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Continuity and handoff issue


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Mar 8, 2019
Sydney, AU
Hi everyone. This issue is driving me crazy.

I have a Macbook retina with Mojave 14.14.3 and iPhone X with the latest iOS installed.

Continuity and handoff are working perfectly.
As soon as I switch to my partner user account on the Mac, which is linked to her iCloud account and her iPhone 6s, handoff and continuity stop working. Apple Watch unlock also stops working. Only a reboot can get it back to normal operation, as long as I log into one account only.
Handoff from Mac to iPhone is the only thing that still work partially, I see the app in the app switcher on my iPhone but if I tap it it fails to hand it off.


Delete account and create it again
Log in and out of iCloud on all devices
Reinstall macOS (no initialise, just reinstall)
Reboot all devices obviously
Delete bluetooth preferences
Update to 14.14.4 beta 3
Pram reset after disabling csrutil
SMC reset

Nothing can fix the issue.
I think it is related with the bluetooth module, once two accounts are running it kind of gets confused.
I tried to reset it from the debug mode also. No luck.

I sent a bug report to apple several times and they don't care.

It is all working, as soon as I fast switch to the second account everything falls apart until the next reboot.
iCloud copy and paste, hotspot, continuity camera, handoff, nothing works.

Any clue? I use continuity camera a lot to scan documents and iCloud copy and paste, it drives me crazy, I'm rebooting 10 times a day.

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