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  1. adb1973

    How To?: install Big Sur (OCLP) on Mac mini 2012 server with 2 SSDs

    Hi. I have a Mac mini 2012 with 2 similar SSD’s inside. Under Catalina I used Rafal Lesniaks method to make it boot from RAID which worked great and had 1GB/s I/O speeds as a consequence. Apparently Big Sur broke this option. At least I couldn’t make it work and no one replied to my requests...
  2. J

    Fusion Drive - No CoreStorage logical volume groups found

    Hey! I'm trying to split a Fusion Drive. Note I've heard the warnings; no need to advise me against it. I know what I'm doing and I have backups of everything if things go horribly wrong. Anyhow, I am following this article which states to type 'diskutil coreStorage list' into terminal while...

    Late 2015 iMac HD Split

    Hi, Late 2015 iMac i5 3.2Ghz 5K 32GB 1TB Fusion I really need help with this. I've been having issues with kernel panics on macOS Mojave. I couldn't boot into Recovery nor Internet Recovery (Both would end in Kernel Panics). Yet no issues were detected in a disgnostics test. And so I created...
  4. F

    deleted macintosh hd and corestorage, how i have 2 disks called "untitled"

    hello. at once i apologize for my english. i didn't find any help at forums on my language, so i came here. well, i'm not sure how to describe my problem, but it's connected with corestorage and fusion drive. it all started when i deleted windows from my mac. i had missed 1tb with it and wanted...
  5. C

    diskutil -mountPoint option not working

    My sincerest apologies if this post should be in another forum. I've been using the diskutil command line program to to mount some encrypted CoreStorage volumes. Nearly everything is working fine; this does exactly what you'd expect: diskutil mount /dev/disk5 However, I can't seem to use the...
  6. Mehnock

    CoreStorage revert Error: A disk with a mount point is required

    Hello, I tried to mount a Mac OS SSD into my Macbook Pro to recover some files and at first, my Mac saw the drive and everything was fine, then I unmounted and have not been able to get back in it. As it turns out, my Macbook converted the drive to a CoreStorage drive but when I try to revert...
  7. E

    What to do with my two SSD's

    This is my first time on the forum so greetings to you all! I have a late 2012 iMac who's 3TB HDD failed. I decided I'd rather have the speed than extra storage so I'm replacing it with a 1TB SSD. I will now have 128G flash + 1TB SSD. Seeing as how a fusion drive no longer makes sense, what...
  8. stefanvj

    encryption caused faulty external drive

    While my external hard drive was busy encrypting, the cable got disconnected and now it does not want to finish the conversion or allow me to access the drive. what should I do, it has been stuck on 88% for a day? diskutil cs list: CoreStorage logical volume groups (2 found) | +-- Logical...
  9. U

    length of time for process coreStorage revert to complete

    I started running line command 'diskutil cs revert <ID>' to decrypt a Time Machine backup volume on an external drive (WD Passport 1 TB). The Terminal command initiated with "Started CoreStorage operation on disk3 My Passport for Mac" A day later the process still appears to be running. Is...
  10. Gwendolini

    Disk keeps ejecting itself and mounts itself a short time later

    Hi. I have a strange problem, where an external USB 3 2.5" Seagate HDD with 2 TB storage keeps ejecting itself and then mounts itself a short time later. Sometimes the volume is also not mounting, but recognized in Disk Utility, but I cannot mount it with Disk Utility. Once the disk was...
  11. S

    Encrypted CoreStorage HD on Windows 10

    I'm trying to access my MacBook Pro hard drive on my PC. It's not being recognized by MacDrive or HFSExplorer because it's encrypted and uses CoreStorage. Are there any possibilities to access this drive on my PC?
  12. J

    Kernel Panic! Could it be my Hard Drive. Please Help!!

    I got a Brand New Retina iMac 27 inch with a Fusion Drive. Yesterday as I was working the machine restarted and went into a panic loop. it loads until half way the loading bar with the apple logo and it goes into a message that reads "Your computer restarted because of a problem" I tried all...
  13. eajimoba

    RiMac Bootcamp Questions

    Hello all, I just bought my RiMac stock with the m395 version and I managed to install bootcamp. I have been using a rMBP late 2013 and wanted to go a little more mobile while retaining some power use at home and so will be getting the 12" rmb later this month. Turns out I cannot access my mac...
  14. qubex

    El Capitan FileVault / CoreStorage dilemma

    Hello. First of all: I’m running 10.11.2 on a late 2012 MacMini i7 with an internal SSD and an extra “spinning rust” hard drive to serve as Downloads, Photos, Music, and Virtual Machine storage. The latter three partitions are encrypted with FileVault (as, normally, is the main system drive...