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  1. Dandoodle

    AirPods max switching - iPad issue

    Hi Is there a way of switching, switching off. Kids are trying to do school work on the iPad while I listen to music on the iPhone and the audio keeps switching to school videos. Very annoying! Going to have to wait for accounts on iPad?
  2. honglong1976

    Airpods in ?

    Hi everyone, I finally got a pair of 2nd Gen Airpods. I was sceptical but really like them, I can see why they are so popular. The sound reminds me so much of the Grado sound, so that's good! :) I used to have a pair of powerbeats 3 and they appear in the dashboard. The AirPods...
  3. M

    Holding one airpod as a microphone during a call?

    My wired earbuds' mic can be cupped inside the hand to shield it a bit from ambient noise, and kept closer to my mouth to make it pick my voice up better even if I'm just whispering. I'm wondering: can something similar be done with one airpod as a mic, while the other one remains in the ear?
  4. T

    AirPods Pro different battery level (Left vs. Right)

    Hello all, Weird thing just happened to me. I was listening to some podcasts, watching YouTube videos, listening some music, etc. for some time with both AirPods. When I put them back into the case I noticed the following: Is this normal? I don't see a reason why my Right AirPod is...
  5. A

    True Wireless Stereo earbuds. What is the deciding factor?

    Dear All, The TWS market is "booming" and nearly all respectable electronic brands will pull out TWS earbuds. Apple nailed it down with the AirPod Pro's and cover nearly all aspects of what a good TWS should be in my humble opinion. Nevertheless no TWS can have it all and one way or another...
  6. J

    Airpods pro lids shift a tiny, is that normal

    I got my Airpods pro, however i found that the lid shifts a tiny bite side to side when closed and when the lid is open. Here is a video with sound. Is that normal. Here my video Thank you
  7. C

    I know I’m a little (a lot) late to the party, but I have a question about AirPods

    I first got AirPods when the 2nd generation first came out. I was so excited when I got them, they were everything I ever wished for. Perfect for soccer game warmups, for a quick listen, or when I’m on the train on the way to work. Now the problem was that they would be loose in my ear, more...
  8. R

    Mac Mini + Airpods = Hey Siri?

    I just got the new airpods and have a new mac mini updated to the latest OS. I can't seem to get "Hey Siri" to work with this combination. Does anyone know if this is supported? Edit: Turns out you can enable this: Settings -> Siri -> Enable "Hey Siri" on Airpods.
  9. westislander

    AirPods 2 new features

    Hey Guys, I'm planning to buy the new AirPods 2 very soon. There's a few new features that will be part of this refresh like Hey Siri instead of tapping one of the AirPods to wake Siri up. My concern is whether this and other features will work on 10.13.x. Apple no longer supports my MacBook...
  10. westislander

    Am I the only one? (AirPods 2)

    Hey guys! I'm planning to buy AirPods 2 very soon but I've noticed that everyone's going for the wireless charging model. Am I the only one not willing to fork over a significant amount for the model with wireless charging? I use a wireless charger to charge my iPhone 8 Plus and I find it...
  11. P

    Sharing Same Music Over 2 AirPods

    Wouldn’t this be cool? Does anyone know of a way either native or though a third party app that would allow two AirPods to share the same audio at the same time. Bose Q35 do this and it’s great! Nice when on a run with someone, commuting, or just jamming out! Any ideas?
  12. Risco

    Best wireless earbuds that don’t suffer lip sync issues?

    Twice I have had a pair of Apple Beats X and both times they have ended up failing to charge after a few months. So won’t get these, the Apple EarPods fall out my ear, so also ruled out. Any other makes that work seamlessly and have no lip sync issues? Very important as have hour long train...
  13. 2

    Are the AirPods loud enough for running/cycling?

    I plan on getting these but wanted to know how good they are at keeping outside noise out. Such as when going cycling, will it keep out background noise, such as wind, etc. and will they be loud enough for me to actually hear my music or whatever material that I'm listening to. And for talking...
  14. Sovon Halder

    Airpods Degraded/Uneven Battery - Apple Support - My Story

    It's been about a year I purchased a my Airpods and have never misused them like dropping in water etc. Recently I've noticed that i'm getting little over 3 hours of music/movie playback from Airpods. It used to be over 4 hours earlier. Checked this on both my iPhone & macs. Also the left...
  15. Swifty_400

    Air Pod owners please advise

    Heya, I have a few questions for airpod owners that can give me real world answers to a few questions (Nothing too hard I promise). Are they the same fit as normal Apple EarPods? Do you need to plug both headphones in to take a call? Or can you put one in your ear? How is the battery when...
  16. hayat55

    AirPods charging through lightning cable?

    my AirPods are 100% charged but my case is 54% charged. Can I just plug my case in to charge with the lightning adapter and not overcharge the AirPods that are in the case? Or do I have to remove the 100% charged AirPods then charge the case?
  17. Sebastian79

    Airpods in 2018???

    Are Airpods worth it in 2018? Or should I wait?
  18. zipur

    I wish the AirPods were no so true to spec's

    During the weekend smoking Turkey and Lamb getting the meal ready I was washing dishes and cleaning up. Well I had my gospel music playing in my AirPods and as I leaned over one slipped out and almost went into the soapy dish water. So from now on I will be using the strap to keep them safe. I...
  19. Sovon Halder

    Airpods Owners - Have you dropped them ear-pieces yet?

    I dropped the right airpod 4 times and the left one once, in the past 27 days - since I bought them on May'1 2017. Never dropped the case though. As for me, I dropped them while removing a shirt or while taking them off the case; all while I was indoor, all from about. 3 - 6 feet height. Not...
  20. bonjourx

    What to do?! Right AirPods drainage while in case

    airpods are always both in charging case. For some reason I always find my right AirPods being 75% and the left AirPod is 100%. I don't know why the right AirPods keeps on draining. I tried to use it all day and drain it to 0% hoping it will reset everything but it didn't work. Shouldn't both...