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apple hardware test

  1. C

    Macbook not turning on after power button+d

    I recently purchased a refurbished 13" early 2015 13" 128GB Macbook air. I purchased it through Amazon. It came, booted up like a charm, and was working well. I even able to watch a show on Netflix. On my first night with it, I was following the instructions on this site...
  2. pbedrosi

    2012 iMac 27" Can't Start Hardware Test

    I just installed new blade and SSD drive, having fan issues (made a post about it). I just want to run the hardware test on the machine. I shut down the iMac, turn on the iMac while pressing key "D", and spinning globe comes up on the white page, then this error pops up.
  3. TacticalDonut

    Run AHT/ASD From USB?

    I was wondering if it would be possible to run Apple Hardware Test/Service Diagnostics from a USB. I have a mid-2005 iBook G4 (different from the one I posted about a while ago - that one had HDD issues and I ended up returned it) that I'd like to run AHT on if for no other reason than to ensure...
  4. T

    Hardware Diagnostic Test

    Does anyone know if the hardware diagnostic test has changed in MacOS Big Sur? When I restart my machine and hold the "D" key, it appears to send it into recovery mode.
  5. pizzabox

    No Apple Hardware Test on 2012 MBP?

    I am trying to run Apple Hardware Test. When I try to boot into it I get sent to internet recovery, then after a while I get an error on a black screen: Error message: Cannot Load "EFI/DRIVERS/TESTSUPPORT.EFI This thread on the Apple forum suggests it's broken now for older systems. I did...
  6. whippedcream101

    macbook pro 2011 grey screen plz help

    Hi, recently my MacBook fails to boot into the OS. I have replaced my HDD with an SSD and tried it with other macs and it has worked so when I put the SSD into my mac. The apple loading bar gets to 75% of completion on the bar then everything disappears and there is just a grey screen and after...
  7. dood_son

    Resolved Mac Pro 2,1 running El Capitan is unable to boot into Apple Hardware Test

    Guys, I have a problem with running the Apple Hardware Test. I am currently running a Mac Pro 2,1 (Mac Pro 1,1 with an upgraded firmware) with a passive-cooled ATI Radeon 5750 that was ROM-tweaked to appear as a 5770. Bootscreen is available. The machine is sweet. Many off these mods were...
  8. M

    "Stress-Testing" a 2014 Mac Mini - without AHT Extended

    I just bought a 2014 Mac Mini off of eBay through a "new" seller, and it is out of warranty. I'd like to be able to put it through its paces, but without installing all kinds of software on it. In the days before Apple Diagnostics, I would just fire up Apple Hardware Test, put it on the extended...
  9. R

    Issue with iMac SSD upgrade

    I recently upgraded my mid-2010 27" iMac with a new Samsung 850-Evo SSD and am running into a weird problem. The install was easy with the adapter I used from OWC with the thermal sensor, nothing out of the ordinary occurred, no breaks, no broken display cable. SMC and PRAM all reset. When I...
  10. Slackaddict

    Is AHT Reliable?

    If AHT confirms a hardware error, does this mean that without a doubt (100%) that there is a hardware issue? The reason I ask; I live a long way (one day travel) from an Apple Service Centre and I have already had 3/4 repairs completed for an ongoing problem caused by a replacement hard drive...