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  1. broly

    MP All Models calling all users of Xonar PCI audio cards with a PCI-equipped macintosh

    hi, so i have managed to produce a driver that loads and, per hallab, seems to output sound. unfortunately i do not have any external sound devices that can power themselves, as i have another HDAV1.3 deluxe (lol) in my PC that's rigged up to my marantz amplifier and such. i tried using a...
  2. pipetogrep

    Soundflower for PowerPC Now On The Garden

    It turns out finding old Sowndflower releases for PowerPC was a royal pain in the arse. I had to get them from the wayback machines's backup of the old Google Code archive (which is now down). I figured others may want an easier place to find them so I put the two versions that work with Tiger...
  3. M

    Sound issues under windows 11 bootcamp (MBP A2141)

    hi guys, I've recently installed windows 11 pro under bootcamp on my 16" 2019 macbook pro (A2141). The installation and the bootcamp driver setup went smooth until stumbling into audio issues. it appears that the integrated speakers don't work on windows, although, the audio jack and BT works...
  4. haralds

    BlueTooth Audio Dongles to replace Apple built-in?

    Does anybody have any well -working BlueTooth dongles to replace the Apple internal board? I am really tired of AirPods and game controllers cutting out when Magic Keyboard, Trackpad, and Mouse are not connected with wires.
  5. E

    What do you guys think of the new AirPods Pro audio quality?

    Like many of you I received the new APP today. Very happy with them. The noise cancellation is superb imo. The audio however is a total different story. I remember how crisp and clean the first gen sounded to me. The new APP’s sound a bit closed and muffled to me. Especially in the high range...
  6. mehditrioui57

    No Sound on MBP and only optical sound is available!! No Internal Speaker!!

    Hi, I have this problem with my MBP, the sound stopped working and only digital output is available in Sound Settings. Tried poking the port with a toothpick but nothing. I re-installed MacOS and still has the same Problem. I deleted SoundFlower and still, nothing changed. I haven't entered an...
  7. Bill Gatin

    I have a problem using my AirPods at work

    I think they might be automatically trying to connect to my coworker's AirPods, but I don't see how this would even be a problem because her AirPods would not be registered as being owned by me. There is bad service in the building where I work so I can understand how Spotify would be an issue...
  8. Z

    Real-time or off-line video translation on Mac?

    I don't know if this is even technologically possible yet. I have a TV setup with a recent Sony smart TV connected by HDMI to a 2018 Mac Mini running Mojave. I would like to watch more Spanish programming, but don't know enough of the language to follow dialogs. It's Over-The-Air (OTA)...
  9. A

    External audio recorder only gets left channel

    I'm trying to use the Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter...: plus a 3.5 mm Y-adapter / splitter to listen to my iPhone 8 and at the same time record onto an external audio recorder. Strangely...
  10. W

    Decent Deal on Desktop Audio

    A couple months ago, I bought a refurbished M1 Mac Mini direct from Apple for a steal of a deal. This machine is snappy! I am going to have to phase-in its use. The start, I'm using a 15-year-old Acer VGA-connected monitor for the video, thanks to an aftermarket Benfei VGA-to-USBC-C adaptor...
  11. J

    Audio in on the mini

    Hey all, Apologizes if this was already asked (I didn’t find it), but is it possible to run audio into a 2020 M1 Mac mini? Online search returned mixed results. Some sources were saying it had to be done via USB, but that seemed like if you needed both output and input. Some said that the...
  12. H

    iPhone sound not working

    Hello, I’m having iPhone 11 pro and from few days it’s causing troubles with audio volume. I can’t hear voice properly if someone calling to my phone and even this is happening with video sounds. I have cleaned the mobile speaker and did update but nothing works. Do i need to take this for...
  13. CruisemanTX

    Audio issues with FCPX 10.6.1 on 16" M1 Pro

    My issues are with editing 4K video in FCPX on a MacBook Pro M1 Pro. The issue does not exist with 1080p video. During playback in FCPX, the audio will "skip" and drop out on some frames. This usually happens after I have made a blade cut in the timeline or if I zoom in or out on the timeline...
  14. R

    M1 Max Macbook Pro video/audio issues after power surge

    Unfortunately, my office suffered a power surge recently and I lost some equipment; modem, dongles, switcher, etc. However, my M1 Macbook Pro survived. It works fine except it has issues with anything to do with audio and video, that is, I can't play any audio or video. For example, I can't...
  15. DanRO

    Can’t play Lossless or Apple Digital Master

    Hello guys, I just got 2 months free of Apple Music and since I got an external DAC I wanted to try out Apple’s lossless audio and Apple Digital Master, but I can’t seem to get it to work. If I enable Lossless it only works for a brief time and then I get this error (see the photo below)...
  16. A

    M1 Max 16" Headphone Jack CPU Noise While Charging via Magsafe 3 or Left TB4 Ports

    I've noticed that whenever the laptop is charging via Magsafe 3 or a left TB4 port that there is CPU usage induced static noise through the headphone jack. It's especially prevalent while scrolling through a webpage and listening to a quiet Facetime call or YouTube video. The left channel of...
  17. B

    Optical audio out problem (MacMini Server 2012)

    For some reason I cannot make optical audio out work. MacMini 2012 with Catalina (I also have 10.6.8 on it, and it doesn’t work there either). Any idea what may be the cause? Identical audio setup works with my MacBook Pro (so cables and audio devices are not to blame).
  18. vinbasshred

    12.0.1 Audio Glitch: Bluetooth Speakers no longer connect, audio drops in and out when plugged into speaker

    Ever since I updated to 12.0.1 Monterey, my Hitatchi Bluetooth Speaker(s) no longer connect, but it's not just that: audio drops in and out when using a pro audio cable plugged into speaker from headphone jack. It mutes randomly. Then comes back for a few seconds... then mutes again for a...
  19. O

    Resolved Problem with external display on new Mac. Reconnect signal HDMI.

    Hi I have problem with display Acer VP229 on macOS Monterey but was same on Big Sur. Display keep restarting every around 30 minutes. By restarting I mean goes black screen then comes back and says Hdmi Connected. I was searching everywhere and I found way to fix it but I'm not satisfied by...
  20. capathy21

    Record separately for remote podcast on iPad Pro?

    I have successfully moved my entire workflow to the iPad Pro with one exception. I am unable to find a way to host a meeting/call where I can record more than one individual track for a podcast. On my Mac, I would use Zoom to record the tracks separately and then pull them into garage band for...