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  1. C

    USB Disk shows 140GB used.. nothing

    hi friends - I have a drive mystery, trying to solve for a professional friend. It appears simple on the surface but there are complications. It is a Iomega typical 500GB external drive. It has a valid HFS partition of ~490GB, 141GB of that 'used', which checks out Healthy in Disk Utility...
  2. T

    HELP: SSD's “Used” space growing after each Erasing / Formatting & ejecting!

    I bought a brand new Samsung T7 SSD, and I used macOS's Disk Utility to format (erase) it in APFS(Encrypted), scheme: GUID Partition Map. Before erasing (brand new), "Used" space was 108,5 MB. After first erasing as APFS(Encrypted, scheme: GUID Partition Map), "Used" space was just 20 kb. Then I...
  3. T

    Disk Utility: First Aid process has failed

    Hi, Today I noticed my external Samsung HDD is very slow suddenly. It’s also impossible to eject it from my Mac (I have to turn off my Mac every time I want to eject it). So I have run First Aid on it in Disk Utility. Here’s the result: What does it mean? Is this disk unfixable? Is recycling it...
  4. D

    Issues with fixing Mac using Disk Utility

    I am trying to reinstall OS X using Disk Utility, but I keep running into problems. I always get errors like ‘unable to write to the last block of the device’ and ‘unable to delete the CoreStorage Logical volume Group’ whenever I try to erase/partition the HD. Anyone have any solutions?
  5. A


    Here's everything I've tried. 1) Since my Samsung T5 SSD is in Ex-fat format and seems to work properly. I backed up 3TB data and then formatted it to ex-Fat and moved the data back. It still doesn't seem to work. 2) I've tried using WD discovery to mount. It just doesn't work. Not even an...
  6. MikePulsifer

    Confusing disk space information

    On my new M1 Air (1TB), Disk Utility is showing that there's a Data volume (803.22 GB), com.apple.os.update-{long string} (14.95 GB), and Free (174.75 GB). A couple questions: What is that "Free" volume(?). Storage Management is saying I have 702.51 GB free out of 994.66. When you add up the...
  7. J

    Clean Install Big Sur using 100GB Data is this normal?

    Hi there folks, I've clean installed Big Sur for the second time today, and noticed under the Macintosh HD - Data under Disk Utility says 100GB used... is this normal? Can anyone confirm this?
  8. Black Baron

    Bug: Disk Utility

    Disk Utility > Images > Verify The button "Done" is not showing up properly as it should after the verify scan process was completed successfully. The button "Done" looks as disabled. Regards, BLACK BARON Design / Photo / Art / Music
  9. A

    WD My Book Duo: Use device raid/encryption or Disk Utility?

    Hey there, just got a WD My Book Duo. I'd like to set it up as a RAID 1 and use encryption. Question is, do I use WD's utility to set up RAID and encryption? Or just use Disk Utility? The drive has Hardware Encryption, which I guess won't be used if I enable encryption via Disk Utility? Same...
  10. Emmanuel Crollen

    Disk Utility no longer offering exFat in Big Sur?

    I have two LaCie Rugged discs. One of 500GB and one of 2TB. In Big Sur I only get the option of formatting them in the APFS format. exFat is no longer available. Can you confirm this? Or do you still have the option to format in exFAT. What to do when I need the disc to be available in Windows...
  11. Kenny4556

    Disk Utility (HELP)

    Okay, so first off, I messed up hard. I downloaded Windows 10 to my Mac via Bootcamp. By accident and me being dumb, I deleted Windows off of my mac through the windows side. Now I did backup my mac beforehand, so I was able to reinstall macOS Catalina, but I had to reinstall through Bootcamp...
  12. C

    No "View" Option in Disk Utility?

    Gang this regards a lovely 2014 MBA with the default Apple 128GB SSD. I have been searching for simply how to get the option, when erasing a disk, to format it to APFS. When I start with Command + R, and choose Disk Utility, I have a different Menu than what I see in the numerous threads on my...
  13. robertcoogan

    Reimaging MBP SSD, erasing as root?

    I removed an installation of Ubuntu from my MBP and now I have a 1.06 GB partition that won't mount and won't let me recombine it with the main macOS partition. I had read (yes, on the Ubuntu forums) that I should boot from and install from a flash drive and use Disk Utility on the installer to...
  14. L

    Custom Disk Utility configuration for Fusion Drive and APFS

    All, If any of you have tried installing Catalina on an older iMac with Fusion Drive you will understand that the system becomes so slow (APFS is designed for SSD and doesn't play well with Fusion Drive) it is unusable. I'm asking your collective knowledge and experience to tell me if the...
  15. TrumanLA

    Bootable Clone (with CCC) 10.15.6 / Catalina still possible..?

    CCC produced a message suggesting they no longer provide bootable clones as of 10.15.6 ... which I know just came out. Is it REALLY over..? I found a video which alleged that: Sync Folder Pro+ ... which it appears uses Rsync as the 'engine' but has an advanced wrapper which manages the...
  16. V

    Restoring from external clone to blank SSD inside system.

    So I recently stumbled across the thread for the SSD adapter for the 2016/2017 Macbook Pro Non-touch bar: (https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/found-this-adaptor-for-2016-2017-non-touch-bar-for-ssd-upgrades.2231881/) I decided to buy the Sabrent 1tb 2242 SSD and the adapter. I'm just waiting...
  17. rhimbo

    Resolved Problems with partition sizes in Disk Utility?

    Hi folks, I'm trying to repartition an external 3TB drive. Currently I have 1 TB partition, 663 MB used space (basically not used, I think the 663 MB is the amount used in formatting) 2 TB partition, 853 GB used space (TimeMachine back ups) I'd like to create 3 1-TB partitions. So I do...
  18. F

    Resolved Clone APFS to image

    Hi all. I've got a problem which is surprisingly little discussed on the forums. I'm upgrading my MacBook Air 11" 2013 SSD to a bigger NVMe SSD and I need to have an exact copy from old to new SSD using only disk utility. Here's my plan: Clone current SSD to an image and save it on some...
  19. M

    HELP! I'm stuck after failed attempt at clean install of MacOS Catalina

    Over the years I've installed so much crapware on my computer that it just felt sluggish and contaminated to me, and I finally got up the nerve to do a clean install to start over again more 'minimalistically'. I've done clean installs many times in the past, but never on MacOS Catalina. After...
  20. oOLokiOo

    How can I make 2 bootable partition on one HDD?

    Hi everyone! I have old Macbook Pro 2009 and it not possible to boot from USB device on it. Also, I have no DVD with Mac OS under my hand... So... I made three partition in Disk Utility: - First, my Main Mac OS - "Snow Leopard" - Second, files from bootable ISO with downloaded DVD - "Lion" -...