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  1. P7S1

    Universal GradePoint iOS app created by a highschooler

    Hey my name is Atemnkeng Fontem. I'm currently a senior at a high school in Westerville, Ohio and I just finished finished creating my first iOS App called GradePoint, heres my story. Growing up I've always been interested in computers and computer science. In middle school used to do those...
  2. B

    Calculator showing MR content

    Dear friends, I am looking for the calculator app which is able 1. to show what is stored in its memory (calculator's MR cell) 2. highlighting current operation (let's say I pressed / - I want to see it highlighted in some way) 3. to show history and current operations in line Thanks a lot!
  3. sotrosh

    Why does my app has underlined text?

    Hi, I'm developer of simple calculator app and sometimes I'm receiving feedback from users, that numbers are underlined. I'm confused since there are no any functionality which do that. Maybe it's some iOS feature? Here is a screenshot of my customer: Thank you in advance. P.S. in case...
  4. A

    Number / Digit Keyboard?

    Does anyone know a way to get just a number/digit keyboard to pop up instead of a keyboard with letters?
  5. sotrosh

    Apps Calculator Pi: Free app for iWatch

    Hi, Since Apple calculator is not available on Apple Watch and slightly poor with features on iPhone, I've developed app you can download for free which doesn't have any advertisement. Just try it: Download on the App Store
  6. sotrosh

    Universal Calculator Pi: No Ads and Free app for iPhone/iPad/iWatch

    Hi, Since Apple calculator is slightly poor with features I've developed app you can download for free which doesn't have any advertisement. Main features: History of Calculations Dark/Night Mode Copy/Share calculation result Showing Equation While Calculation Just try it: Download on the...
  7. colinchuang

    Bug in Calculator

    Anyone else running Mojave having an issue with the Calculator and the percentage function? I keep getting an "error" when trying to do the calculation...and have replicated it on other computers using Mojave. It worked fine up to High Sierra... So basically, do a calculation like... "200 - 15...
  8. D

    Numbers for Mac: FIFO calculation?

    Looking for a FIFO (First in first out) formula that works with Number for Mac. Found examples for Excel in the web. However, they don't translate to Numbers. Simplified example: Date - Quantity - Price - Inventory event (sell or purchase) 1/1 - 10 - $1 (purchase) 2/1 - 15 - $2 (purchase) 3/1...
  9. mmphosis

    Graphing Calculator Story
  10. 1

    PCalc - worth buying?

    Hi! I have a little question... Is it worth buying PCalc if I already have CalcBot? Maybe someone has experience with both applications. I must tell you that value doesn't matter. I'm one of those people who can spend last money for a new app.
  11. thewonders

    Mavericks issue with standard keyboard

    Mavericks usually understand the number pad on my standard keyboard and I don't have problems with browsers or most other programs. But on some Apple programs the number pad seems to confuse Mavericks. For example, the Calculator won't work properly - when I try to use it with the number pad...
  12. jmeas

    Best Split View Calculator for iPad?

    Hi there, I have a 9.7" and 12.9" iPad Pro, and I'm interesting in a new Calculator app. I've been using Soulver – which I love! – but they first implemented bad split view support, then completely removed it. For my workflow, I could really use a split view calculator. That's where y'all come...
  13. richard_walters

    iPhone Calculator²

    Calculator² The popular calculator app with over 3 million downloads on Windows is now available on the App Store! Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play Get it on Windows 10 Scientific Calculator An advanced calculator with a comprehensive set of mathematical functions including...
  14. E

    iPhone How does it look ? This is my first app

    Hello, this is my first app, how does it look ?
  15. supak111

    ⛔★Calculator paper tape gets deleted after quitting!

    Hey guys, this is really been annoying me for a long time now. Anytime I quit the OS X calculator, tape gets deleted. I know that this should not happen. On my other 2 Macs (all on latest OS X), if I quit the calculator app and reopen it the paper tape history is still there. There are no...