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Aug 28, 2019
Boston, MA
I recently moved, and afterwards, noticed an issue with my Apple TV 4K and the stereo-paired OG HomePods that I use as its default audio output. My wife and I are both admins of our HomeKit home and are both logged into accounts on the Apple TV. When we use control center to switch users, the sound output from the HomePods will immediately stop working for 30-60 seconds. Then, a prompt will display saying the Apple TV couldn't connect to the HopePods (Try Again / Cancel). Immediately, the HomePods start working again, once this prompt displays.

When the sound output is broken, I also noticed that the HomeKit tab in Control Center also disappears, and if I go into Settings > HomeKit, the Apple TV will display a loading icon instead of saying which room it's in. It's as if the Apple TV temporarily loses its membership in the Home, leaving it unable to communicate with any HomeKit devices, including the HomePods. The issue always self-corrects after ~30 seconds, at which time the sound resumes working, the HomeKit section of Settings remembers which room it's in, and the HomeKit tab in Control Center returns.

I've already tried factory resetting the Apple TV and both HomePods, and deleting the HomeKit home and recreating it from scratch. And now, after the tvOS 17.5 and HomePod Software 17.5 updates yesterday, the issue still persists.

Anyone see a similar issue?


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May 27, 2008
have you rebooted your home network?

Did anything about your network change when you moved?
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