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disk utility

  1. bear_in_mind

    Wiping external HDD's with Apple Disk Utility not working

    I've been trying to wipe several HFS+ formatted external HDD's with Apple Disk Utility, but it's not working. The drives were in working order before attempting erasure (in preparation to donate the drives to a non-profit). They still mount, but they began the erase procedure for about an...
  2. J

    Monterey update failed

    Hi all! I updated my iMac from Sierra to Catalina and then wanted to update it to Monterey. It got stuck at the point where it cannot select a startup disc. I somehow got pass that message, but then the update failed and how when I start it there is a flashing question mark and the text...
  3. G

    Did my MacBook die?

    Hello So basically yesterday my max turned off due to 0% battery. Ok, fair. Charged jt furring the night and turned it on today. When I turned it on, it was completely frozen on the desktop. So I forced turned it off… After that, black screen of the death. Managed to get it to recovery after...
  4. S

    Booting/Partition problem 2015 MacBook 2015

    Hi, I have a MacBook Pro 2015 that was running Mojave, and am having a boot problem. When I turn the computer on, I get the Mac logo, the progress bar makes it a third of the way across the screen, and then shuts off. I've tried a few things to fix this so far, but nothing's working so far. I...
  5. Algr

    Raid sometimes mounts.

    Hi Everyone! So I put three of my old drives together in a JBOD raid. (8+8+4TB) I set it to be the Time Machine backup for my new drive. (16 TB) Everything seemed to work fine, and it copied everything to the backup. I was even able to copy back some test files. But now it usually refuses...
  6. Sickminecraft45

    Burn failed

    Hi, I have got a Power Mac G5 running Mac OS X 10.5.8 and I have upgraded the original Pioneer optical drive to an NEC one that supports dual-layer DVDs. I'm trying to make a bootable Mac OS x 10.5 DVD and I'm using Verbatim 8x dual-layer DVDs and the disk utility says burn failed! I have rad...
  7. R

    Does anyone know how to fix error -69845 in disk utility?

    I keep getting fail errors when I run disk utility on "data" (see attached screenshot). File System verify or repair failed. : (-69845) I've tried in normal mode, safe mode and recovery mode. Any clue how to fix this without wiping my operating system? Apple doesn't seem to recognize this...
  8. robertcoogan

    LaCie external HD not responding

    I have a 5TB LaCie external hard drive, formatted HFS+. This HD recently stopped mounting entirely, first only popping up Disk Utility (it was all I used to check the HD at the time), but then dropping out entirely. It no longer mounts - so it's not visible in Disk Utility or Disk Drill at all...
  9. E

    How long should First Aid take?

    I have an external HDD (4TB G-Drive) 2 or 3 years old. I use it mainly for TM backups, and also for archiving some stuff. DriveDx rates it as "Average 52.1%". It seems to function just fine. But I've become aware recently that there's a user ID mismatch between my current system (and more recent...
  10. T

    Cannot erase a volume in recovery mode

    I erased a Fusion Drive in an old iMac from Recover mode (lost passwords) and was then installing from a TimeMachine backup, starting from Recovery Mode. After copying over about 130Gb, for some reason the iMac shutdown. I tried restarting, but it shuts down midway during boot. Then I went...
  11. A

    MP 6,1 New internal SSD (WD_Black SN750 2TB) not showing during setup on late 2013 Mac Pro

    I am trying to set up my new internal SSD (WD_Black SN750 2TB) with a Sintech adapter on my late 2013 Mac Pro after my factory 256gb ssd failed a bit ago and am having issues where the new SSD seemingly is not being recognized. To begin I prepared a USB boot drive (tried both Big Sur & Mojave)...
  12. J

    I accidentally started decrypting my empty 5tb external hard drive because the encrypted drive won't show password hint

    I bought a new 5tb Seagate external drive and encrypted it with Disk Utility with a "passowrd hint" on my 2019 Macbook Pro (Catalina). The drive has never been used and is empty. However, the password hint did not show when I plugged it back in, so I thought maybe I should redo the encrytion. I...
  13. blackxacto

    Please explain this question about Disk Utility in Monterey?

    19,1 iMac, Monterey 12.0.1: 1. Shut down 2. Reboot holding Apple+Option+R 3. Chose an external disk to repair: Elite Toshiba MDXXX/Container disk5/"TimeBeast" 4. Why are time differences to repair an external ssd SO DIFFERENT between the Container disk5 and the enclosed data volume: "TimeBeast"...
  14. Nemesys660

    my internal ssd is not displayed in disk utility

    I deleted "other volumes" with "view all" options, and now my internal ssd is not displayed Hi! I recently wanted to format my old MacBook air, and reinstall OS sierra. During recovery mode, in disk utility, I saw that after formatting Macintosh HD, there were like 40gb in use, by "other...
  15. throwinrocks

    Resolved Installed Monterey now Disk Utility looks different, I think.

    Installed macOS Monterey and when I went to disk utility I saw this. Is it normal for the M1 iMac 24" ? My older iMac only showed Macintosh HD and Macintosh Data Thanks for any insight.
  16. A

    Partitioning problems

    I need to merge Untitled and Untitled 2 together to make 1 big parition, but it wont let me do squat with Untitled (other than change the formatting), what do I do? (also the Tim M drive is a time machine I dont want to delete)
  17. L

    Corrupt startup disk quandary

    Running Sierra 10.12.6, MacBook Pro Retina 13-inch. Ran Disk Utilities after a freeze, said I needed to repair start-up disk. Ran DU several more times, no love. Restarted in Recovery mode, ran DU several times, said everything was fine, but upon restart to normal, DU still says it needs...
  18. C

    USB Disk shows 140GB used.. nothing

    hi friends - I have a drive mystery, trying to solve for a professional friend. It appears simple on the surface but there are complications. It is a Iomega typical 500GB external drive. It has a valid HFS partition of ~490GB, 141GB of that 'used', which checks out Healthy in Disk Utility...
  19. T

    HELP: SSD's “Used” space growing after each Erasing / Formatting & ejecting!

    I bought a brand new Samsung T7 SSD, and I used macOS's Disk Utility to format (erase) it in APFS(Encrypted), scheme: GUID Partition Map. Before erasing (brand new), "Used" space was 108,5 MB. After first erasing as APFS(Encrypted, scheme: GUID Partition Map), "Used" space was just 20 kb. Then I...
  20. T

    Disk Utility: First Aid process has failed

    Hi, Today I noticed my external Samsung HDD is very slow suddenly. It’s also impossible to eject it from my Mac (I have to turn off my Mac every time I want to eject it). So I have run First Aid on it in Disk Utility. Here’s the result: What does it mean? Is this disk unfixable? Is recycling it...