1. M

    All iPads Drawing with Apple Pencil on standard (non-Pro) iPad

    Hi, Anyone here using Apple pencil for drawing on standard iPad or iPad Air, and could share their experience? How does it compare to iPad Pro longterm? Tried drawing with Procreate on friend's 2019 iPad pro and it feels amazing. However, prices for these Pro models are quite hefty compared to...
  2. E

    Universal Pixel Art Maker: Color by number (by Electricpunch)

    Hello friends, I want to tell you about my new app: Pixel Art Maker: Color by number Pixel Art Maker is a color by number game with a mode for drawing your own pictures in the pixel art style. Create pixel art masterpieces and sell them to other players for coins! Make your own pixel art...
  3. E

    Universal Sandbox Tanks: 3D Game Maker (by Electricpunch)

    Hello everyone, I am pleased to tell you about my new game: Sandbox Tanks: 3D Game Maker Sandbox Tanks - remake of Battle City (Nes) in 3D with a level editor! Are you dreaming of making a game? Sandbox mode allows you to draw new levels and share with other players. Choose different...
  4. S

    iPad FlipKit - a flipbook animation app for iPad

    Hey everyone, I just released FlipKit, a flipbook animation app for everyone who likes to draw. As a kid, I loved to draw small post-it flipbook animations and when Apple released PencilKit with iOS 13 I started working on a small prototype to see if this would work as a fun drawing app. It...
  5. M

    iPad iPad Air 4 vs Waiting for iPad Pro 2021

    Ahhh! Okay so I can't decide between the iPad Air 4 or waiting for the iPad Pro 2021. The only things holding me back on getting the iPad Air 4 versus waiting to see if I want the 2021 Pro is the difference in RAM and refresh rate and the iPad Pro 2021 having a new processor (compared to the...
  6. Eirini Gri

    iPad Lineart Apps for Ipad

    Hello people, I recently got an Ipad 2019 (7th gen.) for drawing and I need some help with the best drawings apps for lineart! I used to do my illustrations using autocad( I know crazy) and now I got an ipad as I thought I would be able to work on them much faster. I have downloaded loads of...
  7. spiderman0616

    My wife made me an awesome iPad stand.

    So I draw/write/design on my iPad a lot on the couch or in bed and prop it up on a pillow or something, but I didn't have a good option for using it at the table or my desk in that scenario. I didn't want to buy the $100 Smart Folio when I already have the Magic Keyboard, so I gave my wife some...
  8. T

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 11 - Drawing with Pencil problem

    Here is the video with problem Sometimes the line is disrupted when drawing for no reason. It happens randomly with frequency like 2-3 times per hour. Its not just one place on the display its random. It took few seconds and than its okay again, as you see in video the last line was not...
  9. EricHemmer

    iPad Is there no way to zoom drawings in the ipad notes?

    After I upgraded to the crap of ipad os 13, I realized that Apple removed the "add drawing" option and the ability to zoom in drafts. I was very fond of drawing on notes and I had a lot of drawings that went down the drain. I think the apple pencil ergonomics got worse and without the zoom I...
  10. Kingmanarts

    Universal Searching for app that does this video effect.

    I think I got a demo of an iOS app or OSX app, created this video and then forgot about it for quite a while until I ran across the video in my files. TIA
  11. C

    I need an easy to use drawing app

    I am stuck in OS9 for my drawing app. I still use SuperPaint and have one machine that I use for this app. Can anyone suggest a non technical drawing app? I draw floor plans and plats for real estate marketing. I hate being tied to old, non supported programs, but they still work...
  12. MisterTibbs

    iPad Pro Question - Vector Illustration

    Long time lurker here and I have a burning question for iPad illustrators. Is anyone using a pencil to create vector artwork which creates strokes as opposed to filled lines? I'm considering getting a 10.5" Pro/2018 iPad and I wanted to know. I've tried Adobe draw and I'm not keen on the filled...
  13. S

    My latest step by step process of turning drawing to digital art

    Check out my analysis here guys and everything was done within a day or so and all using an iPad, a stylus, and an app called Artstudio Pro: https://mike-lata.com/2018/03/02/using-the-ipad-to-turn-pencil-drawing-into-something-more/
  14. M

    iPad Pro any app you can place image as fill of object?

    I tried several and seems like no but maybe I missed something. I want to take an image of fabric. Place it as a fill and pattern of an object I make/draw. Can it be done?
  15. E

    Best iOS11/Ipad Pro Apps ? Learn to draw? Insta replacement?

    So got it set up and ios11 was way easier to install than I thought. Having a little difficulty not having force touch. Any websites where I can learn the differences in touch and movements? What are your favorite apps so far?I have the basics... feedly, audible, kindle , facebook Any...
  16. VladShvets

    Free graphics design app Vectr now @ Mac Store

    Mac App Store now has its most powerful free graphics design tool! Meet Vectr - freshly launched @ Mac Store. Vectr is a free vector graphics software used to create graphics easily and intuitively. It's simple and cross-platform: start designing something on your Mac, and then continue...
  17. LunaPhase

    Which size Wacom Intuos Pro tablet should I buy?

    I have a thirteen inch Macbook Pro - mid 2014. I want to use it for drawing (love to draw people, nature, animals and sometimes abstract), graphic design and editing photos. I do want to have accuracy. I've read that small would be good because it all depends on the screen size in comparison to...
  18. Microspot

    MacDraft 6.2 Released and 10.12 Sierra Compatible

    Its been a while since our last post but we wanted to make all of our friends here at MacRumours aware that the latest version of MacDraft PE & MacDraft Professional (6.2) were released last month. New features include: - A freshly designed Welcome Screen to get you started - The Template...
  19. P

    iPad device for drawing comics doable?

    I had thoughts about writing out comics. I'm looking for an apple device to do that with with. Then it dawned on me. The ipad pro 12.9" with the pencil and logitech keyboard. I can't buy one now and will probably wait until november'ish. Would the iPad pro work as a drawing / tablet device? I'm...
  20. slidingstone

    Universal Drawing Pad - Draw, Paint, Sketch, Doodle, Scribble

    Hi friends, If you are looking for Drawing App for your iDevices, please try Drawing Pad. It has a lot of features which will support your drawing. iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/drawing-pad-draw-paint-sketch/id1114463240?mt=8 - Customize your brush with many kind different of...