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May 14, 2019
Hello everybody,

My name is Cezar Popescu and I am the CEO of 64BitApps, a software company that develops Mac apps. For more info please visit

I am starting this thread as a developer on behalf of my company because I want to let you know about our Mac app called Duplicate File Doctor.

Duplicate File Doctor is the complete solution for finding and removing duplicate files. In time, your hard drive will inevitably get filled up with unnecessary duplicate files that will take up a considerable amount of disk space. This is where Duplicate File Doctor comes in with its advanced detection algorithm that will identify all your duplicate files fast and with a very high degree of accuracy. Duplicate files can be marked for deletion either manually or automatically for more convenience.

But here is what Duplicate File Doctor has to offer:

– Select the folder(s) that you want to scan for duplicate files
– Set a minimum and maximum file size for the files that will be scanned
– Scan all file types or define a custom list of file types that will be scanned
– Move duplicate files to trash or remove them permanently
– Find duplicate bundles or packages or ignore them for a faster scanning time
– Very fast and accurate algorithm for detecting duplicate files
– User-friendly interface for selecting the duplicate files that will be removed
– Automatically select the duplicate files that will be deleted by using custom or predefined filters
– The cases where duplicate files are not selected properly for deletion will be highlighted accordingly
– Duplicate files are automatically grouped in the following categories: Pictures, Music, Movies, Archives, Documents and Other
– Each category will have a percentage indicating how much disk space the files in that category are taking up compared to all the other duplicate files
– Only the files from the currently selected categories will be displayed
– Real-time indicator of the disk space that will be saved with the removal of the selected duplicate files
– Instantly move to trash/remove the selected duplicate files

So purchase Duplicate File Doctor today and you will never have to worry about duplicate files again.

Mac App Store Link:

Link on our website:

We would be grateful if you could give our app a try and get back to us with suggestions. Any kind of feedback is appreciated.


Jun 30, 2007
Would love to look at it, but having to buy the app in order to evaluate it sort of doesn't work. There are a lot of duplicate file programs out there.
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