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  1. wozmatic

    BUG: Stopwatch / Timer are dependent on time of day clock. Therefore changing the time will affect your timer.

    If the clock changes the time of day, manually or daylight savings time, it will affect your stopwatch / timer. So if your clock is set to 1:00pm and you start a stopwatch, then after 1 minute you change the time to 1:30pm, your stopwatch will say 30 min, instead it should be 1 minute. Same...
  2. T


    Hello, everyone. I have just published the app for iOS. It is an alarm app that wake you up with different animal sounds. You can also select your favorite song from your iTunes account to use as alarm sound. The following list show the features of the app - 12 types of animals with their own...
  3. wozmatic

    Does anyone know how much data is used for iOS to keep time synced with the official time?

    I'm sure it's very little data, but still would be nice to see an accurate number (I don't want to know for data usage, I want to know for curiosity, and maybe how often it checks to see it's synced.) Maybe some nerd had graphed the packet data on the phone to see when and how much data the...
  4. WannaGoMac

    Timer countdown on lockscreen in iOS 12 gone?

    In all the prior iOS releases the timer countdown would appear on the lock screen. Did Apple, in it's infinite wisdom, decide in iOS 12 this wasn't necessary anymore and prefer I have to open the Clock app to see the status (or ask Siri)? I am hoping there's some setting to put this back in...
  5. Hustler1337

    General [BUG] Anybody else's status bar clock not updating (frozen)?

    Hi guys, Since updating to iOS 12 on my iPhone 6 Plus, I've noticed that the status bar clock on the top of the screen does not update all the time. It seems like it sometimes get frozen and updates every 2 minutes. As an example, you can see in the screenshot below that the actual time is...
  6. pcjbird

    Universal A Nice Morphing Clock for Me

    A Nice Morphing Clock for Me - Show Me Geek Cute Flip Clock & Task Alarm "A happy encounter is less than a long untiring stay. Being happy with first sight is less than with a long stay." Simplest Always Best... A Nice Morphing Clock for Me designed to be awesome as bed or work desk...
  7. Z

    iOS Calendar & Clock app code

    Is it possible to see programming code of the Calendar and Clock apps of iOS?
  8. basilt

    finder bar:digital clock moves left , Fixes ?

    hello, I recently notice from time to time the finder bar, top right with the keyboard, date, spotlight and disabled notification icons, especially at the point where the minutes, last digits are displayed, moves to the left slightly, causing whole date filed to move on the bar ! Is this...
  9. D

    Alarm Clock/Chargers for iPhones

    I am in search of an iPhone charging unit that is also an alarm clock and syncs with the iPhone's clock. Does anyone have sources for this product. I saw many that are also clock radios but I don't need that function. Also, many units out there have problems with the iPhone fitting on the...
  10. L

    Time Zone not updating

    I recently traveled east and my clock did not automatically update. I have location services turned on. When I tried to change the clock manually, I could no longer send iMessages from my computer. Any hints/information would be greatly appreciated.
  11. M

    Alarm doesn't go off

    After updating to iOS 10 my alarm have stoped working. Mostly it doesn't go off, today I went off 1 hour too early. I have not made any adjustments or settings since the update (and I have not activated the bedtime thing) There seem to be a lot of threads about this on other forums but none on...
  12. C

    Sierra Broke Clock

    Hello, all! Searched everywhere for a solution and found nothing. Before Sierra my clock in OS X worked great... I.e. it told me the time and was never wrong. And I am literally just talking about the clock at the top right of the screen, the basic OS X clock. Anyway, whenever I wake my 2015...
  13. M

    Missing Features

    Is it just me or is iOS 10 getting harder to use? I upgraded to 10 earlier this week and yesterday had to downgrade, the reason, 2 missing features that I use all the time. Firstly in clock, when you select World Clock you used to be able to make the clock go full screen, great as a bedside...
  14. R

    Is there any app that can let me set alarm for a particular date?

    I often have work events that are a couple weeks off in the morning. I'd like to set an alarm for that particular day, 2 weeks away. Is there any iPhone app that would let me do this? I need one that will work even if the phone is on silent like the native alarm does. Thanks!
  15. H

    Where has my full screen clock gone?

    I used to love having my iPad on my dresser over night, full screen showing the clock. I could access it from the lock screen but now in ios 10 all I can only get an overall world view. Does anyone know how to get the clock full screen again? Cheers
  16. Cviorel

    iClock - A real time keeper & World Watch. Best clock for mac

    Hello! I want to introduce iClock. It is my new app available on the App Store. In a few words its a clock. But is not a watch like any other. When I created I wanted to be the most customizable clock on the Store. I think that I succeeded to achive my goal. To create this clock I refused...