apple care

  1. EEzycade

    MBP 2018 AppleCare+?

    When I first wanted to buy a MacBook Pro, I was very hesitant. I knew about the keyboard issues AKA dust ruins the keyboard. So when the 2018 version was released and I saw the teardown that showed the thin membrane under the key caps. I was very relieved. So I bought. And now, after hearing...
  2. X

    should need to keep it for apple care?

    Just got new 2013 mac pro(6,1),and i plan to upgrade ram and ssd, should i need to keep apple original ssd(256gb) and ram(8x8=32gb) for apple care(3 years warranty) in future?
  3. W

    Bought a used 2016 MacBook Pro

    He! everyone :), sorry if this post its really bad written or has something out of place its my first post. so I just bought a used late 2016 MacBook Pro 13 inch, its the base specs i5, 8gb of ram and 256 ssd, I liked it because its in really good condition it has none scratches, it only comes...
  4. Y

    iPad Pro Think its safe to buy a 2018 pro (Bending issues)

    while i'm furious at apple for the bending issue which caused me to return mine, I do somewhat regret it as i got a 2018 ipad and its ok, but i miss alot of the higher end features like tap to wake, face id, quad speakers, 120hz refresh rate, etc Im debating next month on getting a 11 or 12.9...
  5. H

    Resolved tbMBP 2016 Replacement. What to expect?

    UPDATED Hey everyone, Mostly I just wanted to go through my very frustrating Apple Care experience, hopefully my experience may benefit someone else and shed some more light on issues with these machines. I originally purchased a 15" MacBook Pro with Touchbar shortly after their release in...
  6. jazz1

    Apple Care

    I hope this is okay to post in the iPad Accessories section. I note Apps is offering monthly payments for the purchase of Apple Care. I'm tempted. Can one do the monthly subscription in the Apple Store, or is it online only?
  7. Animattronic

    MacBook Pro Retina 15" 2015 -after warranty

    Hello! I'm relatively new MacBook user - I've switched from ThinkPad in 2015, when mid-2015 Retina models came out. I really like the computer, mostly use it for a data science tasks - data-intensive algorithms, programming, data visualization etc. Apparently, my Apple Care period has ended now...
  8. H

    Macbook Pro Retina Display 2015 - Exploding/Dead Pixel Issue - Not Covered with AppleCare?

    Hey there! long time lurker, first time poster here. (Long post/Rant/Jumble of words incoming- TL : DR at the bottom!) I've been having a bit of a nightmare with my 2015 Macbook Pro these past few weeks, which has just recently developed an "exploded" pixel (example...

    Series 0 SS AppleCare Express Replacement

    Hello, so I just filed for an express replacement through AppleCare for my Series O stainless steel 38 mm Apple Watch, and I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of replacement I would be receiving? I asked the rep if what I would be getting would have the same sapphire crystal face and...
  10. ClodMachine

    Will upgrading the storage of my MBP void my warranty?

    I have a Mid-2015 (15-inch) MBP that I got from Best Buy with 256GB. I also got Geek Squad and Apple Care. I have been looking to upgrade my storage (but might also have a shop do it). I was wondering if upgrading will void my warranty. Please help
  11. B

    Apple Care Or No

    Hey guys! Whats your opinion on purchasing apple care? I have a 2016 macbook pro 15in. I plan on upgrading to the 2018 models next year and selling the 2016 on Ebay. Right now I have option of buy apple care for this 2016 model. (The old apple care) Do you think it's worth it to buy...
  12. S

    Apple Care Plus for iPhone X

    So i bought the iPhone X last month and I would really love to add AC+.. Unfortunately I don’t have a credit card.. Is it possible to buy AC+ in an Apple retail store?
  13. C

    iPhone X will not add Apple Pay

    Got my shiny new iPhone X yesterday. Transferred everything across from my iPhone 7 Plus. Everything was fine until I tried to add Apple Pay and saw the message Card not Added. Contact your card issuer for more information. From memory, this has initially happened with every device I have...
  14. pedzsan

    Slight regret... sorta

    This just occurred to me. I switched from AT&T's next plan to Apple's Upgrade program. They both more or less are the same critter. The advantage of Apple's program (unless I'm confused which is definitely possible) is Apple's Upgrade customers get preferential treatment for the upgrades...
  15. Mowen93

    My experience- Another 27” power issue

    For the past 2 months I’ve been experiencing intermittent shutdown issues with my iMac 27” from mid 2015 which is still covered by Apple Care. It first started when I noticed that my Mac kept powering off while I was away from it. Gradually as time went on (3weeks) id notice my Mac was turned...
  16. emilykgoodman92

    White screen with grey fold with a "?" flashing

    Last night I had a major problem with my 2012 15 inch MacBook Pro. All of a sudden my hard drive starts making a loud clicking noise and then after several minutes the device completely shuts off. I try to power it back up and I get a white background with an icon of a file folder with a gray...
  17. S

    Buying iMac from Apple vs regular computer shop?

    Hi, whats up? I was wondering if buying an iMac from Apple directly has any benefits? Like Apple Care maybe? The store that Id like to purchase from offers different guarantee options. 2,3,4 or 5 years of Apple guarantee. But is a guarantee or care package included when purchasing from...
  18. Penni

    Is Apple Care necessary?

    I will be purchasing a new iMac 27" and a new MacBook. I have always bought it in the past, and felt it necessary for a laptop, but will a desktop need Apple Care?
  19. S

    MacBook Pro LCD Broke (Not my fault)

    I bought my MacBook Pro 2016 with Touch Bar about 5 months ago and suddenly it has a crack on the lcd. The MacBook Pro was sitting on a desk under my supervision and nothing was on top or around the laptop. There was also nothing stuck in between. There is no sign of external damage as proved by...
  20. H

    Macbook pro 15 2016 battery issue april 2016

    I just came back from apple store. I left my mbp forg the past 4 days and today they told me they checked the battery and everything is fine. I complained about the awful battery life I had (3-4 hours max). I never reached more than 4 hours. I'm only using Google Chrome and Coda. I just bought a...