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  1. Jay-Jacob

    How tell which iPhone number being called?

    My father have 2 iPhone, one personal and one from work. He have continuit/handoff turn on. Both iPhone have own number and obviously both will receive call doesn’t matter which phone number caller use. Useful for my father cos he usually forget charge one of mobiles. Sometimes he get unknown...
  2. M

    Continuity and handoff issue

    Hi everyone. This issue is driving me crazy. I have a Macbook retina with Mojave 14.14.3 and iPhone X with the latest iOS installed. Continuity and handoff are working perfectly. As soon as I switch to my partner user account on the Mac, which is linked to her iCloud account and her iPhone 6s...
  3. Orbiter

    Handoff, continuity & iCloud clipboard not working

    Hello, I am using a 13" MacBook Pro (Late 2013) running MacOS 10.14 Mojave, and am using an iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 12.1 (public beta 2). Now here's the problem: I have Bluetooth enabled at all times on both my iPhone and Mac, and have turned on the settings that allow for handoff between my...
  4. A

    Mojave Wifi Calling

    Hi i have always had issues with continuity between iPhone and the iMac (late 2015 retina) in terms of using the feature to make calls via my iPhone on the iMac. Everything else works; continuity for continuing where i left off from my iPhone on my mac, and vice versa, the universal copy and...
  5. haralds

    Resolved Mac Pro Watch Unlock stopped working

    After working nicely for weeks, my Watch Unlock stopped working on my Mac Pro with updated BTLE card and Continuity patch. After turning it off and turning it back on, the system "cannot find the watch." Another odd thing is that when it stopped working, it turned on automatic login on reboot...
  6. justin1911

    Mac Pro 4,1 - Continuity / Handoff

    Hi all. I purchased the bluetooth upgrade kit from I completed the upgrade after some blood, sweat, tears, and lots and lots of swearing. When I booted for the first time I got "Bluetooth is not available" or similar error message. The new WiFi picked right up though. Some...
  7. Butt-Head Astronomer

    Apple Continuity-like option for Android & Mac?

    It's time for a new phone, and it looks like Android is going to win. The biggest problem with that is that I want to get Continuity set up with my MacBook. I'm looking for services that work like Continuity. I'm particularly trying to avoid services that ship all of my data off to some third...
  8. H

    Unreliable wireless features

    Airdrop, Handoff, Continuity, Universal Clipboard, ... all great features but sooooo unreliable. Does anyone use these features all day without problems? I move a lot (home, office, ...) switching between wireless networks and it seems these features cannot keep up. They work 25% of the time...
  9. apolkowski

    Finding out which iPhone was called

    Hi, I have two iPhones with continuity enabled. Whenever I have missed call, I have notification on both phones. Is there a way to find out which phone (number) was really called and which just was ringing because of receiving continuity connection?
  10. caseyfriday

    Using Pritunl with Continuity for Phone Calls

    I'm trying to get continuity to work with my setup, which is as follows: rMBP 2014 plugged into router with Thunderbolt->Ethernet iPhone 7 Plus connected to router via WiFi AC rMBP connected to Pritunl using official Pritunl macOS client iPhone sometimes connected to Pritunl using OpenVPN...
  11. dschulian

    Facebook is nagging me and I want them to stop

    Since the latest update of their App, they are using Continuity to nag users. Evertime I unlock my phone there is a facebook logo at the bottom left. Also, everytime I open the app switcher, facebook is there and nags me. I tried logging out and back in. Restart, reinstall. IDK. Think I have to...
  12. E

    Late 2008 MacBook, Continuity Activation Tool, Sierra Patch Tool - Boot freezes

    OS Version: macOS Sierra 10.12 (installed with dosdude1 sierra patch tool) Mac model: MacBook late 2008 unibody Dongle:GMYLE Bluetooth Adapter Dongle, Ultra-Mini USB Broadcom BCM20702 I tried installing the Continuity Activation Tool AFTER I had upgraded to MacOS (Sierra) using dosdude1's macOS...
  13. jabbawok

    Classic Mac Pro Handoff Problem Solved.

    I was having a real nightmare getting Handoff and Continuity to work on my Mac Pro 4,1 Flashed to 5,1. I have an apple Wireless AC/Bluetooth 4 card in an adapter which appeared to be working fine. Handoff was showing as supported in System Report, but it just wasn't working. I tried all the...
  14. 3

    2011 6-Core Mac Pro SSD USB 3 BTLE 4.1 WiFi ac

    Selling my 2010 6-Core Mac Pro with updated Apple hardware (Apple's Broadcom WiFi ac + BTLE 4.x card, USB 3, and more). Quick specs below, wondering what it may go for on the market. Thanks for any advice! 6-Core 3.33GHz Xeon Intel "Westmere" - 240GB OWC Mercury EXTREME Pro 6G SSD (Boot Drive)...
  15. E

    Handoff Not matter what

    Hey, guys! Hoping someone here can help me. I'm the proud new owner of a retina Macbook (early 2015) and I absolutely love it. I'd like to say that it's been problem free, but I can't- Handoff just isn't working! I logged into iCloud using the same Apple ID on my iPhone (iPhone 6S, iOS 9.3.3)...
  16. P

    Universal Clipboard Not Working

    I have a MacBook Air with Mac OS Sierra installed and an iPhone 5s with iOS 10. I cannot get Universal Clipboard to work. I am logged into the same iCloud account on both devices and have bluetooth enabled as well. Any suggestions?
  17. M

    Late 2009 27" iMac internal bluetooth / wifi upgrade - crash on login screen

    I'm attempting to upgrade the internal bluetooth on my late 2009 27" iMac. I installed the adapter board, card, disconnected the old bluetooth card and booted but see something strange. The machine gets sluggish and then crashes at the login screen while the wifi icon flickers between on and...
  18. M

    Mac Pro 5,1 wireless upgrades for Continuity

    Will any Bluetooth 4.0 usb dongle that works on my OS 10.8.5 Mac Pro 5,1 allow Continuity when I upgrade to OS 10.11.3? I purchased the dongle in the link below and it works great: IOGEAR Bluetooth 4.0 USB Micro Adapter (GBU521) for Wi-Fi I got: Edimax AC450 Wi-Fi USB 802.11ac Nano-size...
  19. M

    Fitting old Mac Pros for new OS features

    I have a Mac Pro 4,1, flashed to 5,1 (at home and work) and am currently running OS 10.8.5, which I will be upgrading to El Capitan. I understand that the old wifi and bluetooth versions which these machines came with will not support the upgraded functionality found in later versions of the OS...
  20. N

    Continuity not working after El Cap update

    I've been using El Capitan since it came out and ever since I updated, continuity has stopped working. I.e. I don't get call forwarding, text messaging, device-to-device app continuity, etc. All my iCloud things like iMessaging and Notes work fine, but the non-iCloud services do not. I've tried...