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  1. surfnode

    WatchOS 9.0 (20R361) - ECG app no longer available

    Hello, I was on the WatchOS 9.0 beta and am on version "20R361". However, when I go to load the ECG app, I receive the following message: "The ECG app is no longer available for your beta release. Learn more in the Health app on your iPhone". Is there any way I can reinstall WatchOS 9.0...
  2. mkstretch

    Vibrate on Silent

    I’m on iOS 16 Public beta on iPhone. The vibrate on silent and ring setting is missing. Anyone else have this?
  3. G

    Resolved Unable to fetch debug symbols

    I'm using Xcode 14 (Beta 2) with macOS Ventura (Beta 2), and whenever I plug in my iPhone XS (iOS 16 beta 2), it briefly appears in the devices window and says it's fetching the debug symbols. Then, it just disappears from the list, and doesn't come back until I plug it in again. I've tried the...
  4. ylluminate

    Resolved How to update to macOS 12.5 beta 3 from 2 when Software Update is only offering Ventura now?

    When Ventura beta was dropped I found myself running macOS 12.5 beta 2. System Preferences → Software Update subsequently has shown "macOS 13 beta" and will no longer show macOS 12 betas, it appears. Has anyone figured out a way to get Software Update to continue to give Monterey beta builds...
  5. gwhizkids

    Beta and Public Release Timeline

    This will be a wikithread listing, in reverse order, the release date of each beta (Developer and public) and public release of each version of iOS 16 (and potentially beyond). Although I am aware of the Wikipedia thread with the release date of each (major, minor and "point" release) version...
  6. K

    Do you use your main iCloud account on developer devices?

    I am eager to try the beta, I have so far installed it on an old XS using an extra iCloud account. I am thinking about trying it out on my iPad Pro m1. Are you guys using a spare iCloud account on your devices where you install the beta?
  7. M

    macOS Ventura (13.x) BETA: Pro Music App Compatibility

    Has anybody who uses their Mac for music creation installed the first Developer Beta? If so, which pro music apps/plugins are currently confirmed working? Here are some that it would be great to pool information on (given that each year it's a toss up if they stay working): Logic Pro X UAD...
  8. G

    iPhone Text Workflow: Text transformations tool for iOS - TestFlight beta is available!

    Text Workflow for iOS is a new text manipulation app for iPhone and iPad! This is the iOs version Text Workflow Mac app that is available on Mac App Store. With Text Workflow you can use simple actions, or create complex workflows to transform your text. With the workflow editor you can...
  9. T

    Can't login on Reddit in Safari

    I'm not able to log in to Reddit on Safari on the latest RC. It works fine on iOS and iPadOS with the very same set of credentials. On Mac it works with third party browsers (Brave Browser). Any idea what might be the cause?
  10. GSWForever8

    Is iOS 15 release candidate iOS 15 public release?

    I updated to the iOS 15 release candidate last week. When iOS 15 released, I wanted to update to it. However, I can’t find it. Is iOS 15 release candidate the public release?
  11. Rydawg96

    iCloud Custom domain wont add to iCloud+ account.

    I just disocvered the ability to add custom domains to add custom domain names to my iCloud+ subscription by going to and when I tried to add it, it gives me this error message. I just recently registered my domain and with Hover, but it keeps giving me this message regardless of...
  12. vbctv

    Did they forget about macOS Monterey beta?

    It has now been over 2 weeks since the last beta for macOS Monterey which was beta 5. All the other betas are now on beta 7. I know that usually in the past macOS has been one beta behind it's counterparts but I would have expected a release by now. I have a few theory's but just wanted to...
  13. jumpcutking

    New Beta Taking a While to Get to My Devices

    The new beta's are taking a while to "Arrive" for download on my devices. All my devices: iPhone, Mac, and iPad are all being delayed when receiving the new update. Is there something wrong with the device (it's almost been 24 hours) or do I have to a wait a while?
  14. nikhilnagaraj24

    Downgrade to 14.7 from iOS15 - Phone now thinks AirTag item is not mine and is 'following' me.

    Is anyone facing this? I have had an AirTag on my dog's collar from the day AirTags launched. Since then, I have updated my iPhone 12p to iOS15 and then Beta 2 and now back to 14.7 Beta and this morning to Beta 5. 14.7 now thinks the AirTag is not mine and it is 'following' me. I dont find the...
  15. S

    watchos8 beta 2 killed my S6

    Got a S6 recently, amazing battery life, no issues (nike+ model). Been a ios15 user with 0 major issues, so did the gamble on watchOS8 beta2 2 days ago. It's killed the watch. No contacts sync now, but even worse is it just non-stops drains the battery. Dead by hour 6. I used to go 18+ hours and...
  16. C

    iOS 15 beta 2 iPhone 12 Pro Max Wifi issues

    For some reason the wifi on this phone has gotten worse using this beta. I am restoring it right now to see if that helps. No I do not use a VPN. It's not all wireless networks, but a good chunk just make the phone crawl and get only 1mbps. I had this issue before with this phone model and...
  17. ZircoBen

    I don't like Safari 15 - Thoughts?

    Safari 15 is a downgrade. Let me tell you every reason why: Drop down menu for page refresh - sure, I bet 90% of people don't regularly use this, but it's annoying. It'll leave a lot of people looking around and being confused. Putting the cursor to the top to access the Menu Bar covers the...
  18. msephton

    Guide: how to downgrade from iOS 15 beta to iOS 14 without losing data

    How to downgrade from iOS 15 beta to iOS 14 without losing any data: Backup your iOS 15 iPhone to your computer (not to iCloud) just to be safe Download the latest iOS 14 ipsw from Apple's servers using Developer portal, or In Finder/iTunes: Option-click the Update button (not...
  19. BlankStar

    Custom Focus ideas?

    So, fellow beta-users, I've setup most all the basic ones like work, gaming, fitness, reading, etc, but was hoping for some more creative people who've already thought of really cool custom Focus-sets. Please do share them!
  20. X

    Homebrew Bottles

    As macOS 12 is in beta, Homebrew throws the following error when trying to install an application using a pre-compiled bottle: Warning: You are using macOS 12. We do not provide support for this pre-release version. You will encounter build failures with some formulae. Please create pull...