1. Rydawg96

    iCloud Custom domain wont add to iCloud+ account.

    I just disocvered the ability to add custom domains to add custom domain names to my iCloud+ subscription by going to and when I tried to add it, it gives me this error message. I just recently registered my domain and with Hover, but it keeps giving me this message regardless of...
  2. vbctv

    Did they forget about macOS Monterey beta?

    It has now been over 2 weeks since the last beta for macOS Monterey which was beta 5. All the other betas are now on beta 7. I know that usually in the past macOS has been one beta behind it's counterparts but I would have expected a release by now. I have a few theory's but just wanted to...
  3. jumpcutking

    New Beta Taking a While to Get to My Devices

    The new beta's are taking a while to "Arrive" for download on my devices. All my devices: iPhone, Mac, and iPad are all being delayed when receiving the new update. Is there something wrong with the device (it's almost been 24 hours) or do I have to a wait a while?
  4. nikhilnagaraj24

    Downgrade to 14.7 from iOS15 - Phone now thinks AirTag item is not mine and is 'following' me.

    Is anyone facing this? I have had an AirTag on my dog's collar from the day AirTags launched. Since then, I have updated my iPhone 12p to iOS15 and then Beta 2 and now back to 14.7 Beta and this morning to Beta 5. 14.7 now thinks the AirTag is not mine and it is 'following' me. I dont find the...
  5. S

    watchos8 beta 2 killed my S6

    Got a S6 recently, amazing battery life, no issues (nike+ model). Been a ios15 user with 0 major issues, so did the gamble on watchOS8 beta2 2 days ago. It's killed the watch. No contacts sync now, but even worse is it just non-stops drains the battery. Dead by hour 6. I used to go 18+ hours and...
  6. C

    iOS 15 beta 2 iPhone 12 Pro Max Wifi issues

    For some reason the wifi on this phone has gotten worse using this beta. I am restoring it right now to see if that helps. No I do not use a VPN. It's not all wireless networks, but a good chunk just make the phone crawl and get only 1mbps. I had this issue before with this phone model and...
  7. ZircoBen

    I don't like Safari 15 - Thoughts?

    Safari 15 is a downgrade. Let me tell you every reason why: Drop down menu for page refresh - sure, I bet 90% of people don't regularly use this, but it's annoying. It'll leave a lot of people looking around and being confused. Putting the cursor to the top to access the Menu Bar covers the...
  8. msephton

    Guide: how to downgrade from iOS 15 beta to iOS 14 without losing data

    How to downgrade from iOS 15 beta to iOS 14 without losing any data: Backup your iOS 15 iPhone to your computer (not to iCloud) just to be safe Download the latest iOS 14 ipsw from Apple's servers using Developer portal, or In Finder/iTunes: Option-click the Update button (not...
  9. BlankStar

    Custom Focus ideas?

    So, fellow beta-users, I've setup most all the basic ones like work, gaming, fitness, reading, etc, but was hoping for some more creative people who've already thought of really cool custom Focus-sets. Please do share them!
  10. X

    Homebrew Bottles

    As macOS 12 is in beta, Homebrew throws the following error when trying to install an application using a pre-compiled bottle: Warning: You are using macOS 12. We do not provide support for this pre-release version. You will encounter build failures with some formulae. Please create pull...
  11. X

    macOS Monterey (12.0) - Bugs and bug fixes

    This is a wikiPost that will be updated regularly. Current Bugs: No sound in Plex Most VPN apps are broken Seems to be partially resolved in Beta 2 (Wireguard works, NordVPN does not) Safari's color...
  12. S

    iOS Experience with Developer Beta of iOS 15

    We all are excited to get our hands on with iOS 15, but I know that a lot of people will be curious to hear how stable the initial release is. As always, initial developer betas are always buggy and should not be installed on primary devices. None the less, people like me, love to take the...
  13. khronokernel

    macOS 12 Monterey on Unsupported Macs Thread

    This thread will be dedicated to the discussion of running macOS 12.0 on unsupported Macs At the time of writing, WWDC has wrapped up and Developer Seeds have been sent out. We're eagerly awaiting for all our community developers and enthusiasts to test out the new version of macOS We will...
  14. moonshot labs

    Universal Moonshot: new social network - RPG game for competing in photo challenges with real time rankings, no ads and only original content

    We are Moonshot Labs from Italy, creators of Moonshot social RPG. Our website: We love photography, other social networks are full of fake news and everything seems an advertisement. We wanted a social that could inspire you taking great photos and we love...
  15. FireFish

    Anyone’s camera zoom messed up since 14.6 beta? IPhone 12 Pro Max

    Ever since I recently upgraded my iOS to the iOS 14.6 beta 1, I immediately noticed major camera problems. Firstly, Camera 2+ doesn’t respond properly, and hangs always. Then I try the Apple native camera app, and to my disappointment it was also bad!! Specifically when switching to the 0.5...
  16. D

    New Beta Nukes Last Minute RC Candidate Downloads

    Well this is first for me. I didn't notice this before. I wanted to do some last minute testing of Mac OS Big Sur 11.4 and the RC is available or so I thought. Apple released Beta 1 of macOS Big Sur 11.4. This now clouds all last minute downloads of the RC candidate for 11.3. WAY TO GO APPLE...
  17. antbob

    Apps Public beta: O'Time calendar app

    Hey guys! Since there are so many passionate Watch enthusiasts on this forum I figured I give it a shot. Looking to beta test my new app which I originally wrote for myself as little Apple Watch coding project but then I thought others might find it useful so after quite a bit of cleaning and...
  18. U

    iOS 14 Low Quality iMessage Videos

    Does anyone else have severe low quality videos/Live Photo when sending with iMessage? The video on my iPhone X is crystal clear but when ever I send it, it gets obliterated to super low quality. This occurred throughout iOS 14 beta and persists in the final. I did a factory reset, set up as...
  19. S

    Fitness updates only on WIFi - Anyone else?

    Is anyone experiancing and issue with fitness updates? I only get them if i'm connected to WIFI More i think about it i thnk its more the phone that the watch. I get all other notifications with no issues. Just the fitness ones only work on WIFi, even if i open the fitness app on my phone...
  20. Joelcarlos

    Magic Mouse and Keyboard laggy and Unresponsive after Big Sur

    I installed last night the last beta (20A5364e), and everything went fine except for the Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard, the randomly lag, or get irresponsive for a few seconds, it's driving me crazy. I tried resetting the PRAM and SMC but with no luck. Any advice?