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display problems

  1. bergstruhm

    Odd video issues (horizontal lines, glitches) on iMac 5K

    Hi. My iMac (27" 5K, 2015) started acting strange a couple weeks ago. Video glitches that flashed by quickly; mostly horizontal lines, but also big blocks of color, distortions. I did a screen recording and they didn't register, but you can see some photos here: image no. 1, image no. 2. I...
  2. J

    Macbook Pro 13 Mid 2012

    My macbook pro 13 mid 2012 (macbook 9,2) have several problems... I will narrate all the weird problems my Mac have been facing since I bought it.... I apologize in advance for the really long post... Just 3 months after purchase, problems started, and since then it just being a long story of...
  3. M

    Desktop all messed up!

    [SOLVED] - changed the desktop photo I was using and it cleared everything up except for my dock is missing. Maybe the image I had been using was corrupted somehow? Will close this thread. I have an iMac running Maverick. Yesterday I had it in 'sleep' mode for a couple of hours; when I...
  4. Cmd-Z

    Wake-Up Issue w/External Monitor

    I have a Dell P2715Q 27" 4K monitor and connected it via Thunderbolt to my 2016 iMac 5K w/ AMD M395 graphics & 32GB RAM. The external monitor works great and looks fantastic, but for some reason the external monitor and my iMac screen oftentimes do not wake up from sleep. I've seen posts about...
  5. T

    USB-C to HDMI adapters for MacBook Pro 2016 13" w/ TouchBar

    My job issued me a 13" MBP w/ TouchBar i7 w/ turbo, 16GB RAM. At my desk I have two HP 23" IPS LED monitors with DP and HDMI inputs. At home I have two Asus 23" TN LED monitors with VGA, DVI, and HDMI inputs. To make work in both environments an ease I purchased a Aukey HDMI to USB-C adapter to...
  6. SupersonicFX

    Safari 10.0.3 drop down display bug

    I seem to be the only one having problems with webpages using a carroussel for their drop-down menus. I use a 15'' MBP non-retina (2011) and am running the latest updated version of everything. One website I noted that is causing me grief is Intense Lighting (
  7. Z

    Macbook Pro 13" nTB Display/GPU Faiure

    hi there, i got my 13" nTB about a month ago and was (relatively) happy with it. now since some days, i think after the 10.12.2 upgrade, I got gpu problems! when i wake from sleep, specially after the mb has been down for 1 or 2 hours... i get display errors, streaks on the top part where the...
  8. D

    HDMI Full Screen Issue

    What's up everyone! I've been having an issue with getting my TV to have a proper fullscreen display. I have a 32" Westinghouse TV that I connect with my Macbook Pro (2013 Retina) as a double display. After one day my Macbook died while I was using the TV display and afterwards the fullscreen...
  9. longjohnk

    Macbook A1278 display problem

    I've got a 2011 Macbook Pro 13" that developed an issue with the display. It turns black after the machine runs for a bit (usually 10 min). It turns black but can be restored by turning the brightness all the way down then all the way back up. The display backlight turns off completely...
  10. kylebrauch

    3 displays as 1? Please help :)

    I'm sort of a casual gamer, so please forgive my lack of knowledge! I have an iMac (27-inch, Late 2013, 10.11.5) with two additional monitors (one via HDMI, the other via VGA/mini Displayport) ran as an Extended Desktop. Chipset model: NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M. When video gaming - is it...
  11. Thor774

    Resolved Limited resolution choices for HP-Z27n display - MBP15"2015

    Hello I have an HP Z27n 27" display and it connects to my Mac with a displayPort to mini-displayPort cable. Before this Mac I had a MBP 13" from 2011. I had several resolution choices in El Capitan. For health reasons I was working on a resolution of 1600x900 and I had these other options...
  12. M

    Display problem (External and Internal) with 15inch Retina

    Hi there, Probably as many this is kind of my last resort for figuring out this strange problem with my mac. Model: Macbook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012) OS X Yosemite Processor: 2,6 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Startup Disk Macintosh HD Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024 MB This...
  13. JohnDoe_1984

    Resolved Display Issues on Dell U2515H

    I've connected my Dell U2515H monitor to my 2013 Macbook Pro via the MiniDP to DP cable. The display is working however, it appears that is having an issue with colors. Take a look at the attached screenshots and see... In the first, the finder is totally washed out with white. The...
  14. W

    iPad mini Automatic contrast ruins my iPad Mini 4

    Hello I was very happy with my iPad Mini 4 until I discovered the terrible effects of iOS automatic contrast adjustment. This is not the same as brightness. The problem is that the contrast is adjusted on the fly, making the screen's black levels adjust all the time. It is extremely irritating...
  15. bobesch

    Powerbook - Yellow Screen Issue

    Got a 15" PB 1.5GHz for fifty bucks at the bay. Everything perfect except the yellow tint of the screen. Like the new iOS "NightShift" view, but it cannot switched off... It migth be the ultimate device for night shifts, but I will certainly get a depression if I should be force to look all day...