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  1. T

    My iPhone 11 Pro is stuck on the Apple logo screen and won’t boot up

    So today, out of nowhere, my iPhone 11 Pro said it ‘ran out of storage’ then started acting goofy after I tried deleting stuff from it gets stuck booting up with Apple logo on and never boots up. I tried the method of tapping the volume up button for a second, then tapping the volume...
  2. K

    Catalina 10.15.2 update freezes on Apple Logo in ESXi 6.7u VM

    Greetings! So I managed to get a Catalina 10.15 vm up and running in ESXi 6.7u2. When I try to install Catalina updates, however, it goes to the Apple logo, status bar moves ever so slightly, reboots again and this time hangs on the Apple logo. To fix this, I either remove or disable "Mac OS"...
  3. jazz1

    TicTock Old Apple Wall Clock In Basement

    Found this wall clock the other day while sorting through my tech "junk". I assume it was a licensed use of the old Apple logo as it has a "TM" on the face. I'll pop in a battery and see if it still runs. I also found some pins. I'll dig them out and post pics too. Somewhere in my closet is a...
  4. phoenix.factory

    Why we don't need boot screens

    Hi all, the title is voluntarily provocative :) I invested quite a long time and money to get my graphics cards to show up the little apple logo at startup. I found this imperative if I wanted to install mac os from scratch... Then I started using my brain "in another way". Maybe you all know...
  5. AjTee

    MacBook Pro 13 2017 - Apple Logo always dirty

    Hi all, I have a problem with Apple Logo on my MacBook Pro 13 (2017). It is always dirty and with smudges. When I clean it using microfibre cloth (already used a few types), logo is clean for a 10 minutes and then there appear some smudges and logo is a little bit misted (looks like there is...
  6. M

    Ipad air 2 won't turn off

    Hi, I have recently purchased an ipad air 2 off a popular auction site. The problem is it won't turn off and the power button is non responsive. I cannot enter dfu mode, have reinstalled the latest IOS and even tried the last digitally signed firmware, no difference. Using assisted mode I try...
  7. AjTee

    How to clean Apple Logo in MBP 2017/2018?

    Hello Guys, My MBP has this weird shiny Apple Logo on a lid. It gets dirty very fast. I tried to clean it using dry microfibre, microfibre with water, special cleaning cloth (one use product). It is cleaner but there are stains which are visible under daily light. I find during cleaning that...
  8. SiriusNY

    MacBook Pro artefacts while loading

    Hello! After updating to MacOS Mojave, I noticed that MacBook has artefacts while loading. MacBook starts to load then an artefact appears for a second, then loading is going on. By the way, loading becomes a slower than before. Artefacts are ONLY while loading. No any other graphical issues...
  9. Firasmoha

    Some of my shirt designs - inspired from apple logo

    The first design is a merge between my logo and apple logo. The second design is a merge between skull and bones symbol and apple logo. I hope you'll like it!
  10. L

    Iphone has loading bar under apple logo when i turn it on?

    I was recently turning on my old iphone 4 and it randomly shut off.. stayed on the little loading circle for about 5 minutes until i force shut it off... then when i went back to turn it on it had the apple logo with a loading bar underneath? I force shut it off again before the bar finished...
  11. demth3117

    Storage full, logged out of all apps, won't log on anymore

    Hi, My iphone 5s storage was full with zero capacity left. The phone began logging out of all apps including my Apple ID and icloud (my photos were all gone, does this have to do with the fact that I couldnt log on to my Apple ID?) I tried rebooting it and now it wont log on any more. Its stuck...
  12. A

    Iphon elogo turn on and off

    Hello guys.. any idea what is broken? my iphones 5s just bliking apple logo off and on.. sometiems it start the system. But when i open something in phone it just turn off and again like 10 minutes of bliking. Thanks for help
  13. A

    iPhone 6 stuck on Apple logo

    I don't know what has happened really, when I woke up it was just powered down and then when I was opening it, it just got stuck on the Apple logo and i've been trying to restart it by letting battery die and plug it into the charger to see if it would help, but no, nothing, it just doesn't...
  14. R

    Late-acting water damage?

    I was taking a bath and dropped my iPhone 4 into the water. It had a water resistant (Not water proof) case. it went under for less than a second, and the charging hole never went under at all, but I immediately shut it off, removed the case, wiped it off with a towel, and grabbed a bag of rice...
  15. vpro

    Courage VS Daring ! Big YES for updated MBPs.

    I give Apple a big two thumbs up WAY up ! I didn't like the "courage" they took with the iPhone but I really love this daring and risk taking, no remorse approach to their recent update to the MBP line late 2016. This update really exemplifies the original motto of the company which was all...
  16. I

    iPhone PP Jailbreak not working

    Hello! Yesterday i jailbroke my iPhone 5s(iOS9.3.2) using the PP Jailbreak app and everything worked like a charm, now that i've installed some tweaks and apps my phone went into safe mode and i tried rebooting it with the PP app but then it just gets stuck on the apple logo and tries to...
  17. aMmOOooR

    macOS Sierra PB1 Installation: Stuck at Apple Logo and Full Progress Bar

    Hello there, I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place, so please let me know if this is the wrong forum. So, I've been trying to install macOS Sierra Public Beta 1 on a friend's Macbook Air (Late 2010). Installation happens normally, and after it is finished, computer is restarted to...
  18. allseejat

    iPhone Help battery the reboot

    So I had gotten my battery fixed on my iphone 6 , It worked fine . The it started doing this thing where the screen would go black and pressing the power/home would not do anything. Next it died and it would show the battery then the apple logo and repeat . I went to the store thought it was a...
  19. M

    iPad Fixing a boot looping iPad 1 IOS 5.1.1?

    I have a constantly boot looping iPad which I am yet to find a solution to. My boot looping issue shows the battery symbol with a small bit of it filled with red, then it goes to the apple logo, then shows the spinning icon in the center of the screen then freezes after a while, only to start...
  20. F

    iPad iDevice Apple logo problem

    Today my iPad Mini (Wifi) got stucked on Apple logo after I restored it. I had Jailbreak and was on ios 9.0.2. After searching how fix it I saw some tutorials for recovering via iTunes holding the home button with the device turned off until the iTunes logo appears, but this will upgrade my...