1. M

    Sleep/shutdown/mute timer for Mac: iWannaSleep 2.0

    Some of you may still remember my little sleep/mute/shutdown/... timer for Mac "iWannaSleep", which I wrote and released topping 16 years ago. Much to my surprise, it was included on many Shareware-CDs of Mac magazines from all around the globe (hey, the internet was not available / affordable...
  2. chris_jg

    Mac Programming Automator to remove repeated words in file names

    Hi, I thought this might be a simple, common problem but I've tried searching the forums here and looked at previous posts using google but can't seem to find an answer that helps me. I have a library of thousands of music files and their corresponding stems some of which have repeated words in...
  3. E

    Mac Automatic action folder with Automator

    Dear all, I need the help/advise from the community: I want to automatically copy a file located in a folder to another folder (on the same Mac) when this one has been modified only. If possible using an action folder. I found how to copy a file to a folder using Automator, but I can't find how...
  4. supergaia

    how can i lauch an application with atomator with command line ?

    Hi i have looking for a tutorial but without luck on windows it's easy but under mac I need to run an application with command line i would like with automator can somebody tell me how do it (steps by steps ? may with some screenshot please ? thanks
  5. rickpoet

    Looking for script or automator action to copy specified mail message headers

    Hi, I'm looking for an AppleScript or Automator action(s) which would allow me to copy specified headers in a group of selected email messages in Background - I run an online poetry magazine which takes submissions by email, I want to on a weekly basis copy all of the email addresses...
  6. lumine01

    Mac Stop Automator from giving drop down list

    Edit: Nevermind...I deleted the action and re-added it, and it works as expected, now. The first action I have in an automator app is to "Open Application", and it's set to "". However, every time I run the program, it never starts by opening, and instead always gives...
  7. S

    Automator: Watch Me Do sequences in Quick Actions

    I'm trying to run a recorded Watch Me Do sequence as part of a Quick Action I've created to watermark and compress PDF documents. The watermark is added using the Watermark PDF action and then I use Watch Me Do to open the resulting file in PDF Optim and run a preset for compression. When trying...
  8. L

    Apple rewriting some older apps with Marzipan?

    With the news that Apple would be bringing several iOS apps to the Mac with Marzipan, such as Music, TV, etc, I was wondering if this means that several older apps will be rewritten as well. I'm thinking of Messages, which is years behind on the Mac compared to iOS. but, this also includes...
  9. shaan104

    I want to prevent the Touch Bar from sleeping when left inactive

    I just bought a new MacBook with Touch Bar and when ever I'm watching something, or the Touch Bar is left inactive, it dims and sleeps which is really annoying to me. Is there any terminal command or apple script through which I can disable this feature. I searched all the settings and it isn't...
  10. rhett7660

    Auto import photos from folder to "Photos" app

    Hello, I have a NAS system that has the auto upload function set for my iPhone. However, I would like to take those photos and have them auto upload into Apple Photos app. Is there anything that can do this? I am assuming automator, but I have searched and I haven't been able to find...
  11. N

    How do I batch-rename multiple files like this: "D2018.1, D2018.2, D2018.3..."?

    I’ve got 10 thousand pictures to rename. They are titled like this now: "46gibberish, 47gibberish, 48gibberish...". How do I batch-rename the files into something like this: "D2018.1, D2018.2, D2018.3..."? Am I right that this way they will still open in chronological order? Also, it would...
  12. H

    Mac Rename .pdf files from .csv reference list

    Hi, I have proven to myself again that I am not a programmer. I have found numerous posts with similar questions but I can’t seem to wrap my head around it all to make anything fit for my needs. Thank you in advance! I am trying to rename groups of PDFs from a .csv file. Working on a MacBook...
  13. L

    Mac Automator / AppleScript Question - TextEdit

    Hello All. I'm very new to scripting in macOS. I was wondering if there is any way, either within automator or with AppleScript, to check if there is any text inside an open TextEdit document? Any ideas? It's part of a larger automation but the only aspect of it I can't seem to find. Thanks
  14. katbel

    Resolved Automator won't move folders in Mojave

    I have few scripts created with Automator . All worked like a charm in High Sierra Now I cannot move or do anything if a folder in my user library is involved. In the automator script the folder appears with the red sign. How can I solve that? I already gave all the permissions in Security &...
  15. M

    Mac Automator - Filter and Move Files

    Hello, I have a workflow that takes all the files from a directory and any within subdirectories, then moves them. The files are filtered, then moved. But, as you can see my filter picks up three files but only moves two. This must be because it can't move two files with the same name into the...
  16. mpainesyd

    Applescript automations not working in Mojave

    i have an Applescript-generated app for taking screen snapshots which has worked well for many years of OSX/macOS updates. I have just installed Mojave 10.14.1 and the App generates an error like "not authorised to send keystrokes..". I have added the app to the Accessibility list in Security...
  17. S

    Mac AUTOMATOR - Help - Open App in full screen

    Save everyone. I would like this: When I turn on the computer, I would like to automatically open (after logging in) specific software and launch the full screen mode. Now for this I use the keyboard commands: CMD + 1. (My software is a playout of a video signal like quick time player) thank...
  18. GuillaumeB

    Need help with 10.14 and basic automator script

    Hello, I have been using a very basic Automator script that auto move files and folders on the Desktop to another place in my Mac (under my main user account, nothing fancy). Yet even though the script is quite simple, i'm having problem with Automator ever since I installed the beta. I was...
  19. B

    Automator 'text to audio' workflow not completing

    Hi! I'm having issues with Automator not completing 'text to audio' workflows. It runs, but takes forever and doesn't seem to be able to complete. Pressing stop then freezes Automator with the spinning wheel and I have to force quit. I've used this workflow loads of times before for ebooks...
  20. S

    Mac AppleScript - Passing Automator input into a handler

    Hello. I'm new to AppleScript and am trying to incorporate it into an Automator script. I'm trying to trim text using a handler I found online. However, using the run handler to set the input variable (the default AppleScript) code for Automator, causes an error saying that I can't have two run...