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battery %

  1. itsmeorthedog

    iPhone 14/Plus iPhone 14 Plus battery after 2 years of use

    So just wanted to point out that after 2 years of use, my iPhone 14 Plus stands at 97% battery capacity which is pretty impressive. **end of communiqué**
  2. M

    MBP 1,1-10,2 MB Pro 13 Early 2011 battery issue / sudden shutdowns

    Hey there, I am new to this forum and since i couldn't find any help with the search function I am starting a new post here. My system is an early 2011 Mac Book Pro with 2,7GHz and 8GB of RAM. Additionally i removed the disk reader years ago and changed it to an SSD as (boot disk and for...
  3. N

    SE2, low battery charge

    Bought an iPhone SE 2 in June of 22. It has been okay. Not the phone my last SE was, but tolerable. This week the battery started giving me the dreaded low charge warning at about 3:00 pm. Before this my charge was as high as 40% when I went to bed at 11:00 pm. I have an iPad, so I use my...
  4. K

    iPhone 14/Plus Iphone 14 Battery

    Hello, I am on ios 17.1.1, my iPhone is new with 100% battery ( original Charger) I find that the battery life varies from one day to another, sometimes it takes 7-10 minutes to lose 1% battery (using facebook instagram and browser), other days, I lose 1% after only 4 minutes of use (same use)...
  5. C

    iPhone 15 Pro Max Battery indicator sometimes jumps (70 to 68%)

    Hey there, using my iPhone 15 Pro Max with iOS 17.1 Developer RC and I noticed that sometimes the Battery indicator jumps from example 70% to 68%, or 43% to 41... its not every time happening but I noticed it several times. Is that normal? The most of the time it goes from lets stay 80->79->78...
  6. R

    Energy saving on M1 MacBook Air

    Hello. The energy saving feature (the one which controlled charging till 80%) never worked for me, until yesterday. Finally yesterday it started functioning as it should, almost 2 years after starting working with the Mac. Does anyone know why did it happen like this? Ty, Rafael
  7. L

    MacBook Pro M1 charging Best Practices? 🤔

    Hello, everyone! Could you please share best practices of charging your Macbook that you know and follow? I want to extend the life span of my comparatively new Macbook Pro’s battery as much as possible. Here are my charging practices: I put my Macbook on charge when it has +/- 20% of battery...
  8. G

    Macbook Pro 13" 2015 - Ventura - Drains battery

    I have a MacBook Pro 13" 2015, Ventura, that is fully refurbished. It is in good condition and just got new battery. However, I made some tests and battery drains very fast. I charged it full, and then removed charger and closed the lid. I open the lid only to read the battery status...
  9. E

    iPhone 13 mini performance/battery taken a nosedive, battery replacement?

    the performance and battery life of my iPhone 13 mini has gotten significantly worse over the past month. Performance is intermittently very choppy (e.g. sometimes it will take 1-3 seconds for my keyboard inputs to show up, etc.). And battery is often running out in the early afternoon. When...
  10. L

    iPhone 13 Pro Max Battery Health

    I need help for a buying decision. I'm looking forward to buying a iPhone 13 Pro Max Refurbished from Amazon in Good Condition. It says over 80% Battery Health. Can y'all guys tell me (if you use a 13 Pro Max) how much battery health you have and what's you average screen on time? I need about...
  11. R

    MBA M1 battery status

    I checked my battery status this morning on my M1 MacBook Air and I don't know should I be mad or something else. Cycle Count:95, Maximum Capacity: 83%, Status: Normal I can't believe how battery can be so bad in laptop good as Air is. I'm normal user, without big demands (cycle count proves...
  12. ThatSomeone

    iPad Pro iPad losing charge while plugged in?

    I usually only use it while it's plugged in, but I do unplug it for several hours every day to not have it sit in the charger 24/7. But around a month ago, I noticed that I was losing battery charge as I was using my iPad while it was plugged in? I tried unplugging and plugging it back in again...
  13. W

    Problems with late-2013 MacBook Pro 13-inch

    My elderly parents have a late-2013 13-inch MacBook Pro with a Core i5 processor, running MacOS 10.14 Mojave. Up until recently, this aging, well-worn laptop was running well. Now? Not so much... A few weeks ago, the MacBook started having battery issues. It now constantly reports zero charge...
  14. M

    M1 Pro Battery Issue - incorrect battery percent

    I have bought brand new MacBook Pro 14 M1 Pro. After 2 month of normal use, I noticed strange thing - when the battery drains to 18-25% it can turn off without any warning! If I plug it in to power, it immediately shows these 18-25%. If I try to reboot it - it can show 10% for example. I tried...
  15. T

    Charging Status Indicator Removed

    Having downloaded ios16 on my iPhone 12, I notice the charging percent indicator is now missing when the phone is plugged in. This was always especially useful for me as all I had to do was touch the display and I knew how much charge was available at a glance. Now however I have to additionally...
  16. DD88

    Far too many conflicting opinions about MacBook Pro battery

    I was looking for the best ways to charge my Macbook Pro in order to preserve the battery life for as long as possible but there so many varying opinions on here and YouTube and Reddit users are exactly the same. Here is what I’ve read and discovered so far from other users, these are not my...
  17. J

    MacBook Air M1 91% Battery Capacity after 7 months - should I be worried?

    Hello I have a MacBook Air, M1, that I brought around January, 2022. Coconut Battery says my battery capacity is now about 91% after 36 cycles. My AppleCare Expires in February, 2025. Should I be worried about the battery failing (or exploding)? I live in a hot country for what it's worth.
  18. R

    Opinion with a recent buy - MBA

    Hello! I’ve just bought a second handed M1 MBA, and I’m loving it. It replaced my old 2013 MBA, and the difference is astonishing. Nonetheless, the Mac came with 92% battery health (58 cycles). Should I worry with this? It seemed a great deal (for less than 800 euros), but I would like your...
  19. snowatom

    iPhone 13 mini When that sad day comes

    Mine was today 🥺 - we’ll time to get a new phone 🤪
  20. Abbas374

    My MacBook is on 98% capacity with 29 cycles and have for 14 months. Is this battery capacity is normal?

    My MacBook is on 98% capacity with 29 cycles and have for 14 months. Is this battery capacity is normal?