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apple mail

  1. ascender

    Apple Mail - Long Email Chains & Finding the Latest Mail

    I'm not sure if this is just me... it may well be that I'm missing a setting, but whenever I have a long back and forth email chain with someone, it seems to get increasingly difficult to find the latest message in the long chain. The message preview might show "message from Jim today at...
  2. Jodeo

    Mac Mail (Sonoma 14.4.1): Some email messages missing content

    I updated to Mac OS 14.4.1 today. Mac Mail v.16.0 shows most emails, but several show no content. Senders range from my kid's tutorial to business subscriptions. I have ALL "Mail Privacy Protections" unchecked and off. I've also rebooted, plus started Mail and holding the SHIFT key. No luck...
  3. howdytom

    Apple Mail RTF emails displayed with Times New Roman font

    How can I set a consistent font for Rich Text emails in Apple Mail? It is so unprofessional and embarrassing to see that RTF emails are displayed with Times New Roman when you get reply. Bloated html/span tag mails are a pain, but in some cases you have to highlight text. Switching to RTF mode...
  4. J

    Microsoft Exchange login blank page

    Dear forum, Since my update to MacOS Big Sur 11.7.10 I had to re-install a microsoft exchange account that is managed by the organization that I work for. Now normally, one would see the organization login page. Unfortunately, since the Big Sur update I read that it is a common problem that the...
  5. Doc69

    How to move all mail to a new Mac?

    How do I move all my emails to a new Mac? I have 5 IMAP mail accounts, iCloud, Gmail, and Hotmail as well as over a hundred folders with saved emails "On My Mac". Probably over 100K emails. I don't think I can't use Migration Assistant since I've already set up the new Mac manually with...
  6. M

    Apple Mail Stuck Moving 2K+ Emails

    I am running Mojave 10.14.6. I was moving emails on my iMac's Apple Mail from one Outlook address to another. Apple Mail has been stuck moving +2K emails for several days. The missing emails are not in either of the 2 mailboxes; neither in Apple Mail or accessing the addresses via Outlook...
  7. R

    Reset Apple Mail POP Email Account

    Hello, I have a Macbook Pro with a POP email account in Apple Mail. May I ask if the received messages can still be kept in Apple Mail after I remove the POP email account? Thanks.
  8. B

    transferring from thunderbird to apple mail

    I am using Thunderbird v102.6.1 on mac running ventura 13.1 I want to replace Thunderbird with the Mail app v16.0 so I need to copy all my emails, contacts etc from TB to Mail. I have searched the web for help but all help available seems to apply to earlier versions of TB and macos so that...
  9. N

    Method to harvest "Blocked Sender" list

    I'm in the process of setting up a new Mac without Migration Assistant. I've been looking for a method to locate the email addresses I've added to Apple Mail's Blocked Senders list so I can back them up and then restore on the new Mac.🤞 Unfortunately, the luxurious feature to export or copy...
  10. W

    iPhone iOs Mail - can't delete emails?

    After Spark's recent update I've decided to try the native Mail app again. I like to delete emails I don't want, rather than leave them or archive them. I swear that Mail used to let me do this with a swipe, but now the only options are snooze, archive, flag, move etc, but not delete. Am I...
  11. L

    How to delete (final delete) e-mail via Apple Mail in OSX

    Hi, To my big surprise I thought I had deleted all e-mails yesterday, both Inbox, Sent messages and also in the Bin (Deleted Mails). Both when I then opened my second Mac - ALL the messages where still visible in the Apple Mail-app on that computer. Is there a setting we need to enable to...
  12. T

    Shift-start Apple Mail

    My father has a problem, when he tries to drag false spam from the set folder (which is local, because the size of spam) back to inbox, the mail disappears. I guess something goes wrong, because spam folder is local and the false spam is dragged (or "put back" with the button) to IMAP inbox. I...
  13. B

    all Mail accounts gone after upgrade Mojave -> Big Sur

    Hi all, I upgraded Mojave to Big Sur yesterday. (2018 Mac Mini) On first launch, Mail displayed the usual "updating database" message. No error messages, but: all Mails for all accounts are now gone. I have a full backup (Carbon Copy Cloner), so I'm not breaking a sweat (yet). I tried...
  14. TinyMito

    Apple Mail app on macOS - sync won't resume and app unresponsive.

    Hey all, MacBook Pro 14 with latest Monterey 12.2.1 here. Does anyone else have issue with Apple Mail get stuck at syncing after wakeup from sleep overnight? It has exclamation mark on each mailbox and nothing works when clicking sync get mail button. I hit the close (not quit) red button and...
  15. L

    Universal How to see sender/receiver details for email received in AppleMail App

    Hi, The title says it pretty well. I've recently switched to the Apple Mail App on iOS and I've noticed that it isn't clear about which email address a given email was sent to. I have a couple of email addresses and they are in my contact. So, it shows that all messages are sent to Me (then...
  16. W

    iCloud Account Can't Send Mail from Apple Mail Big Sur

    I'm at my wit's end trying to solve this problem. I've been trying to work with Apple Support on this issue since mid-July and keep getting bounced around in their system and have yet to get any help in resolving it. I am using a 15-inch 2018 MacBook Pro with 32 GB of RAM and a 1 TB SSD drive...
  17. M

    Load remote images option not working!

    I have set my iPhone with iOS 14 to disable load remote images, yet, I still received images from one sender. This sender’s email is on my contacts if that matters. I am using apple Mail with my iCloud email account. How can I stop this one email from automatically loading images???
  18. S

    What could be going wrong with my iCloud email address?

    Any idea what might be happening here? I've been using iCloud as my mail email account for a few weeks now and I started having problems today. Anyone else? What does the error indicate? <>: host[IP address] said: 550 5.1.1...
  19. P Emails Being Bounced By Certain Services (Apple Mail)

    I noticed recently that I was not getting email updates from the Nextdoor community boards nor from YouTube for new video postings. Both services were set up with my email address. Last year I got a letter from Vanguard financial services that they were unable to contact me by email...
  20. T

    Stop Apple Mail autoplaying videos

    So sat down unlocked my computer and started to use only to have music and speech suddnely start coming at me seemingly from nowhere. After shut down Safari and Firefox it was still there - also shut down Spotify. Still going. Turns our it was a video embedded into and email in Appel Mail that...