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  1. Darragh Ryan

    Pink Graphics Issue Caused By Bent Fan Mac Book Pro 17" 2009

    Hi everyone. I was cleaning the inside of my MacBook Pro and slightly bent part of what I think is one of the fans vents or filters? After turning it back on I was greeted with pink and sometimes green graphics distortion. When I put hard pressure on the shell it would go away. I then...
  2. Umer Mirza

    how to remove perfume stains from macbook pro body

    hy there im looking for solution for how to remove perfume stains from macbook pro body if any body have a solution then let me know!
  3. AjTee

    Dust spots hard to remove from Retina screen

    Hi all, I have new MBP 2020. I was cleaning my MBP screen with microfibre cloth and Fellowes screen wipes. During cleaning I enabled flashlight in my iPhone and noticed some dust spots, which are hard to remove with microfibre cloth. I find that only way to remove them from screen is touch a...
  4. Z

    the best wipe clean

    How can i make the thoroughest clean/wipe of my MacBook/PowerBook hard drive? I dont want m personal data/files be retrieved from the next user. Is there a way to do this without needing to reinstall the OS?
  5. A


    Let’s say that after 6 months I want to clean my MBP(2019) from dust. Will I void any warranty when I open up de back to clean it? I read this was okay with older Macbooks, but I’m not sure with the new ones. It would suck if it voids warranty.
  6. cezar.popescu.89

    Image Cleaner - Find and Remove Duplicate Photos

    Hello everybody, My name is Cezar Popescu and I am the CEO of 64BitApps, a software company that develops Mac apps. For more info please visit I am starting this thread as a developer on behalf of my company because I want to let you know about our Mac app called Image...
  7. cezar.popescu.89

    Duplicate File Doctor - Find and Remove Duplicate Files

    Hello everybody, My name is Cezar Popescu and I am the CEO of 64BitApps, a software company that develops Mac apps. For more info please visit I am starting this thread as a developer on behalf of my company because I want to let you know about our Mac app called Duplicate...
  8. Sovon Halder

    How Do I Uninstall parallels ?

    It's like a virus that won't go away. I tried everything their website recommended for proper uninstallation. Moreover I took time and deleted everything that I could find in various folders within ~/Library Still every time I open context menu, the crap is there.. And clicking on those...
  9. U

    Thermal Paste replace

    Hello everybody, I have a macbook pro mid 2012 and since 2014 (when I bought it) I never cleaned it up. So now it is heating up pretty good even with light workloads. Than I'm taking it to be cleaned up and the guy said that they replace the thermal paste over the processor also, and I would...
  10. Husky29

    Lubricating Rubber Seal on Display?

    Hello, I am wondering if it is a good idea to lubricate or moisten the little black seal around the edge of the display on my MacBook Pro. I wonder if it will make it last longer, because I wipe my screen daily with a microfiber cloth and I always rub the seal as well while I am cleaning the...
  11. Tofupunch

    How to clean install Mojave w/ Boot Camp

    Hi Guys, This is my first time attempting a clean install of macOS. Do you have any tips on how to do this when my drive has a partition with Boot Camp/Windows on it? Does it even matter? When it comes to drives and partitions, things get a bit fuzzy for me. Any suggestions would be greatly...
  12. macduke

    Gemini Mac app now on iOS, it's not good

    For those who don't know, Gemini is a long-time Mac app that allows you to find duplicate/similar files on your system and clear up space. Generally the Mac app works pretty well so I just installed it on my iPhone, signed up for the free three-day trial and it took a few minutes to scan my...
  13. jlseattle

    HomePod Dust, Cleaning and the HomePod

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out what HomePod to buy. I'm moving from Sonos to HomePod and really excited. The concern I currently have is the ease of cleaning the HomePod if I have the white one. If you have the black one you use canned air and some light water and wiping to clean off dust. But...
  14. invincible-guy

    Safe to remove - .rnd and .CFUserTextEncoding

    As a cleanup routine, I remove files from ~/Library/Logs and ~/Library/Caches directory. I also remove ~/.Trash and ~/.DS_Store My question - Is it safe to remove ~/.rnd and ~/.CFUserTextEncoding? What are these files/folders for?
  15. telepati

    Cant delete Maps Seacrh History permanently?

    Hi Guys, I am deleting all recent search history but when I open&close the app all history coming back. I have also an old iMac with El Capitan no problem on it. For High Sierra, I am using this article for clean history but no chance every restart the all history still there...
  16. M

    How to clean my Macbook pro screen

    favorite A couple months ago, I started to see some very small stain spots on the bottom of my Macbook pro early 2015 screen. It's very annoying to see while I'm using it. When the screen is turned off, I see it as in the picture below. But when it's turned on, I see it as very small water-ish...
  17. jimmy_uk

    Product to clean iphone x

    Can you recommend safe products to clean iphone x. I understand Apple recommend a damp lint free cloth but this is not always practical. If I'm at work for example where would I dry my cloth. Also I'm paranoid any cloth will pickup dust and crap which could in turn scratch my screen. How many...
  18. N

    Can I restore from backup from a backup done on a FileVault encrypted Mac after a clean install?

    Hi, I was wondering if I could easily do a backup of my current macOS Sierra MacBook, erase the disk in recovery mode and do a clean install of High Sierra on the fresh disk, then restore via backup what I have right now. In other words: would FileVault, which is activated on my current macOS...
  19. Sebastian79

    MBP Screen Cleaning

    What's the best way to clean the MBP screen? I used a soft cloth (The one that came with my camera) and it seems to leave marks. Tnx!
  20. C

    Cleaning junk from iPhone to speed it up

    Hi All, Is there an app made by Apple which cleans the junk from an iPhone like Clean My Mac cleans junk from a hard drive on a mac book? I am hoping there might be an app like this for iPhone in order to speed up the processing or RAM on the iPhone. Please let me know if there is one, or...