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  1. I

    Paste a table from Onenote to Word without losing format

    Hi everyone. I really need help....
  2. J

    Delete an app icon in Launch pad?

    Hello all, I'm new to the Mac/Apple world. I downloaded an app, put it into the launch pad. I have since delete the application but cannot delete the icon that is left in the launch pad. I tried holding down left click, cannot delete. tried going into the Mac Hard drive - my name -...
  3. YouHitTheJackpott

    The Shop App Notification Sound

    Hi all, I’m new to signing up for this forum, but I’ve come to this site many times to find answers. This may seem like a very odd question, but I was wondering if anyone out there knew what the Shop App uses as their main notification tone. It sounds like a pinball machine, but I’m not sure...
  4. ArrayDecay

    Mac Is serious macOS development occurring in plain old C?

    I understand that most macOS app development occurs in ObjC and Swift, but I'm curious if C has a useful role in the Mac world outside of kernel-level programming.
  5. longboarder

    Whats the best method to auto remove leftover application files in OS X tiger?

    So after I upgraded ive been doing some clearing of leftover files on my computer. Ive been using appcleaner to do this process but Im aware from when I was back on 10.2.8 I removed a lot of files thus making my library filled with leftover files. I tried to find old builds of shareware...
  6. L

    application support only last for 5 years?

    hi guys, ive got this question and been looking for it on the internet and found nothing, so i decided to ask here so, all i know is that apple will stop giving an update to an apple device once it become 5 years of an age from the release date. But, will any other application like instagram...
  7. R

    How to update iWork

    Hi, I have iWork09 dvd, and Macbook Pro 2009 13 inch. Installed iWork on El Capitan. How can I update to the latest keynote, pages,numbers which compatible with El Capitan?
  8. alanmadzar

    MP All Models NVMe vs. SAS/SATA In Your Workflow

    Hello there, Has anyone come across a situation in developing applications (ex. 3D editing/rendering, photoshop, high-res audio) where you needed an NVMe interface as part of your storage workflow, as opposed to SAS/SATA? I know NVMe is pricier, but has anyone come across a situation where the...
  9. alanmadzar

    MP 7,1 Mac Pro 2019 Applications and GPU Usage

    Hi there, I was wondering, with the multitude of applications that are going to be meant for use on the new Mac Pro, what are their GPU requirements? With all these high-power GPU MPX Modules available, will the applications that are meant to be used by them actually need all that GPU power...
  10. mikzn

    Equipment Service - Software Suggestion - Repair Tag - Technical Service Tracking

    Any thoughts / suggestions for an apple based repair tag / maintenance and service tracker ? Tracking by Customer ID Tracking by Equipment / Model # Tracking by Serial number Tracking by Technician ( all involved) Tracking by Sales Rep Other areas of interest Preventive Maintenance Equipment...
  11. cserba

    iPhone Application to track my monthly plan

    Hi all. I am looking after an application which can track all my monthly plan which mean Data usage (mobile data), Sent SMS/MMS, Phone calls (in minutes) I was able to find app which can track my data usage, but that is not enough for me, as I have a monthly plan of 100 Minutes of phone calls...
  12. L

    Help w/ 2018 MBP 15" Options: Linux Application Development / Integration

    Hello, first time Mac noob here! I'm in the market for a Macbook Pro primarily for coding / Linux application development and integration. Some things I'll be doing also is running multiple applications for learning / testing (Docker apps, Apache Kafka, Ansible provisioning, Web apps, etc)...
  13. seitsme

    does 64chars Telephone app comes with OSX HS

    hi all. Can anyone confirm that with the installation of OSX High sierra, an app called Telephone, is installed part of the package in the apps folder. Maker is '64 Characters'. I never noticed this app and today software update prompts me to update it. Not sure what it is and where it came from.
  14. Goatllama

    Strange Pages Application Behavior

    So, this has been going on for a bit, but in Pages when changing style (italics,bold,etc.) and as of today alignment (left, center, right), it for some reason highlights the invisible paragraph indicator: It seems to only happen when there's nothing else there. Annoying, because typically...
  15. Kendoss

    Unknown app running help please

    What is this unkown app and icon??? What is going on with iphone and apps...A friend of mine has a second “facebook” app running in the settings- system services. But cant find the actual app in home screen. The app has a strange ios icon as you can see in attachement. i am not sure if this...
  16. Z

    with what application is it created with?

    How can i know when i see a website with what application it is created with? Are there any marks on the viewable code that indicate if its custom made from Dreamweaver or if it is cms created like wordpress or equivalent?
  17. zachlegomaniac

    Best PDF Measuring Software

    Hi all, I need to measure a 2D construction plan (landscape) to calculate various areas (in square feet) on a PDF doc. At work we use Adobe Acrobat, but it's terrible, and I can't imagine it's intended for this kind of work on a regular basis. Can someone recommend some applications to me...
  18. iPadProBaby

    Advice on (free?) software to design computer desks

    Hi I need to build a couple of Music Studio desks (workstations) that will house an iMac each, multiple midi keyboards / synths and a pair of monitors (speakers). I need to make EXACT and PRECISE cutting diagrams to pass to the timber merchant who will me making the non right-angle cuts. I...
  19. L

    what application is this on the mac?

    It's a grey logo and says "live"
  20. M

    Why is Homebrew Cask not the preferred method to install GUI apps?

    People generally prefer AppStore > DMG Please state your prefered order and reason