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  1. J

    Studio Display audio output

    I'm having an issue with my Studio Display not appearing as an audio output option after waking my M1 Mac Mini from sleep. The display itself functions fine, but it no longer appears as an option in the sound output settings, and the Mac reverts to its built in speakers. I have to remove the...
  2. N

    24Bit music and iso files

    Would like to have some advice ;-) I have a huge collection of 24BIT music (flac files) and ISO files of my archived BluRays and DVD's on my NAS. As the Apple hardware is nowadays missing proper audio interfaces (only headphone connection) I am doubting whch device does fit best (the Apple TV...
  3. Z

    Audio Translating Youtube videos

    Is there a way for Audio Translating Youtube videos?
  4. W

    Monitor for a dining area wall

    My elderly parents have an old, Intel 13-inch MacBook Pro, which I'm hoping we can get replaced with an Apple Silicon laptop some time in 2024. They no longer have cable or satellite TV. They frequently turn to YouTube for news, information (how-to) and entertainment. The laptop's speakers...
  5. S

    Question about hooking up multiple mics to a MacBook

    This is a somewhat different sort of question than the usual.... My car is making a noise. I can't quite track down where it's coming from, and passengers disagree about where it sounds like it's originating from--even whether it's in the front or the back. So I thought I could hook up at...
  6. M

    iPad Pro Playing video through a VGA projector :/

    I own a projector that is VGA only. I’d to connect my iPad Pro 6th Gen to it and play movies through it. Simple enough via an adapter I think. BUT I’d like the audio to be played through my bluetooth speakers. Is there a way to do this? Thanks.
  7. B

    TVOS 17 Audio Issue

    Upgraded my Apple TV (Apple TV 4K) to TVOS 17. Sounds plays through a connected Sonos Beam through my TV. Config has worked great for years. As I navigate apps, intermittently the audio just stops. Navigation click is gone and then no matter the app I chose there is no audio. Tried to...
  8. A

    Problems with HAL Audio Plugin

    Hello folks, I have a strange problem here. I have the BlackHole Audio plugin. I need it with a plugin host. It actually worked quite well until I started AU Lab from Apple. Afterwards the outputs of the plugin were disabled. One picture shows the working Loopback plugin and the other shows the...
  9. B

    MP 1,1-5,1 MacPro 5.1, Opencore and best macOS 2023 for audio

    Hi! I have a MacPro 5.1, macOS Mojave, 96GB RAM, Kyrom.2 aquacomputer with Samsung 970 EVO SSD, Allegro Pro USB3.2 PCI Card and NVIDIA Quadro K5000 for Mac. I work with music production in Logic Pro and use tons of plugins (Waves, Izotope, Fabfilter, Native Instruments, IK Multimedia and...
  10. M

    FCP - Synced Audio...

    Hello! I'm noticing that when I sync a couple of video (bad audio) clips with an audio (good audio) clip that FCP uses the bad audio when creating the synced clip. What do I need to do to make sure that FCP is using the good audio instead of the bad (video) audio? Thanks in advance! ~Andrew
  11. D

    MP 1,1-5,1 RX5500 XT/Navi 10 HDMI has no audio output

    Currently, I have upgraded the graphics of my cMP 5,1 to a Sapphire RX5500 XT. It's currently running macOS Monterey 12.3.1 and with OpenCore, Lilu and WhateverGreen installed. The issue is, HDMI audio seems not working under macOS while it's perfectly fine under Windows. The audio adapter is...
  12. rickpoet

    iPad Looking for a Sound Recorder with Specific Features

    Hello! I'm looking for a sound recorder to use at a conference which has the following features (I see a lot of apps which have some, but not all of these, and it's hard to tell with some of the paid apps if they have all of these without buying them first.) One Touch Record Start Ability to...
  13. KittyComputer

    MP 1,1-5,1 cMP 5,1 Monterey AirPlay System Audio Not Finding shairport-sync Receiver

    Hey All. The issue I'm having on my 5,1 cMP is my shairport-sync receiver isn't showing up in system audio like it does on my MacBook Air 7,1. However the Apple Music app on my cMP can connect to shairport-sync just fine. Here's it working as expected on my MacBook Air Device isn't found...
  14. L

    How do I listen to music on my own speakers?

    We have a set of stereo speakers, pre-amplifier, and amplifier that produce relatively high-quality sound. We'd like to listen to music that is in iTunes in this set-up. Apple used to make a little white device (a little larger than a charger for an old MBP) that I think was a router and it...
  15. RoseFactory

    Universal ListenBook - advanced audiobook player

    ListenBook 2 is here! Now you can listen to great audiobooks, lectures and speeches with maximum comfort. AppStore link: ListenBook: audiobook player * The app doesn't contain audiobooks, it only plays your own audio files * Boost your audio content with ListenBook, a great way to listen to...
  16. AdamLangePL

    Microphone issue in web browsers on Ventura

    Hi, Let me start with hardware configuration: M1 Max, 16" Macbook Pro + Presonus revelator io24 external audio interface When i try to stream using web browser on ventura (Latest Chrome and latest Firefox) audio from microphone is crackling (you can hear that here ) As far as i remember, this...
  17. G

    MacBook 12inch (A1543) - Beginning of a dead board?

    Hi All I hope you are well I have an A1534 12 Inch 2015 MacBook. I have owned it for some time and whilst its a controversial MacBook (as in some people see it as a waste), I absolutely love it! Recently a couple of the keys have died on it, So I bought a replacement keyboard flex cable (even...
  18. C

    HomePod HomePod Minis as computer speakers

    Anyone who's using two HomePod minis as computer speakers, how do you like it? I know in the past people complained there was a lag, is this still there? Are there any issues you run across? How happy are you with the overall sound quality? And have you compared it against other speakers in the...
  19. kahlil88

    No sound but speakers detected

    Trying to fix a 2019 MacBook Air for a client. No sound, not even a startup chime. Internal speakers are connected and shown as an output device. My initial suspicion was a conflict with SoundFlower, which didn't appear to be installed but was listed as an output device. Manually removed all...
  20. broly

    MP All Models calling all users of Xonar PCI audio cards with a PCI-equipped macintosh

    hi, so i have managed to produce a driver that loads and, per hallab, seems to output sound. unfortunately i do not have any external sound devices that can power themselves, as i have another HDAV1.3 deluxe (lol) in my PC that's rigged up to my marantz amplifier and such. i tried using a...