apple id

  1. zlloyd1

    Turn off Two Factor Authorization pop ups?

    Hello all, I am getting yet ANOTHER annoying notification from Apple on my recently purchased Macbook Pro laptop, and want to stop it.... I am getting a pop up in the right hand corner of the screen telling me about Two Factor Authorization, which only has the option to click Not Now, but...
  2. K

    iPhone How to login into your Apple ID on the latest iOS virtually/via virtual machine.

    I have a iPhone 5. I want to download the Google keyboard Gboard. Gets msg ''Cannot Download App..the XX (app/name) not compatible with this device. The solution is to login with your own Apple ID to another person's newer device, download the app, then you're able to download a older...
  3. B

    Software and hardware frustrations adding up fast, HELP

    I was in the Apple ecosystem pretty much my whole life up until 2018 when my beloved 2011 iMac 27" died due to a failed GPU. Since then, I've been all in PC (Windows 10) for all my computing needs but I recently happened upon a Mac Mini 2014 (it was headed for the dumpster of all places, and I...
  4. amunaco

    Constantly asking to log in with Apple ID

    See attached, I'm constantly getting this and I've logged in 30 times probably. Same issue on my MacBook Pro as my iMac. Anyone else seeing this? It goes away for a second after a couple entries but then comes back as a badge and wants me to put in my password again. Driving me crazy.
  5. Jay-Jacob

    Apple ID sign in system preference

    Hi Just update my iMac to Catalina and in system preference ask me sign in Apple ID. I did sign in then ask me iMac password and I enter it and it keep having red badge of number one asking me sign Apple ID. It keeps coming back. How I get it stop coming back?
  6. thewhitehart

    All Devices Maps Favorites and Collections not syncing between devices

    I’m just wondering if anyone is having this problem on iOS 13.1 Public Beta 3. I submitted a report to Apple. When saving a location to Favorites or My Collections, the saved location is not synced to Favorites or My Collections in the Maps application on other devices that are logged into the...
  7. M

    How can I edit the apple username?

    I prepared someone's computer and now it's stuck with my Apple ID when the user tries to update apps. How can I edit the Apple ID?
  8. W

    iPhone Does Apple ID store jailbreak certificates/profiles?

    If I restore my jailbroken iPhone to stock ios and then sign in with the Apple ID I used on jailbroken state, will it re-install the jailbreak certificates? P.S. - Jailbreak certificate still has 4 days before expiring. I don't have an iCloud backup Device is an iPhone 6
  9. zachlegomaniac

    Resolved Apple ID / iCloud Accounts and Small Business

    Hi there, I have a growing small business and we use mostly Apple products. Recently, we picked up a couple of new iPads. We had been using family sharing so that we wouldn’t have to repurchase the same apps over and over, but that was a temporary work around. It seems it would be impossible...
  10. B

    Having the same ID for iCloud and App store

    What is the best way to have the same email address associated with iCloud and the App store. Currently they are not the same. Thank you for looking.
  11. smirk

    What happens when you switch your iTunes Apple ID?

    Hi, my wife has always used my Apple ID for "iTunes & App Store" so that we could share purchases. She has her own Apple ID for iCloud. Well, I just signed up for an Apple Music family account, and so I need to change her iTunes/App Store Apple ID back to her Apple ID so she can have her own...
  12. Z

    Can't login app store?

    Hi guys, My Apple ID is currently on 4 macs and one iPad. I couldn't log in on to the iTunes store on the iPad, so I changed the password on a Mac. With the new password, I tried to log in on the iPad, but it won't let me, it said I need to put my phone, which I did, and then it tells me that...
  13. jagooch

    Change Apple Id *from* icloud to custom domain

    I'm trying to consolidate all of my email to go to a single email address in my custom domain, and apparently Apple email receipts/notifications only go to the Apple ID email address. I've logged in, and I see the current apple id address and desired in Apple Id email address in the "REACHABLE...
  14. Starhorsepax

    How to ditch the old login from autopopulating Itunes

    Ok I FINALLY got my apple ID changed. Wasn't easy. Trouble is it still shows the OLD one in ITunes. It's there when I open it, faded out under account. When I click to login to the ITunes store it autopopulates it, though it does let me change it and login successfully. I foresee this...
  15. Vandal.

    iTunes: Can't activate Home Sharing (Error 5507)

    Hey guys, I'm having issues activating Home Sharing in iTunes (12.6.2) on my Mac Mini running Mavericks. I'm aware that iCloud/Apple ID two factor authentication for anything pre-Yosemite is a bit tricky, but I managed to log in to my account for everything else but Home Sharing. The computer...
  16. D

    Securing separate Apple IDs App Store/iCloud

    I use a separate Apple IDs for the App Store (gmail) and iCloud (mobile me). My gmail one is my original ID I've been using for my Apple login. The iCloud account was used when mobile me started and contains my iCloud data. I have 2FA turned on for my iCloud account for awhile now. However...
  17. karsten

    Entered Apple ID password wrong *once*, locked out until Jan. 6. WTF apple?

    What kind of garbage is this? This is how they treat their customers? do they have to fax a request to another department and hand carry it to get stamped or something? this is pathetic for an online service they should be ashamed. Really regret getting in the Apple ecosystem
  18. E

    Reset to Factory Settings_Apple Id needed?

    My Macbook pro got stolen during the weekend. I am wondering if they are able to reset it to factory settings without needing to type my apple ID and password ? Also if by any chance do manage to do it, does anyone know if my macbook will be still shown on my find my iphone app, or it should...
  19. L

    Can using a VPN cause Apple to believe suspicious activity on Apple ID account?

    I recently subscribed to a VPN service and have been using it frequently. I have been using my phone and iCloud services pretty regularly (before the VPN purchase), but recently, my account was locked. I was forced to do a password reset through the apple id website, and I assume my account had...
  20. PirateRobot

    Email Madness: Hope vs Hopeless

    I've been racking my brain to figure out an email heirarchy that is not overly complicated or reliant on endless moving parts to achieve such basic needs. I want to have the following email set-up 1 x 'personal' email (friends, family) : 1 x 'accounts' email (websites, accounts)...