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  1. voraciousvegan

    MP 1,1-5,1 cMP: MacOS + Bootcamp off Single PCIe Card?

    Can anyone confirm if I can run 2 bootable drives (Mac + Windows separately) off a single PCIe card, if I intend to clone the Bootcamp partition before popping it in the adapter? They're plain old SATA SSD drives.
  2. onujpt

    GPU Crash

    Hello, Wondering if anyone can help me out with an apparent Graphics Card Crash on my new MacBook Pro. I purchased a 16" MacBook Pro / 64GB RAM / 8GB AMD 5500 Graphics Card / 2.3GHz 8-core i9 and installed BootCamp / Steam to play one of my favorite games (Planet Coaster). Super graphics...
  3. R

    MacBook Pro 13" | A1502 - External Graphics?

    I'm struggling to find any sort of External Graphics that is compatible with the A1502. The reason for the external graphics is this.... I have a buddy who owns a bar, and he uses this notebook to stream various music videos to the TV's. However the internal graphics card doesn't have enough...
  4. Y

    Can’t add Apple Card to Apple Watch

    I’m on iOS 13 Public Beta 6 and Watch OS 5.3. When I open the Watch app, click Wallet and Apple Pay, then click Add Card I get the screen to scan the new card. I can’t scan the Apple Card however, so I click Enter Card Details Manually. Now I can add the card number I get from the ‘Card...
  5. LarsG5

    Quadra 610 PDS adapter for Quadra 660av

    Hello, I'm looking for some help regarding the Quadra (a.k.a. Centris) 660av. [TL;DR] Can I use the PDS adapter from Q610 in Q660av? SO, the thing is the NUBUS adapters for Q660av basically turned unobtainium these days. Recently I bought a DOS Compatible Quadra 610 and I noticed, how similar...
  6. N

    Need to upgrade my Mac Pro 5,1 gfx card. What are my options?

    So I want to upgrade my Mac Pro 5,1 that has been using the same Radeon HD 5870 for 8-9 years now since the fan seems to be making a strange noise. I was searching on the boards and I saw the Sapphire Mac edition of the Radeon HD 7950 Mac edition. This card seems to be sold out everywhere. I...
  7. jfalky

    Shader Model 3.0

    When I try and open a game I have just installed, I get the following message and log. I am guessing this means it isn't compatible with my graphics card (AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512 MB)? Is there a work around to try and make it work on this iMac? As much as I would love to upgrade this 2011...
  8. Sovon Halder

    Does this mean Wifi card is broken ?

    We have a 30Mbps line. I'm standing with my laptop literally right next to my wifi router (2 inches aways). I'm receiving 12-15Mbps on Ookla Speedtest on my Macbook Pro 2017 13" w/ macOS Mojave latest public beta. A old crappy windows laptop costing 1/4th the price is getting 28Mbps. I am...
  9. Y

    iPhone 8(+) Apple Upgrade Program HELP!

    Hi! So long story short, my mom got my iPhone 8 through apple upgrade program on her credit card. She has now defaulted on her card and it will soon be cancelled. What will happen to my iPhone once apple tries to charge her credit card and no payment comes through? Can apple block it?
  10. H

    Best SD card to expand memory?

    I have a Macbook Air 13'' with a 128GB SSD. I need to save up some memory for the daily works. I realize that moving the iTunes Library (~/Music/iTunes) to an external drive would be a nice way to save up more or less 20 GB... I was thinking about buying a micro SD card/SD card. This one has to...
  11. Odysee

    Multicard reader not reading?

    Good morning all. I've bought a USB card reader from Amazon, to read a CF card. When I plug the card in to the reader, and the reader into the USB, the red light appeares on the USB reader as if it's reading the card. The card reader has only appeared in the right hand side of the desktop, with...
  12. Z

    460 radeon 4gb

    hi I got the new MacBook pro with touchbar 15 inch and the radeon 460 4gb. But when I click on about this Mac he shows me this graphic card: Intel HD Graphics 530 1536 MB I heard that this is normal and when the Mac is running on some adobe software or final cut he switches to the 460 radeon...
  13. callingsdk

    iPhone Crazy One - uno+competition

    Crazy One is similar to the classic uno with house rules and weekly competition. It is free to play with in-app purchases. Download Crazy One → For more updates → What do you...
  14. Reflexiste

    Poll: Do you have Graphic Card Issue on New 2016 15" ?

    Thank you for sharing your opinion on your MBP 15" to identify the issue of the Graphic Card 2016.
  15. kasirus

    Universal Solitaire+™ FREE

    :apple:Download; Android; Welcome to "Solitaire+™ FREE"!! "Solitaire+™ FREE" is a classic Solitaire game with Windows style. If you like...
  16. kasirus

    Universal Solitaire+™

    :apple:Download; Android; Description Welcome to Solitaire+™!! Solitaire+™ is a mobile version of most popular card game known as klondike. The popular...
  17. kasirus

    Universal Bingo Mania A-Z : 100% Totally FREE BINGO GAME

    :apple:Download; Android; Bingo Mania A-Z is a 100% FREE BINGO GAME with 26 NEW Winning Patterns and gives you endless fun with nothing to...
  18. kasirus

    Universal Bingo Mania - Totally FREE Bingo Games!

    :apple:Download; Android; Bingo Mania is a 100% FREE BINGO GAME and gives you endless fun with nothing to buy EVER! It's really...
  19. D

    Universal (Free)Fun Simple Card Game

    Fun to play. Before the time runs out, find and match the given numbers and/or letters, in order. How many levels can you pass? How far will you go?
  20. X

    Disk Utility reporting wrong used space

    Hi all, Last week I contacted Apple about this very same issue and after 30mins of looking around, we decided to do a clean install of El Capitan and it did seem to fix the issue. Now after a few days of usage, it is back. Here is the issue: Whenever I format any drive/memory card in FAT or...