1. U

    iPhone Analytics Data contains many files even after syncing on iTunes to desktop computer

    All the analytics options have been disabled in Settings > Privacy > Analytics & Improvements > Analytics Data. Yet there are multiple files found inside the Analytics Data even after syncing to iTunes or Finder on macOS Catalina. Please advise on how to clear the log files found inside...
  2. R

    All Devices iPad Photos connected to personal hotspot used up all my data

    I was on vacation last week and downloaded all of my photos to my iPad Pro. My iPad is WiFi only, and it was connected to my iPhone’s hotspot, and it uploaded 20 GB of photos to my iCloud, using up my 20 GB of ATT data for the whole month in just a few days. On my iPhone, there’s an option in...
  3. L

    Transferring full quality Videos and Photos to PC?

    Recently I've been on a vacation and made a bunch of videos (mostly 4k and full hd) and photos. The number of them are over 1.1k, and I would really like to transfer ALL of them, or at least 80% of them to a windows PC so I can cut and edit the videos in Vegas. Well, I tried all kind of...
  4. dimzen

    iPhone Data usage app - Dual sim?

    Is there a data usage app out there, that supports dual sim, I can't seem to fine one :/
  5. M

    13" with 4K monitor(s) + devs/data analysts

    I'm currently learning programming via MOOCs like Udemy, Coursera, edx, etc. I finished SQL and I'm currently on Python. When I learn, I usually have lots of browser windows open, along with Anaconda, text editor, multiple folders, Word to take notes with screenshots and I'm connected to a 4K...
  6. wozmatic

    Does anyone know how much data is used for iOS to keep time synced with the official time?

    I'm sure it's very little data, but still would be nice to see an accurate number (I don't want to know for data usage, I want to know for curiosity, and maybe how often it checks to see it's synced.) Maybe some nerd had graphed the packet data on the phone to see when and how much data the...
  7. N

    Apple Music automatically changes a variety of data

    Hi, A real annoyance I'm trying to figure out the best way to solve: Every so often, Apple Music automatically changes a variety of data in my music that's within my library. It's really annoying. For example, I'll go to open an album that was complete when I added it to my library, to find...
  8. mikelamar

    Data generating problem

    Hi guys, suddenly yesterday I got a message that my SSD 250GB is full. The weired is that Im a designer and I only use this drive for Adobe programs and macOSX. I searched and found some caches files from Adobe After Effects which I deleted them permanently. But now I got a new message that the...
  9. C

    Other [HELP] AnyTrans users only: Have you successfully used or tried the MERGE function of AnyTrans?

    Help: AnyTrans users only: Have you successfully used or tried the MERGE function of AnyTrans? PS: I've used iMazing, iFunBox, iExplorer and many more and still use them. This is a unique feature they claim to offer and I need this time. So only post if you have used or know someone has used...
  10. E

    Apple Watch duplicate on "Sources" tab (Health app)

    Hi there, Yesterday I restore my iPhone (without unpair my Apple Watch). When I went back to the "Apple Watch" app on iOS, it told me that I had to erase my Apple Watch to pair it again. I restore a backup but now on Sources tab (Health app) I have 2 Apple Watch. If I delete the first one, it...
  11. Neych

    Macbook pro takes too long to transfer files

    Hi there! Half of the day I'm trying to figure out what'e wrong with my macbook pro 2015. The thing is that I decided to recover my deleted data from usb with photorec and terminal. Before the recover, I had 67Gb of free disk space. I recovered all my files (around 58Gb) in root user. And from...
  12. c14nhl

    Apps Align Exercise & Stand Rings with Data

    I noticed an issue yesterday where a 3rd party app had added a workout in error, starting 11th May, ending 2nd June. This throw out my rings for just the past 2 days, Sat & Fri. I’ve managed to find the data points in the Health App to remove them however the figure shown doesn’t match. See...
  13. hooks

    Tips on optimising for 256 GB storage

    Prefix: I've been a Mac user for 10 years now, even sold the machines. I am aware of how external HDs and cloud storage work. I'm in the market for buying a new (second hand) MacBook Pro, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to get used to only 256 GB of storage space on my machine. Apple's...
  14. T

    Random email address after tech repair

    I took my iPhone x to have its screen replaced. The tech turned find my iPhone off, then locked my phone. After about an hour I came back to pick up the phone. I got to my car and tried to turn the find my iPhone feature back on, but a random gmail address is now showing up on all of my devices...
  15. rdyornot

    iWork Numbers: Need help creating custom cell data format for software version numbers

    I posted this in the apple support forums, but thought i'd try here as well. I have a spread sheet that tracks changes in various versions of a program. Because of the way software is assigned version numbers i'm having a hard time finding a cell format that will: a) sort by version number...
  16. M

    Photographer/Film Maker here - extremely confused about route to go for storage.

    Hi everyone, I do photography for a living and thus have terabytes upon terabytes of 42 megapixel photos and 4k video files (Sony A7R III, Canon 1DX II). Currently, I have a very inefficient method of storing these files on external hard drives and just having to plug in whatever hard drive...
  17. Mac03ForLife

    Data Going Faster/Reset not Resetting?

    Hey has anyone else had the issue of your data being used soooo quickly? I noticed this a little while back (december 2nd, data usage was 100mb, thought I reset that morning) And now, periodically, it says some insanely high number, with LAST RESET: NEVER
  18. sibby

    USB Forensics Help? Files accessed etc?

    Hi guys, I was wondering what's possible in the realms of forensics when it comes to USB drives, and other external media. What I'd like to know is: 1) Is there a way of seeing how many times a file has been accessed? (this I'd really like to know) 2) Is there any way to see a history of...

    Verizon iPhone users (only).

    I'm thinking of switching to Verizon, from AT&T, but simultaneous voice and data, and overall LTE coverage is important to me. I'm in NY state, but all users are welcome, and encouraged to post. Please post your state in the comments if you feel comfortable doing so. I only get one bar of...
  20. bonjourx

    Can anyone explain how AW works with the LTE plan?

    ive been reading how everyone is saying that there's a $10 bucks charge monthly plan fee for the series 3, I checked on ATT Site, I can get the Apple Watch 3 using an installment plan for 21 If I'm not mistaken. So is it the installment plan which is $21 bucks monthly plus $10bucks = $31 monthly...