1. maverick28

    Mac How to get the Web-Inspector of Safari 7 in Safari 9?

    Hello, My question is as stated in the subject: how to get the web-inspector of Safari 7 back in Safari 9 for Mavericks?
  2. A

    New application for YouTube

    I like to watch and collect educational videos on YouTube. As we all know, doing this in browser is not a pleasant experience: it is slow, overloaded with ads and doesn't let download videos easily. After unlucky attempts to find a good application or some alternative way to consume YouTube...
  3. L

    Help w/ 2018 MBP 15" Options: Linux Application Development / Integration

    Hello, first time Mac noob here! I'm in the market for a Macbook Pro primarily for coding / Linux application development and integration. Some things I'll be doing also is running multiple applications for learning / testing (Docker apps, Apache Kafka, Ansible provisioning, Web apps, etc)...
  4. MadDoc

    Switch To Mac mini 2018 From MacBook Pro?

    Hi, I do a lot of dev work (Xojo, Ruby, Swift) with my 2.8Ghz i7 16GB 15" 2017 MacBook Pro. I have recently started working full time for myself so I now tend to use the notebook in clamshell mode hooked up to a nice 4K LG monitor that I like. I'm thinking of switching from a notebook to a...
  5. A

    Does upgrading to macOS mojave break development environments?

    Does upgrading to macOS mojave break development environments?
  6. Vignesh Raja

    Best Mac for programming

    Hi, I use Xcode, Android studio(java), Photoshop, do some web development and also I'm getting started with Machine learning and deep learning. So, what is the best Mac that I can buy? I don't value portability. I was looking at getting the MacBook Pro or iMac 5K. What specs should I choose? Thanks!
  7. MacSoftware3

    Newer version VLC?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if it isn't possible to compile a newer version of VLC (with support for playing YouTube) on an older version of Mac OS X (10.4.11+). If that's possible, how can someone start with doing that? I was wondering this because we also have TenFourFox running on 10.4.11...
  8. Wild_Rose

    Wannabe iOS app developer, which MBP to get?

    Hello everyone! I'm about to purchase my 1st Mac! I already have a decent PC for what I'm doing right now (web design, video editing, Photoshop) but I wanna dive in to the Mac world. I'd like to learn and start developing apps with XCode, plus I'd love to have the best of both worlds for...
  9. A

    Upgrade to High Sierra?

    Was wondering if anybody upgraded to High Sierra APFS with any problems. Somtimes upgrading to a new OS can cause development environments to be messed up. Any defects anybody noticed?
  10. etx

    what VR development machine to buy?

    Hey guys, I fell in love with OS X and want to buy a powerful Apple machine for developing VR games. Since recently Apple announced eGPU support and new products seem to be "made for VR", I think it is time to go for it! Can you suggest me something, because I am really confused about which...
  11. scottwb

    iOS Tips fo app marketing

    Have had a super cool paid weather app on the App Store for 9 months now but sales going nowhere. Have a very limited budget and looking for way to promote my app? Anyone got any good advice? What about paying Youtubers to review the app?
  12. S

    Different name on WWDC ticket

    Hi everybody, hope somebody can help me! I got picked for the WWDC lottery, but my fathers name is on the ticket. And since the tickets are not transferable, I'm not sure if i can actually go? I don't live in USA, so it would be a waste to travel so far, if I couldn't get in just because my...
  13. V

    How to disable unnecessary processes/services on my Macbook Pro?

    Not sure if this is the right sub-forum to post in but here goes: Im wondering if there are any resource hungry and just things I don't use like iCloud and etc I can turn off. Im an IT student, studying software development and I strictly do only school stuff on my mac. For security and...
  14. Thrao

    iOS Looking for Career Advice (iOS Developer or Front End Web Development?)

    Hello everyone, Hopefully I am posting this in the correct location if not please let me know and I would be happy to move it. I am a senior in college finishing up my last semester as well as working full time for a company called Allegion, we make a lock or push bar that you touch everyday...
  15. smacrumon

    MacBooks and Xcode development worth their weight in gold or rose gold?

    So considering a new MacBook. Anyone have experience with MacBooks and Xcode development? Are the new MacBooks released earlier this year powerful enough for Xcode development? The display at 12 inches, is that going to be too small to be useful? Appreciate any guidance and views on this.
  16. smacrumon

    Universal App Store clone versions and blatant rip offs

    What are developer's experiences with uploading their original apps to the App Store only to have clone versions be released or worse blatant rip offs be approved by Apple? To my knowledge, it is possible with certain software to extract some of the media resources (images etc) from an app...
  17. jusacruiser

    SquareSpace or WIX ??

    I am trying to decide between SquareSpace and WIX. Which is better? Which is easier to use? Which looks more professional? Which has better customer support? Please provide an honest evaluation. Thanks!!
  18. M

    iOS New Laptop

    I have a 27" iMac and I'm looking to get a new laptop as a companion for iOS app and game development, perhaps some OS X apps and indie games. What would be the best MacBook 11/12/13/15" to handle the workload. I'm not wanting to go for the dedicated GPU model (that's what the iMac will be...
  19. robwithhair

    iOS Arguments for Native App Development

    I'm an iOS developer but over the years I've had to write many Hybrid applications in Cordova. I frequently find I could make the apps so much quicker using interface builder and swift / objective-c but get forced into writing Hybrid Javascript web apps because that is what managers are 'used...
  20. F

    iOS Creating New App

    Hi All, I am creating new app with Swift to learn IOS development. I want to make iphone app like attached image. In this app there is two section. One is left image buttons. When user click one of them then I will show details. Should I put two view into view controller? What is the best way?