1. U

    iPhone iCloud backup of WhatsApp on cellular stops at 95% completion status

    Manually initiated iCloud backup of whatsapp while on cellular connection does not go beyond 95% completion. After reaching 95% the iCloud backup of whatsapp stops and displays message - waiting for WiFi connection. Moreover since the whatsapp backup continues till 95% completion even while on...
  2. anjanesh

    Cellular watches locked to countries' carriers ?

    Are cellular version of Apple Watches locked to their respective countries ? I was told that an Apple Watch (Series 5) bought in Dubai or US wouldn't work in India - that is, the cellular part. Only watches bought in India would have cellular working here. The GPS works worldwide.
  3. Plett

    Magic of the Apple Watch

    First I am aware that we all love to bash the h$$! out of Apple, I am right there in the trenches with you. Today during a walk with my dogs with only my Apple Watch and AirPods II listening to a podcast on Apple Podcasts that I had started earlier on another device, and when it ended I kinda...
  4. abrahamw88

    iPhone Siri connection issues on LTE/cellular

    I have been having issues on my iPhone 7 with Siri not being able to connect while on cellular/LTE. This has been happening ever since iOS 13 betas and has continued with the GM. Siri will tell me to wait and then eventually time out by saying " I am having trouble with the connection". I have...
  5. Stuey3D

    iPhone iPhone XR occasional cellular data freezes, hardware or software failure?

    I'm having some occasional weird cellular issues on my iPhone XR and I was wondering if anybody else is having these issues or if its possibly a hardware failure. What happens is every so often totally randomly and usually days if not weeks apart my iPhone XR will get stuck in "No Service" mode...
  6. Stuey3D

    iPhone Anyone else noticing slight weaker/erratic cellular service since iOS13?

    I’m not sure if this is just me looking for a problem or if it’s unrelated to the beta but since update to iOS 13 me cellular service seems weaker. Driving round my village with CarPlay the signal meter is all over the place going from 1 bar Edge all the way up to 4 Bar 4G (LTE) however when...
  7. guppyyyyyyy

    iPad mini Ipad mini 2 won't avtivate.

    I have an ipad mini that was restored then it would not activate: itunes identifies it az an iPad4,4 but if i check the serial number it says ipad4,5 chy could that be? it wont activate itumes error message:This ipad could not be activated because the activation information was invalid. Please...
  8. dead_smed

    O2-UK now support Apple Watch

    https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/Welcome-News/Apple-Watch-launches-on-O2/m-p/1231615 Looks like O2 in the UK now finally support the Apple Watch. I can't find prices or configure via the app because I'm a business customer.
  9. dragnworks

    iPhone XS Max iPhone XsMax WiFi issue

    Is anyone else having an issue with their iPhone XsMax using excessive cellular data, and not showing wifi connection icon on home screen, but shows it on the WiFi settings page? I went over my cellular data last month. And noticed when i should have been on wifi, the phone wasn't showing icon...
  10. D

    AW series 4 with or without cellular?

    After having different models of Fitbit watch for past 5 years, I'm now wanting apple watch primarily for the heart sensor. During my annual physical few months ago, it was discovered I have a heart murmur and followup determined its not serious or an issue, but something to keep an eye on every...
  11. yellowtonkatoy

    Other No Phone Dilemma

    I’ve had issues with all the major carriers and have finally cancelled my service, traded in my iPhone, and no longer own a smartphone of any make. For the last 3 1/2 months, I’ve been using an Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular service as my primary device on a Verizon plan, but recently found...
  12. macduke

    Other H Chips and the Implication for W

    Apple changed the chip series name in the new AirPods from W to H, which presumably stands for headphones. Why? I think because Apple will be using the W (wireless) naming for their in-house cellular modem chips for iPhone. So this pretty much confirms it, right?
  13. AutomaticApple

    iPad Trying to find deals for 32GB WiFi + Cellular 6th Generation iPad

    I've looked everywhere for a good deal for the iPad 6th Generation, and I’ve legitimately looked everywhere (Amazon, eBay, etc). Does anyone know of an actual good deal going on for the 32GB WiFi + Cellular model? It’s supposed to be a gift for someone. Cheers! :)
  14. N

    Cannot add eSIM on XS Max - help please

    I have been with Apple Support for countless hours now and have met with the Genius Bar folks 3 times already. I originally bought a HK version XS Max (physical dual SIMs). That one stopped working and I got it replaced at the Apple service centre in the UAE. As it was the UAE, they gave me...
  15. C

    Calls to LTE Apple Watch Number?

    Hello! I recently got a Cellular/LTE Apple Watch (Series 4) that I activated on Verizon. My number sharing works fine (calls to my phone number properly ring on my Watch when my Watch is on LTE). However, the number that was assigned to the Watch also will ring through to the Watch when I'm on...
  16. benoitc

    Cellular or Wifi?

    I am wondering what is the reason to use a cellular over the wifi? In many countries you can rent a mifi cheaper than a cell + data plan so I'm wondering why do people choose a cellular model?
  17. C

    Apple Watch 3 Series buying abroad

    Hi there, I live in the UK but will be in the USA next month. I had hoped to pick up a 3rd Generation Apple Watch, GPS Only (NO Cellular). Will this work with a UK bought and used iPhone? Can all features still be used - phone notifications when connected via bluetooth etc? Any help appreciated!
  18. CodeSpyder

    Apple Watch Series 4 w/ Cellular - Phone Required?

    I'm sorry if this has been answered before. My son is special and I was thinking about getting him an Apple Watch Series 4 / cellular. But he doesn't have an iPhone and I feel he'll lose the phone, but not the watch.
  19. M

    Cellular S4 customers getting screwed

    by Apple and by their cellular carriers. First, Apple is charging $100 more for the exact same watch plus a cellular modem (which probably costs $2). For the S3 release, original pricing for the cellular model was $70 more than GPS alone BUT the cellular model also came with more storage (16 GB...
  20. R

    Battery life with cellular

    If I buy an Apple Watch Series 4 with cellular, but keep cellular turned off, will I get the same battery life as with the non-cellular models? At first, I assumed the answer is Yes. But I just read that 911 works when there is no carrier plan, and even when cellular is disabled on the watch...