseit-challenges://join?eligibilitycode=aknp For those who may ask, the Challenges app...
  3. HengenJL

    New Year Fill the Rings Challenge!

    Boom! You have been invited to compete in ''New Year Challenge''! First, download Challenges: Once you have the app, enter invite code: 'dwmc' or tap on the link below to join: loseit-challenges://join?eligibilitycode=dwmc For those who may ask, the Challenges...
  4. JoeWal

    Universal Treeceps – Activity & Workouts in an Immersive Virtual World

    Dear MacRumors community, this is a day I've been looking forward to for the last three years: My new app Treeceps is now available on the App Store. I have prepared a video that tells you all about it: You can download Treeceps here on the App Store. Working out - To me has always felt...
  5. jjm3

    watchOS 6 / iOS 13 - Int'l Women's Day Activity Award craziness

    The new updates seem to give the 2018 International Women's Day award an identity crisis! It's now hollow in the "all" view, and has new purple confetti in the "close up" view. Hmmm....
  6. HengenJL

    October Fill the Rings Challenge

    Boom! You have been invited to compete in ''October Challenge''! First, download Challenges: Once you have the app, enter invite code: 'yqa8' or tap on the link below to join: loseit-challenges://join?eligibilitycode=yqa8 For those who may ask, the Challenges app does...
  7. johnreddyzhang

    Apple Watch S3 (5.3.1) health data cannot Sync to iPhone X (pb13.1 beta2)

    Hi Forum, This is my first post here, so please forgive me and help me if I’m wrong with posting formats... I am posting because I am desperate about my health data issue recently. I have been running iOS 13 PB since almost day 1 but Apple watch still on official release since there is no...
  8. T

    Series 4 Hiking Distance Accuracy

    Yesterday, I hiked Mt. Bierstadt – one of Colorado's 14ers. I started and stopped tracking my hike at the same time on both my Apple Watch Series 4 using the workout app and my iPhone 8 using the GPS Tracks app. I have found the GPS Tracks app to be very reliable in the past. When I finished, I...
  9. L

    Apps What is the best activity to use for "physical labor"?

    I work at an office job 5 days a week, and exercise by walking / hiking and lifting weights occasionally. but I also work 1 day a week sometimes 2, at a grocery store in the produce department stocking the tables and displays (for the exercise and extra spending money... and I like the people...
  10. PinkyMacGodess

    AW4 activity rewards not counting all days?

    I know this is whining, sort of, but the Activity Rewards aren't working as advertised. This month, I have to do 24 days with a 15 minute 'exercise', and it's not the 14th, and I have 11 days credit. I have 'worked out' every day, and the shortest 'exercise' I can find was 32 minutes. So, WTH...
  11. brammmmmlam

    problem activity rings

    So last night I 'cheated' with a game and I constantly changed the date with one day on my iPhone. Now my apple watch thinks that all these days already passed by and it doesn't count my activity or heartbeat anymore. I already set the date back but the problem is still there. There are just...
  12. Oleksi

    I have not friends but want to compete...

    Hello everybody! I was using Samsung eco-system (Note 9 + Galaxy Watch + Samsung Health) to compete (steps competitions) with friends and people around the world. But now I've moved to Apple eco-system (iPhone + Watch + Activity App). The problem is I don't know any one who has Apple devices...
  13. M

    Missing achievements

    Upgraded to new iPhone Xs and Series 4 yesterday. Backed up to iCloud before making the switch. All my activity data is present, exercises, etc. However, the awards themselves are largely gone. Only ones left are my activity from yesterday and the Earth Day 2018 challenge. I've read on...
  14. O

    2018 MBP 15 Coil Whine

    I just bought the i7 2.6GHz, 512G version and noticed there is coil whine. It's pretty audible all the time and becomes loud when I use VM. Anyone else having it?
  15. riverfreak

    Super weird and morbid activity challenge

    Ok. It’s February 21. I just got a February challenge on my watch. Apparently, to earn the 2/2018 badge, I need to travel back to January. That alone is a really difficult challenge as my time machine is currently in the shop with a busted flux capacitor. At any rate, I need to go back to...
  16. Darmok N Jalad

    Clean start for my 6S, but want to keep Health and message history

    So I’ve been bouncing between iPhone models for a few months to try different sizes, and I finally decided to land on a 6S. On each transition, I just backed up the current phone and then restored the new phone from the backup. From what I gather, this can eventually lead to random problems. I...
  17. S

    Stand Progress in Activity

    Hi everyone! I’ve had watchOS 4 ever since it came out and am using it on a series 2. While I am happy about most of the updates, there is one little quirk I am curious if anyone else has noticed. I use the Stand reminders in Activity and am always aiming for the 12 hour goal. When I used to...
  18. B

    Activity Monitor - Time on battery

    Hi, I'm fairly new to Mac OS and to the forums so I apologize if this has been asked before. So does the time on battery Start counting after you unplug the charger? because I haven't plugged in my charger for over a day but my Mac shows that my time on battery is about 6 hours 45 minutes which...
  19. B

    No Goal Completion Notifications since Watch OS4

    Since installing Watch OS4, I haven't received any notifications for completing my activity goals. Anybody else? Any fixes?
  20. Z8beema

    Activity Group

    Anyone want to start up an activity group to keep each other motivated? I don't have any friends with an apple watch lol