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  1. I

    How to save time working with 70gb IMAP email data on local email client?

    I have accumulated 190,000 emails (70gb) over the decades in my gmail account. Besides using gmail on the web, I also use a local mail client (Apple Mail) on my Mac to view/manage my emails. The obvious reason is that when I am writing an intense email that requires looking up data from other...
  2. lpuerto

    Names on mails on the mail app sometimes glitch

    Hey! This is something I've noticed in previous version of macOS but seems that Catalina is specially prone to it. I really don't know if it's because now I have an exchange account with an exchange contact list, on top of the iCloud one, but it's definitely more common now. From time to...
  3. S

    Easy way to make a Apple Mail HTML Signature?

    Hello, was wondering if anyone knows a easy way to make a html signature in Apple Mail. I have a big problem with Apple Mail. So I made my signature (non html, just plain text plus image) in the signature menu but the picture goes missing whenever I send emails with an attachment. Sometimes...
  4. HappyDude20

    How to Stop Daily Recurring SPAM Email Specifically in APPLE MAIL?

    I didn’t think this was a specific iOS or MacOS question and figured I cannot be the only individual within the MacRumors community from experiencing this so here goes: Gmail has never giving me problems and in the past 12 years have yet to see a spam email creep into my inbox. Apple Mail...
  5. P

    Why is this message distorted in Mail?

    Why is a message that has been coming monthly from the same sender start appearing "distorted" in Mail v.11.5 (3445.9.1)? The only explanation I can find is that they are poorly constructed HTMLs although they do appear readable in the email provider's website in Safari v.12.0.3...
  6. jagooch

    Notifying senders of new email address

    I recently dropped gmail in favor of iCloud / Apple mail , and I want to let people know to update my contact information so that they use the correct email address going forward. How would you do it? My ideas are - 1. email everyone in my contact list, which can get me flagged as a spammer...
  7. L

    Mail help!

    Hey there. I've been making a mess out of my apple mail for years being lazy to learn how to best organize and deal with tons and tons of mail. Now I'm at a crisis point trying to deal with multiple accounts and storying emails both "on my mac" and "iCloud". Does anyone know the best resource...
  8. P

    Why won't emails load in Mail?

    It seems that since I upgraded to High Sierra quite often when I click on an email it doesn't load. I wait a while but it still doesn't load so I must try another email (which always opens) and then go back to the one I initially tried to open and it will then open. Can I fix this problem? Thank...
  9. techwarrior

    PSA: Stop Spam and Phishing emails on your iCloud account

    Not sure which blog site I found this on, but a week in an it appears a flurry of spam\phishing emails being sent to my .me account, and .me alias are all but gone. I was getting 3-5 emails per day about "my account", things like email failed to send, problem with account or login, pictures...
  10. jusacruiser

    Combining Folders and Mailboxes

    I sort of created a mess with my Apple Mail files and folders. I have my Comcast Mail set up in my Apple Mail Client. So I have some folders under Comcast email......and some folders "On My Mac" So I've got mix n match, duplicates, some here, some there. It really is a mess. So my QUESTION...
  11. P

    Apple Mail Export Function Not Responding, Need and Alternative to Backup Apple Mail.

    Hello Everyone, My Apple Mail export function is not responding, and I am not able to make out the reason why. I fact earlier too it used to consume a lot of time in order to backup the database and now it has gone shut. I am looking for an alternative that can backup my apple mail quickly in a...
  12. Phil in ocala

    Since H.Sierra...No more mail prefs...inbox problem

    I have deleted and others...did not do a thing. Anyone with a real answer? If you are not experiencing this issue....this post is not for you... I am disappointed at best with High Sierra...still trying to figure out what is an improvement over the last OS
  13. W

    Problems with Gmail since Sierra

    A couple weeks ago, I updated my iMac from MacOS 10.10 Yosemite to MacOS 10.12 Sierra. In doing so, I encountered a confusing and vexing glitch. I have a personal Gmail account, set to IMAP. I have the Gmail account setup as an internet account on my iMac. I also have my Gmail set up to work...
  14. D

    IPad email app that displays full-screen in landscape mode

    I am totally frustrated by the inability of Apple Mail on the iPad to display new emails I'm writing in full-screen landscape mode. (Because I use an Apple "Smart Keyboard" on my iPad Pro, landscape mode is my only option). Is there a way to create emails in full-screen in landscape mode with...
  15. T

    Possible to remove unread message count badges from mail folders?

    Does anyone know of a way to make the unread message counts WITHIN Apple Mail disappear? (Aside from the obvious of actually marking all the mail as read every day.) I'm not asking about the red notification badge on the toolbar, I'm referring to the message counts that appear to the right of...
  16. E

    Notification Center Crashing -Too Many Alerts!

    I have had Apple mail set to "Alerts" in Notification Centre (New Email creates an alert which needs to be dismissed). I had about 800 spam emails come in at once and now Notification Centre hogs the system resources trying to load all the alerts. It never manages to load them all before...
  17. Phil in ocala

    No deleting jpegs U send in AppleMail?

    Had many jpegs imported to apple mail outgoing email,.saw one I did not want to go...there seems no way to delete a jpeg after it is imported....of the many selections in edit...delete was not thought of by the Mail Developers...This seems to be a pattern in the Apple OS...deleting made...
  18. N

    Need Help with Apple Mail, IMAP, and Gmail

    Up to this point, I have been using POP3 for my email accounts, yes I know this is awful, and I need to switch everything to IMAP as well as copy all of my emails over. I started with my Gmail accounts and have noticed that the Inbox and Sent sync, but the trash does not. It's important that I...
  19. M. Gustave

    Still no share sheet in iOS 10 Mail app?

    Hard to believe you still can't print, save to PDF, or do anything else with an email in the stock Mail app. I don't consider these "power user" features, so the lack of functionality and UI consistency is puzzling. Luckily we have other mail app options, like Spark. (Yes, I already left...
  20. D

    Any Changes to Apple Mail in Sierra?

    Wondering if there are any significant updates to Mail in macOS Sierra? Default font? Attachments? Viewing? etc. Thanks.