1. A

    usb-c hub audio issue

    Hi Guys! I purchased an usb-c hub (Qgem) from AliExpressz. The hub has 3.5mm jack output. If I plug the hub into my iPad Pro 11 2020, I cant hear any sound from the speaker and I cant change the audio output, because there is only this hub as an option. Do you know any solution how could I get...
  2. T

    iPhone 2 iPhone icon on Audio?

    Hi, my iPhone 11 Pro always showing this 2 iPhone icon on the Audio under AirPlay. My another iPhone doesn’t have this. Both using same wifi connection but I don’t think it’s related. When I click the other iPhone icon, the 1st one will disappear. Please see the photo attached. Anyone knows...
  3. J

    Help with installing media apps on Mac Os please.

    Hi all, I'm not a regular MAC user, I usually spend 90% of my time in Windows or Linux world; so there are things I have to learn here. In these days of needing to setup and install additional software for live streaming I'm doing my best to help our local church musician who has no experiance...
  4. M

    iPhone How to watch YouTube videos and have a voice call at the same time?

    Hey all, when having a voice call on my iPhone (iOS 13.2) I can watch a YouTube/Netflix video at the same time and will be able to hear both audios (voice call and video). However, I figured out that for my friend this doesn't work on his iPhone (iOS 13.4). When we are having a call and he...
  5. KatPR

    Video problems on Safari.

    Since I updated to Catalina 10.15.4 I've been having problems with my video on Safari, especially while trying to watch Netflix. For example, while watching a video, randomly and occasionally the video will skip for a second. It only happens on Safari, not on Chrome. Any idea what it can be or...
  6. Jules242

    Help! Intermittently no sound post-new upper case & I/O port

    Hi everyone! I have a nasty issue after doing the following swaps on my A1466 2014 Macbook Air 13" — new (used) I/O port to replace a headphone jack that got jammed up somehow — new (used) upper case as a replacement for the keyboard, which for a while had non operational 1-9 number keys. —...
  7. lpuerto

    Audio stop working on speakers after remove earphones

    Hey! I've notices that this issue has happened to me twice in my new machine with catalina. After I remove my earphones from the jack, audio is not coming back to the speakers. Even if I choose then on the sound settings and the issue is not fixed until I reboot. Anyone is having the same...
  8. D

    iPad Iphone vs ipad sound quality

    Hello i registered in the hope some audiophile freak may help me. i have a normal ipad of the newer generation, an iphone 11 and a galaxy s9+ I hear a really big difference in terms of sound quality when using the ipad compared to the iphone. The ipad just sound so much better with an external...
  9. M

    ATV Bitstream Petition

    If you haven’t already we would appreciate more signatures to get bitstream support on Apple TV to be able to stream local Dolby Atmos/DTS:X content.
  10. A

    no more system audio

    Hi, I recently installed AudFree_Spotify_Music_Converter_1.5.0 which allows you to download music from Spotify. Unfortunately, since then I can no longer listen to Spotify on the Mac and all the system sounds such as the sound of the emptying basket have also disappeared. Instead, I can hear the...
  11. 4sallypat

    Firewire 800 to audio out - XSERVE 3,1 - need L/R stereo outputs

    I have an XSERVE 3,1 running Yosemite OS X and would like to have audio output from the Firewire 800 port. Is there an adapter or module that can output audio (2 channel) from the XSERVE thru it's built in FW800 port ? I have run out of USB ports and since I have 1 unused FW800 port, I thought...
  12. David May

    Optical Cable Connection

    Yesterday I upgraded from a late 2013 iMac to a 2019 iMac. Before I was using an optical cable with a 3.5 adapter to connect to my logitech Z5500 Surround System. Never an issue. Plugged it into my new one an nothing, no digital input says my speaker controller. The Midi setup only say...
  13. S

    Pro Display XDR Audio ?

    With the (hopefully) release of the new Mac Pro and the XDR display in the next few days, what stood out was the lack of audio specs for the new monitors. I was looking at replacing some trashcans and their TB monitors ... So: - Anybody know if the Pro Display XDR will have built in speakers...
  14. U

    Sony bluetooth headphones will not connect.

    System preferences repeatedly freezes every time I try and control bluetooth settings. Same thing occurs when accessing the settings from finder so have to relaunch that as well. Sony WH-CH700N Headphones will pair by bluetooth (headphone buttons will work as well), but there will be no option...
  15. jagooch

    Do I need a DAC to fix low volume stereo out on 2019 iMac?

    I have 2 Edifier monitor speakers connected to my 2019 iMac 27" through the headphone out jack. The audio volume is very low and I have to turn the audio up almost to max to hear them well. I recently connected my Windows PC to them, also using stereo out, and almost blew my speakers. I...
  16. FreddyJ

    How do I improve my iphone's audio?

    Hi there. Got an iPhone 8 Plus which I'm really comfortable with. Started listening to a lot of music via various streaming services. Is there anyway I can improve the sound? It sounds okay but quite tinny. Thanks in advance.
  17. D

    MP 1,1-5,1 Sound Blaster Z Mac driver?

    Over the weekend I finally upgraded my MacPro5,1 to High Sierra. One interesting difference I noticed is that the system report now recognizes my Sound Blaster Z as an audio device, whereas in Sierra it had shown: "There was an error while gathering PCI device information." Obviously...
  18. S

    2012 Macbook Air Speakers not working

    Hi, I recently bought a second hand macbook air, and for the most part, the speakers don't work, although I have on occasion been able to get them to work, once after I reset the OS and another after I played around with ending audio processes within the activity monitor. I also tried installing...
  19. T

    iPad Pro DJ Audio Splitter

    Hallo, i‘ve got a App, which allows me to have 2 different Music Players. Now I Need something like an audio Splitter to use the first music player for the speakers in a dancing school and the secound music player in the app for my headphones. So the one song can be played with the speakers and...
  20. S

    Using Macbook Pro with only 1 speaker

    I am using a single Rokit 6 monitor speaker for sound from my Macbook Pro. It is connected with a single cable from the RCA jack to the headphone jack on my mac. Do I need to change any settings to make sure the full sound is properly coming from the speaker and not just one side of the stereo...