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  1. D

    mac ssd usage

    If you have a m1-m3 mac, please show me the disk load value in active monitoring For me this figure is 40 GB per day, whether I use mac or not. I have tried reinstalling mac OS, but even a clean system behaves the same way. I am trying to figure out if this is the norm or not. these are 1-day...
  2. N

    Macbook air disk utility issue

    I tried to factory rest my macbook air 2015 didnt know what i was doing and deleted everything in disk utility used youtube now i think i messed it up more
  3. muharremozkan

    Turn iPhone or iPad into a wireless backup disk for Mac.

    Hello, My name is Muharrem. Taking a backup of my files on my Mac computer has always been a cumbersome issue for me. From the hassle of plugging and unplugging USB drives to the slow copying of project folders containing tens of thousands of small files even to an SSD, I encountered many...
  4. TechUnRestricted

    WinDiskWriter: the ultimate open source tool for creating Windows bootable USB drives on Mac

    WinDiskWriter — free and open-source application for macOS that allows you to create bootable USB drives with Microsoft Windows using a Mac. (WinDiskWriter Main Window) ㅤㅤㅤㅤ Whether you want to install Windows on your Mac or another device (PC), WinDiskWriter can help you prepare a flash...
  5. haralds

    Solved: Trim Support no longer shown

    I previously enabled trim support on my Thunderbolt drives, but that is no longer shown under System Informatiom. I even forced it using Sensei. I added its driver, Sensei shows it as enabled. But Ventura has no indication. Did Apple drop this? I am running on a Mac Studio.
  6. B

    Manual cleanup of disk

    Hello, i got in storage almost 60GB of Applications (About this mac -> storage). I checked in apps - they maybe have 20GB. Where and how can i find last 40gb to eventually remove it manually? It is awful comparing to windows, how it is created on macbooks :) I know there are tools, but one of...
  7. dgian


    hello to the community ! I am new to apple MacBooks (even though I ve been working as an I.T. for 11 years now). my quick question which must be easy for you guys is this: Used space on my new M1 MacBook Air is constantly growing is size ! (please have a look at screenshots) I have iCloud...
  8. Juliana julianaa

    I tried installing big sur on my MacBook air 2012 and damaged my Mac !!

    I tried to install Big Sur on my MacBook air 2012 and i something went wrong. When i tried to install high Sierra again it takes me only to Mountain Lion instead, i installed mountain lion and tried to update but i had a problem. The app store doesn't work, itunes or any other app related to...
  9. JippaLippa

    Black Magic Disk Speed Test alternative, for testing disk speed

    Hello. I'd like to know if there's an alternative software (even paid) to the free Blackmagic Disk Speed test I can get for my mac. The reason I'd like a second test is that I sometimes experience weird behaviours with some SSDs, and this has been the same on different macs and different new...
  10. E

    Mac fails to anyhow partition the disk

    I've tried every guide I could find, reddit, apple support. Nothing works. I've tried partitioning through the terminal, and disk utility. Both give the same error.
  11. Yuyang Wu

    How to merge two series-separated partitions in one hard disk.

    Hello I have an external 500G disk and there are two partitions inside currently, first one is APFS for storage document and second one is macOS(HFS+) for time machine backup. Now I'd like to move some space from the backup to document partition, however, I couldn't merge the third partition...
  12. C

    Two Macintosh HD showed on my desktop after Catalina downgrade

    Dear all, I installed Catalina 10.15.4 hoping that's some problem found in 10.15.3 where solved. Unfortunately after that my Macpro refuse to go auto sleep and sometimes it woke up unexpected. So I used Time Machine to restore my Mojave installation. Now I have a problem: two disk showed on...
  13. X

    "The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer"

    Hello all, I have a 4TB drive that I have been using for about one year and half. It worked fine until this morning, when I unplugged it after selecting Force Eject and plugged it in again, it shows "The dish you inserted was not readable by this computer". Both my macbook and iMac indicated...
  14. S

    Disk Utility crashed while partitioning, can't boot into or restore MacOS

    Hi all, I have an iMac 14,1 with a 1TB HDD, formerly running Mojave. I was creating a partition for a Linux installation when Disk Utility crashed. I reopened it to find that the partition for Linux exists but is in APFS format, and my MacOS partition has been renamed to disk0s2 with 'unknown'...
  15. D

    Please help fix hard drive!

    Hi all, I could really do with your expert knowledge right now, I would be beyond grateful, I've been freaking out a bit :/ So yesterday I was working on a photoshop file I keep saved on an External HDD, nothing unusual, but after I saved the file and quit photoshop I navigated to the file's...
  16. supergaia

    can you please tell me when you start your mac the ammount of disk writting?

    hi maight you please tell me when you start to imac ,macbook and you leave idle for 10 or 15 minutes the ammount of MB or GB via activity monitor please? thanks
  17. T

    The lost space, partition gone.

    Hey lads, I've been dual booting Linux for a while now, which I partitioned myself using diskutil commands. So the process for me to setup Linux took a while but everything worked out perfectly, util now. So I was interested in doing a fresh install of MacOS and dedicate the entire drive for...
  18. P

    Unrecoverable Partition, Mac APFS Disk Unmounted

    Suddenly i am unable to login with my normal user id, i booted into recovery trying to repair the disk but the disk utility are not showing my container. I then managed to installed the OS again on another apfs volume, everything working great until i notice my memory pressure shooting up to...
  19. I

    SMART Status not available :(

    After recently upgrading to High Sierra 10.13.6 (Late 2009 iMac), things don't look quite right in Disk Utility. When I open DU, I now only see one internal volume (where there used to be 2: I believe they were the root plus the formatted partition). The volume that appears now does not show an...
  20. traffens

    Problems installing new HDD

    I have a mid 2012 macbook pro that had a corrupted hard drive. I'm trying to install a new hard drive. I got a 500GB 5400RPM drive. I erased it and formatted it as journaled using my current 2013 MBP. After plugging it into the 2012mbp, I try to install Mojave using an external booter. I begin...