1. V

    Other Let us boycott all further iPhones until they get 3.5 mm jack back

    Let us boycott all further iPhones until they get 3.5 mm jack
  2. Mr. Dee

    Glitchy audio in apps Music and Spotify when typing

    I started noticing this yesterday, when typing in any web browser (Safari, Chrome or Firefox), audio playing in the background (Music or Spotify) glitches out. Anybody else noticing this? its not as severe in Safari, but its really bad in Chrome and Firefox). I noticed its becoming more apparent...
  3. F

    iPad Air Using an iPad as an external guitar fx

    I used to use my Air 2 as an fx unit for my guitar - iRig Pro plugged into the thunderbolt port for the guitar input, through a bunch of AUM hosted FX on the ipad, and then the headphone socket took the output to my desktop DAW for recording. With Apple’s brilliant removal of the headphone...
  4. videosoul

    Apple Music I found a track with distortions on Apple Music (and iTunes Store)... thoughts?

    TL;DR: there is a track on Apple Music / iTunes Store which has distortions that aren't on the original CD, and despite me proving this to Apple, they are denying there is a problem. Please bear with me, this is going to be a long one, but I'd love to hear some other people's thoughts on this...
  5. JippaLippa

    Mac Mini M1 Audio Started Crackling (Both physical and bluetooth)

    Hello. I have used this mac mini M1 since december but recently I started noticing the audio distorts quite easily and crackles making listening to music annoying. It didn't have these problems earlier, I would have 100% noticed, so this makes me think it could be something fixable with an...
  6. haralds

    Override Rogue Amoeba restricting their apps pin Monterey?

    All of Rogue Amoeba's apps are always disabled by their code on a new OS. I suspect the HAL architecture and APIs have not changed. Has anybody found a way to force these apps to run? I am especially missing Audio Hijack and AirFoil.
  7. zakarhino

    Other Is lightning here to stay?

    I felt a strange feeling when reading more details about Apple's Lossless music service the other week. I thought it was strange that Apple were promoting a feature that they specifically tell you is only useful when plugging a DAC into your device (Hi-Fi Lossless tells you this on every device...
  8. Lvivske

    An app that displays bitrate / sample rate of audio?

    Is there such thing as an app that displays the current playing sample rate / bitrate of audio that's playing on MacOS? Basically wish this was a feature in iStat Menu, because with the new Apple Music I'd like to be able to know what resolution the audio I'm listening to is currently processing...
  9. J

    Damaged Macbook Pro Headphone Jack

    Hi there, I seem to have damaged the headphone jack on my Early 2015 Macbook Pro. The right side works fine, but the left side only outputs white noise and none of the actual signal at all. I've tried multiple cables and different sources (spotify, youtube etc). It's definitely an issue with...
  10. S

    tvOS 14.6 broke AirPlay audio from MacBook Pro

    Updated Apple TV to tvOS 14.6 on Monday afternoon and now it seems I can’t AirPlay audio from my MacBook Pro (running High Sierra) to it. Tried several times and no audio comes out. Discovered this issue hours later on Monday night. Last time I used this feature successfully was last Friday...
  11. G

    MacBook Pro soundcard issue?

    Hello, I have a 2017 Mac Book Pro and I'm experiencing a weird issue. I noticed that my headphones were cutting out in the left channel in the headphone jack. I ended up getting new headphones and the same issue happens where if you move the cord, it will cut out and I have to keep moving the...
  12. B

    Serious audio problems after TV OS 14.5 update

    As the title mentions, I have come across serious audio issues with the TV OS 14.5 update and Apple TV. I am writing so that hopefully some one else doesn't run into the same issue or can fix it for themselves. I have several ATV4 HD and ATV4 4k's in my house. Yesterday morning I decided to try...
  13. E

    no sound on Mac Mini when connected to monitor via hdmi

    I've got an older Mac mini (mid 2010 2.4 ghz core 2 duo) that's connected to a LCD monitor via hdmi. No matter what I set the Sound output to (i.e. Mac Mini internal speaker or the monitor), there's no sound. If I disconnect the monitor/hdmi cable, then the Mac Mini plays sound with no...
  14. JSaraniti

    iPhone XS not recording sound in video - fine in other apps

    Greetings all, I’m having a very strange problem with my Xs. When recording video through the camera there is little to no sound. So low that if you have headphones and bump them to max output you might just be able to hear muffled noises... BUT if I record a video with Instagram / tiktok /...
  15. kahlil88

    Startup chime but no sound devices

    Customer brought me a MacBook Pro A1286 (2011 model I think) that doesn't produce any sound, except for the startup chime. No devices show up in sound preferences, even after doing an upgrade install.
  16. T

    I can't figure out why my iPhone keeps disconnecting from my car ...

    Lately when I am listening to music on my iPhone 11 Pro through my car stereo (via Bluetooth) and I ask Siri a question, (sometimes) my music will quit playing through via Bluetooth and will start playing on the built in speaker on my iPhone. When I look at my car stereo it says that it is still...
  17. C

    iPhone XS Max Audio routing

    Is there a way to be able to choose how my audio is routed on a per app basis. For example, I’m a delivery driver so I have four active apps that are all sending audio alerts and updates. Why can’t I choose where this audio is being sent? I would like my delivery apps audio to be routed to my...
  18. RealMonster

    Using iPhone as audio input to macOS via audio midi setup

    I've just found out that I can use my iPhone as an audio source for my Mac. I've enabled my phone through the Audio Midi Setup application, but I can't get it to play over my headphones. The audio is *definitely* coming in, because I can record it through the QuickTime Player. I've also tried...
  19. hnklp

    iPad iPad 1st gen. Audio issue

    Hi, I recently bought an old iPad 1 for my Apple collection. The seller described to me, that when you power it on, iOS freezes. Well that wasn't really true, the system didn't freeze, it was just very laggy. So laggy in fact, that if you interacted with it right after powering the device on, it...
  20. Zephyre

    Static from audio via USB-C

    My new M1 MacBook Air has audio static when it is connected via USB-C to a monitor with external speakers. If I connect directly to the Macbook headphone jack - no audio problems. Any ideas?