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  1. F

    Which MacBook Pro should I upgrade to?

    I currently have a 13" M1 MacBook Pro 8GB 256GB. My parents are still using a 2015 MacBook Air that I passed down to them almost 6 years ago. It's become very slow and I've been itching for a new Mac, so I'm planning on upgrading my Mac and giving them my M1 machine. I really only use my Mac...
  2. W

    Used MB 2017: what to consider?

    I have one option to buy a used 2017 base model. m3, 8 GB, 256 GB. 2016 is in the vintage list now. Next year will be obsolete. So 2017 should have another year of parts and services from Apple. I am a bit concerned about battery and keyboard. So will ask and try. Anything else to be cautious...
  3. Wanted797

    Do you think the Air will get M3 soon?

    Hi all, Currently debating a MacBook Air purchase early next year. What spurred this along is that I have original gen 1 AirPods that are ruined and only last 20mins. Looking at prices of AirPods they're absurd but I also have aging Mac/Windows Laptops. In Australia Apple usually does a deal...
  4. M

    Pro M1 8GB | Pro M2 8GB | Air M1 16GB | Air M2 16GB

    Hi, I got into a situation where I need advice which of these idols to choose: MacBook Pro 13" M1 8core 8GB 512GB MacBook Pro 13" M2 8core CPU 10core GPU 8GB, 256GB MacBook Air 13" M1 8core 16GB 256GB MacBook Air 13" M2 8core CPU 8core GPU 16GB 256GB Usage: - adobe photoshop - adobe...
  5. OrenLindsey

    Best option to give to friend for communication

    Me and some of my friends (we're teenagers) are considering giving a cheap apple device to one of our mutual friends so he can be in our group chat. He has an android and doesn't have a service plan so we can't text him. We're thinking $150-250 is a good cost. We were considering an iPod touch...
  6. ondert

    I need a MBP but don't know which

    Well.. totally confused these days. I'm leaning towards used market since M2 doesn't seem that much of a deal over M1 and getting M3 later on seems like a better decision. So, I need a macbook for coding. (iOS development and front-end mostly React) It will mostly stay on my desk at home...
  7. S

    Any issues with the 2022 MacBook Air M2s?

    Hello, are there any known issues or problems to be aware of when buying a 2022 MacBook Air M2? Thanks in advance.
  8. Y

    Damaged display

    Hi all my brother broke the display of his M1 MBA (see images below). The warranty wont cover the repair so I am looking to repair it myself. In the images you can see that there is a crack in the screen that creates the lines. If I buy the following will I have everything to solve the problem...
  9. arkmannj

    Should I be concerned about malware when buying a used (2017/2018) MBP?

    Hello, I recently purchased a used 2018 MacBook Pro off of eBay. It looks to be in good shape. (other than the known gfx/display issue) upon receiving the machine I went to boot into the recovery tools but it as it turns out there was no recovery partition. (this struck me as odd... does this...
  10. Joesg

    Macbook 14" cracked display - user error?

    My 14" Macbook screen suddenly cracked, extending from the top edge while I was merely tilting the display, causing a large black line to appear which then gradually spread and now the whole display is black and dead. The Apple store genius said that this was accidental damage and not covered...
  11. M

    is customizing icons possible on mac os 10.15?

    hi, im looking to customize the icons on my macbook running 10.15, however, i tend to get the "you dont have sufficient permission" messages when going through the "get info" window. i did disable SIP but that didn't work. Im not sure if you're able to customize icons in os 10.15 like older...
  12. M

    iPhone 14 Pro Slept over my phone on the bed.

    I always sleep on the bed with the phone next to me. After waking up from sleep my phone is automatically under my body or arm and I'm weightless, only 50kg. My question is, does it affect my phone? Does it affect the internal body part of my phone? Thank you and sorry for the trivial question💜
  13. M

    iPhone 14 Pro Does shaking or breaking the phone on the body cause an effect?

    I always carry my phone and keep it in the pocket of my cargo pants which is at the knee. when I walk, my phone and my knee will collide every time. Is there an effect on the phone due to the vibration or violation?
  14. K

    iPhone 14 Pro Max Should I exchange my iPhone 14 Pro Max for a new one?

    Hello. I desire for some advice on wether or not having an exchange for my newly purchased iPhone 14 Pro Max is worth it. I noticed a small minuscule scratch on the bottom left curve of the body. I’m not sure if it was there before I received it in-person at an Apple store or I had done it...
  15. R

    iPad Pro Ipad Pro 11 M1 - Sceeen distortion

    Hey. I’m not sure if I am in the right place, but I will give it a shot anyway. I recently bought a completely new Ipad Pro 11 M1 and I’m loving it so far. However, it has come to my attention that on the right top side of the screen (where the camera is), there is a very distinct «ripple» when...
  16. D

    Which MacBook should I choose?

    To keep it short, I'm currently using a 2020 Air and I'm tired of always hearing the fan and it unexpectedly cutting off as the fan gets louder. I mostly use my Mac for watching movies/shows, reading books/comics/manga and watching videos. I use Safari and Firefox. At the moment I'm choosing...
  17. DD88

    What printer would you advise for Macbook Pro?

    Basically just need a printer for documents ,nothing major. Just for printing out receipts, invoices etc. Will probably be used every other day. All the printers I’ve seen are either ridiculously expensive like the HP officejet 200. I’ve crossed that out now as I know from personal experience...
  18. rhett7660

    Travel Advice - Paris France

    Hello, I have asked this group in the past about locations that I was going to and without missing a beat, you guys and gals have provided some of the best advise around. I am once again looking at you for some advice, tips, and items not to miss or try when visiting France later this year...
  19. A

    Macintosh SE Hard Drive Issue

    Hi all, I recently purchased a Macintosh SE with the flashing floppy disc with the question mark. Knowing it had a bad hard drive, I went and grabbed a parts computer with a known good hard drive. Booted right up, worked great, was playing games and everything. I turned the machine off and came...
  20. asap_elias

    What's the point of the Mac Book Air M2?

    As a computer science student, I waited months for the new macbook air in order to buy a machine with the new design and a better chip. But I realize that a macbook air M1 with 16gb ram and 512 gb storage is 100 euros cheaper than the new macbook with 8gb ram and 512 gb storage. On the other...