1. J

    Multiple 2014 Mac Minis unresponsive after macOS High Sierra Installation

    EDIT: Captain Stupid at the helm, here. I have been using a Unibeast/Hackintosh macOS High Sierra USB installer. A little hazy on why that would brick legit Macs but it seems to brick legit Macs...
  2. S

    iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017) black screen problem

    Hello, I was using my iMac as usual today - did some work in Mac OS X, then booted through bootcamp to Windows and played some PUBG. Suddenly, in the middle of the game (few minutes in), the iMac froze. I waited for couple of seconds and since nothing was happening, I decided to turn it off and...
  3. A

    Mac Mini Screen Flickers Black

    Hi, I have a Mac Mini with 3.2GHz i7 chip, 32GB of RAM and 512GB SSD. I have it directly connected to a LG 4K Ultrafine. I notice it will flicker to a black screen for about 1 second randomly. Usually happens right after I start using the mini for a few minutes when powered on. Anyone else...
  4. T

    iPhone XR Xr black vs Xs space gray

    Do you think the Xr black is going to be a more true black than the space gray on the Xs?
  5. Akrapovic

    Looking for a very specific Sport Loop - Black/Volt

    I'm here to ask the experts. :D The attached image is what I'm after. I can find plenty of the grey/volt sport loops on many sites. But every so often you spot one of these black/volt ones, which is much nicer than the grey. But I'm yet to find anywhere that sells it. Some eBay sellers list it...
  6. O

    2018 MBP 15 Coil Whine

    I just bought the i7 2.6GHz, 512G version and noticed there is coil whine. It's pretty audible all the time and becomes loud when I use VM. Anyone else having it?
  7. Gleerup

    Drained macbook pro battery, random shutdowns

    Hi So i am having problems with my macbook pro 13" retina. About a week ago i drained the battery until it was completely empty and left the laptop without charger for about a week (i know this is a bad idea but was in a rush at the moment...) Then i returned home yesterday, charged the...
  8. M

    iPhone 6 died?

    Hi folks. This morning I woke up 2 hours late for my work only to realize that my iPhone 6 is not turning on. I can't get to the apple logo, can't hard-restart it, can't get any response from charging nor plugging it in to my PC/iTunes. It worked fine when I watched a video before I went to bed...
  9. F

    iPhone [TUTORIAL] Fix your Snapchat Black camera

    Fawzidi :apple:
  10. Z

    apple black silhouette figures

    Those apple ads for the iPod/itunes promos with the black dancing figures are quite awesome. Are there any tutorials on how to make such artwork for still images and not necessarily videos?
  11. pacorob

    Apps with Dark (black/night) mode [collection list]

    I thought it would be helpful to have a list somewhere of apps that have a dark/black/night mode in their app so you can also watch when the lights are off. I'm not talking about Night shift here btw. I do want to note that some apps in this list have actual a true black background (e.g. Reddit...
  12. thewhofan

    Mail Conversation view broken (showing black) in Mac OS High Sierra

    After upgrading from Sierra to High Sierra on MBP late 2011 with Crucial SSD with APFS, Mac Mail has a visual bug when displaying email message that are included in any Conversation view. They Just show black. see attached image. My MacBook Pro has 2 graphics cards, one in-built and another...
  13. M

    13" MBP boot to black screen

    Hi, looking for some advice. A friend of mine has asked me to take a look at his MBP which is booting up to a black screen. I've made some observations. 1. The computer is booting up to the password screen, verified by connecting to external display. 2. The screen is not dim it is black (off)...
  14. limey91

    Jet black iPhone owners

    Did anyone go a year case less with a jet black iPhone over the last year. I’d be interested to see how it held up and if the micro abrasions annoyed you or just added to the aging of the device? I just picked up a 7 plus yesterday (went from a silver 7) as I couldn’t justify the price hike for...
  15. M

    Apple new band photos - 9/2017 release

    Picked up one of the just released bands yesterday at the Apple Campus store. Seem to be well stocked before local stores get them in. Thought it might be nice to have a thread where people can post their photos of just the new bands. Have a few of the woven bands already. Love their light...
  16. S

    Black screen no matter what I do.

    Hey folks I own a MacBook Pro Retina 15" from late 2013, it worked just fine untill now. What happened: I tried to Install Windows 10 with bootcamp. The first try didn't work, so I did some research and in a German forum a guy said that when you make an ExFat partition yourself, that error...
  17. saintstryfe

    Videos won't play in iTunes

    Hello, So I've run into a weird issue. I have a Macbook Air 11" running Yosemite here that will not play video purchased in iTunes. This is both Local and Cloud-streaming, movies and TV shows. Opening up a file in iTunes brings up the movie-playing screen. It beachballs for a few moments then...
  18. S

    macOS Sierra 10.12 black screen after boot - no cursor - no touch bar

    Hi guys I have a MacBook Pro with touch bar running 10.12.0 I've installed team viewer, use it for 10 minutes then uninstall it using the Clean My Mac app. After restart and loading bar finish to load I get a full back (dark blue) screen with no mouse cursor, no touch bar on, nothing. I have...
  19. D

    I regret getting the Gold iPhone 7, what should I do?

    I have a Gold 128gb 4.7 inch iPhone 7, and I really regret not getting the Matte Black. Should I just deal with it until the iPhone 8, or buy the Matte Black? If I do buy a new phone, I'll probably buy the Plus... What do you guys think of the Gold color?
  20. D

    What color iPhone 7 do you have?

    Which color do you have? I have a Gold iPhone 7 128gb.