1. BobboHead13

    Apple Music Web Player officially out of beta?

    I've been using the Apple Music web player beta and I noticed today that it now navigates to (previously it was but now that redirects to the new URL). Also looks like the Apple Music logo is updated with a new color gradient too (see tab...
  2. M

    Trying to find more iPhone OS 2 Betas

    I've been trying to find many iPhone OS 2.0 betas and most of these torrents/links that have these ipsws are dead or their website is down. The only betas that are widely available are the 2.0 beta 2 for iPhone 2G and 2.0 beta 3 for the iPod touch 1. I've been making an archive of old beta IPSWs...
  3. N

    iPhone iOS 13.3.1 Public Beta

    Hello and Happy 2020 to all! i know it may sound annoying and you probably explained to 100 people but i want to ask how the first beta of 13.3.1 on the iPhone 7 is and if i can download it now i can update to the official version? Thanks.
  4. trumpetmercenary

    Latest Catalina beta breaks Wikipedia functionality in Dictionary?

    I just updated to 10.15.2 Beta (19C32e) on both of my Macs and Wikipedia articles no longer load in Dictionary. Does anyone else have this problem?
  5. AjTee

    Is Catalina 10.15 Beta 8 stable enough?

    Hello, I am currently looking for information, if Beta 8 is stable enough to daytime jobs? I want to test it before launch. Do you have any stability problems with Catalina Beta 8 ?
  6. Liam555

    iPhone How to get IOS 13 from IOS 13.1 Beta?

    Hi, I'm trying to get off this beta and back to the normal ios 13. I've deleted the beta profile, however, can't figure out how to update to the normal ios 13.
  7. JungleNYC

    Worst. Beta. Ever.

    I've been doing this for over a decade. Never seen anything this bad. And it's BAD. iCloud is a complete garbage fire. And everything that touches it is affected, including non seed machines, and causing major problems on devices running older OS versions. I got Photos "uploading" 500gb from...
  8. purdnost Question

    For those of you running an iOS 13 beta and who have who used the new Reminders app on, can you click and drag to reorganize items?
  9. tremlock

    All Devices Airpods not connecting? iOS 13 Beta

    Every time i use my Airpods i have to forget device and reconnect. Any work around for this?
  10. Lucas1708

    Watch won’t boot past the Apple logo

    Hey! So I was updating my phone to the latest beta and then suddenly my watch just wouldn’t pair with my phone anymore. It just stops at that intricate logo design and that’s it. Is anyone facing the same issue? My watch is updated to watchOS 4, and my phone to the iOS 13 beta. Is this in...
  11. macduke

    iPad The Files app is still a disaster

    I wrote this on the main news thread, but I’m so late it’s buried and I did enough extensive testing that I figured it was worth a post here. The Files app is still a disaster for external drives. It has a LONG way to go to be ready in time for launch. I would not be surprised at all if...
  12. WTDMatthews

    ECG in Canada Betas?

    Just wondering if any Canadian beta testers can comment on if ecg functionality is working in the latest Watch OS 6 Betas? I run the betas on my phone and iPad, but don't on my watch - however I certainly would if I could get the ecg functionality (which was my main reason for upgrading the...
  13. E

    All Devices iOS 13 Speculation Thread [Merged]

    iOS 12 finally brought grouped notifications back so that was nice. - change default apps (maps for example) - Messages hub (1 app for you to respond to all your messaging platforms: iMessage, text, fb messenger, whatsapp and whatever else is out there these days, rather than going into each...
  14. S

    Computer is going haywire

    I have the public beta installed since release day and it has been fine, for the most part. I haven't rebooted since installation (not even that long). I rebooted for various reasons. First, it takes almost a minute to boot. Now my Finder doesn't work - anytime I go to click anything inside, it...
  15. bogdanw

    Easy beta enrollment for Catalina and Mojave (no Apple ID required)

    Here is a simple AppleScript that provides easy enrollment into Catalina or Mojave beta. set question to display dialog "Would you like to enroll in" buttons {"Mojave Beta", "Catalina Beta", "Restore default"} default button 3 set answer to button returned of question if answer is equal to...
  16. purdnost

    All Devices A Few Questions About Notes and Reminders for Those on iOS 13 Beta

    Thank you in advance for those able and willing to answer any of the following questions. I 'm not ready to take the risk on a beta yet, but I'm curious how the Notes and Reminders apps have evolved and what I can expect to see when I update. This is a Wiki post, so please feel free to edit this...
  17. originalmagneto

    TV 4K with tvOS 13 (beta) - Steam Link with PS4 Dualshocks

    1. tvOS 13 developer beta runs surprisingly good on my TV 4K (HBOGO,Plex,Netflix,Amazon Prime, steam link all work) 2. Tried connecting the PS4 dualshock and it works great. 3. Tried Steam link with dual shock = works great 4. Tried connecting two DualShocks to my TV and they connect 5...
  18. PieTunes

    All Devices iOS 13 Music app, Recently Added still there?

    Greetings! For those with the iOS beta, is that dumb Recently Added section in the Library section of the Music app still there in its large prominent unchangeable glory? I’ve been hoping seemingly forever it could be removed or at least customized to something else. Am I going to be...
  19. honglong1976

    iOS13 health app - improvement over iOS12?

    Hi everyone, is iOS13 health app - an improvement over iOS12? Are there still multiple apple watch data sources? or are they now merged into one. I only have one watch and yet have about 10 watch sources. Could anyone post screenshots? thanks
  20. martin_hamilton

    Catalina WWDC beta on MBA 2018 - install hangs/freezes

    Hey there, brave Catalina beta testers! I thought I would give Catalina a spin on a 2018 Macbook Air we use for testing stuff: Everything seems to be fine, but then just as the machine is nearly done installing (progress bar around 3/4 complete) it freezes - clue here is that the animation on...