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  1. XvectorX

    anydesk through icefloor

    MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 IceFloor 2.0.2 (build 284) I'm trying to get Anydesk to operate through Icefloor on my macbook pro 2017 non touchbar. any suggestions are welcome; thankyou for your help
  2. B

    Cant update to mojave on new imac

    I just bought a new imac 27" which came with High Sierra. I am trying to update to Mojave and I am having trouble. I go to the app store and download the mojave installer and that seems ok. Then when I run the mojave installer, it churns for a while and looks like its working. After...
  3. S

    Too Many Podcasts Are Downloading

    Having a difficult time figuring out how to control the number of podcasts the AW is downloading. On my iPhone, podcast settings limit downloads of each podcast to the five most recent. However, the watch downloads every available podcast, months worth of multiple podcasts using 7.2 gb of space...
  4. V

    Safari - YouTube Video Manager No Longer Downloads

    I use Safari to download my YouTube videos and then post them to other channels, because the compression is great and my workflow is easier this way. I've been using Safari to do this for 3+ years and within the past 2 weeks, I have clicked on the drop down arrow and then "Download MP4" only to...
  5. 9

    iTunes Download SD

    How does one download an SD movie using iTunes? So I have a movie, I would like to download as SD, to save space on my little usb. I go into iTunes, click download and it begins downloading 3.55GB for an hour movie. I'm guessing that is not standard definition. I google some stuff. iTunes >...
  6. laurastewart010

    Deleting movies from downloads...iMovie question

    So I am creating a year long project on iMovie and Airdrop the videos I use from my iPhone to my downloads on my Mac. I drag these movies into my project, but I want to delete them out of my downloads because my Mac is low on storage. Anytime I delete these movies out of my Downloads, iMovie...
  7. Princess Cake

    Items not staying in "Downloads" folder

    Recently I've grown tired of having my desktop becoming a mess after massive download benders and was wanting to use the "Downloads" folder instead-- I even put its folder in the dock. But whenever I download something it goes into the folder but a few seconds later it moves to the Desktop...
  8. Avenged110

    iTunes 10.6.3 can't play 1080p anymore?

    So I use iTunes 10.6.3 (why is irrelevant) to download movies and TV shows from the store. Sometime within the last few months, it stopped being able to download or even playback 1080p videos. 720p and all other parts of the app continue to work just fine. I've installed this version on 10.6.8...
  9. kcinthebay

    Resolved Feel a little silly but...

    I can't seem to understand what happened here: I downloaded HotSpot Shield VPN from this website - I know I know, I probably shouldn't have done that? I didn't realize it wasn't their actual websit e at the time. Anyway, I opened up the...
  10. Sorenhornum

    Mac OS Sierra Dock Bug

    Has anyone else had this happen when they try to delete files directly from the downloads folder on the dock? Doesn't go away by itself you need to restart the Mac to remove it. | Im running 10.12.2 on the latest macbrook pro 15inch 460
  11. obyjake

    where to get free photoshop elements brushes ?

    Hi and happy new year, hope I am in the right place, if not go easy on me and direct me, please, thanks Really need to know of any free brush download sites, scrolls for one. All I seem to keep getting is sites asking me to join for a monthly fee... Thanks in advance
  12. M

    Downloads Folder - Hide Time Groupings

    Hi I think it is new in Sierra that files in the Downloads folder are grouped by month, and then by year. I can't see a way to disable this. Anyone know? Thanks.
  13. Reality4711

    D800 jpg wanted separately?

    I would like to loads jpgs of my RAW images separately into 'Photos" No Problem - you say! Yes Problem - I reply. My CF card has the jpgs on it; so download to 'Photos'. Great. SD card with RAW images download to file for Bridge and CS5 - Problem! All thumbnails/previews now come from the...