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  1. X

    Can I install 2nd SSD in iMac?

    Hi I have a mid-2011 27" iMac. I have TOSHIBA 256GB SSD in SATA 1, and my question is Can I install 2nd SSD in SATA2? That TOSHIBA disk have Apple logo, and I want to install 500GB Samsung. Can it work? With gratitude
  2. D

    Portable SSD as permanent external storage for my Mac Studio

    I need reasonably fast external storage for my Mac Studio and am sort of new to this as before I had all my drives internally in an old Mac Pro (6 drives in total...). For now I do not want to go with the most expensive options due to budget concerns and I also do not want to "build" it myself...
  3. Berti10

    iPad Pro iPad‘s downgraded USB-C port?

    How it it possible that i’m able to connect an external 2TB SSD to an iPhone 15 Pro, but not to an iPad Pro 12.9“ which has a even better thunderbolt port?
  4. DominikHoffmann

    UTM: Increase size of boot drive

    My UTM-VM boot drive has run out of space. I’d like to take it from 128 GB to 192 GB. How can I do that?
  5. psycoperl

    Bluray needs for playing and ripping

    Dear MacRumors Community I just preordered the Picard Legacy collection Blu-rays. What would you recommend for a Blu-ray drive to use with my MacBook Pro (2017)? What software would I need to play the disks back? Besides MakeMKv and Handbrake are there any other tools needed for converting...
  6. GoGrater

    Hardware Encrypted Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ G3 (DTLPG3) used to work on Monterey, but not anymore

    Hello all. Please bear with me. This is pretty important to me and I’ll try my best to describe the situation. CURRENT: - Mac Studio, Monterey 12.6.8 - 3 Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ G3 (model DTLPG3) hardware encrypted drives. All 3 drives have been updated/formatted on the Mac Pro with the...
  7. MacProRumours

    MP 1,1-5,1 SLED positions left to right — 1, 2, 3, 4

    Curious as to whether the position of HD/SSD sleds makes any difference between slots one, two, three or four? The presence of a non-bootable—and also unrecognised 8TB HD—in the left-most position, on start-up appeared to prevent the machine from advancing beyond the chime, despite the presence...
  8. S

    Google Drive Background Activity

    So I guess this doesn’t need much explaining… just, WOW! Doesn’t seem to affect battery life much, if at all. Background App refresh is disabled… iPhone 14 Plus 256Gb on the latest iOS. Needless to say I’m at a loss for words 😂
  9. M

    is customizing icons possible on mac os 10.15?

    hi, im looking to customize the icons on my macbook running 10.15, however, i tend to get the "you dont have sufficient permission" messages when going through the "get info" window. i did disable SIP but that didn't work. Im not sure if you're able to customize icons in os 10.15 like older...
  10. zastin17

    400K Floppy Drive Repair, Fails To Initialize 95% Of the Time! But IF successful, will boot from the disk reliably.

    So I recently Purchased a donor 400k drive to fix my Original 128K Macintosh Floppy drive. I transplanted the head, which the old ones 0 sensor arm got deformed by me, lol. Lubricated everything, and tried to format. Keep in mind, my zero sensors is wrong, I am not really focusing on that quiet...
  11. Juliana julianaa

    I tried installing big sur on my MacBook air 2012 and damaged my Mac !!

    I tried to install Big Sur on my MacBook air 2012 and i something went wrong. When i tried to install high Sierra again it takes me only to Mountain Lion instead, i installed mountain lion and tried to update but i had a problem. The app store doesn't work, itunes or any other app related to...
  12. Alvin777

    Steps In Replacing the Apple Blade SSD Part in a Fusion Drive?

    Hi. The SSD still fused with the 2TB Fusion Drive in the Late 2015 5K iMac seems to have failed and can no longer be detected by Disk Utility (w/ View All Devices) and Terminal (Diskutil List). What are the proper steps to take to replace the Apple Blade SSD part of this Fusion Drive? I...
  13. zastin17

    Macintosh 128K Original 1984 Mis-aligned 400K drive, HELP ME!

    Ok, I need some serious help with my 1984 Macintosh 128K Guys!! I put this on a shelf for almost a year. Wishing it worked, but never being able to Re-align the 400k drive again. I am sad To start off, A few years ago, I found this incredible condition 128K Macintosh set. All Factory stock...
  14. H

    A few questions about Carbon Copy Cloner!

    Hello there! Hoping to get an answer about a couple questions I have with CCC. I plan to migrate to it to use as my backup solution. I have long just made a literal drag-and-drop copy of my most important external drives to a hard drive every quarter or so as "backup," but I've decided that I...
  15. H

    Why does my Mac report my external SSD storage differently from my PC?

    Made the jump to an M1 Mini from an aging windows PC for my daily driver, and this caught my eye when I plugged in my external SSD that I use to store my music collection. On my PC, it says I have 170 GB free of 465 GB total storage - 48,434 total files. 290 GB total usage on disk. On my new...
  16. Z

    DVD drive enclosures?

    I have an old 2008MBPro. Is it possible to uninstall its optical/DVD drive and place it in an enclosure, in order to make it an external optical/DVD drive?
  17. L

    Mac startup key combinations not working

    Hi, I am using a mac book pro 2017, Mojave 10.14.6. I was having some issues so i reinstalled the operating system via command r and restart etc. I was having to keep changing my passwords via apple id and then finding after sleeping they would not work so i would have to do the same again...
  18. KnechtNoobrecht

    macOS partition missing after removing a partition

    Hi. I installed Linux Mint on my MacBook from late 2009 to just try it out. In order to do that, i added a partition to my SSD, so the one for macOS had to get smaller. After i was done trying what i wanted to, i went back into macOS, opened Disk-Management-Utility and deleted the partition for...
  19. F

    MP 1,1-5,1 how many HDs in MP1,1

    I have updated the firmware in my MP1,1 to 2,1 in prep to upgrade the procs to 2x X5365. I had already done the 64b firmware and installed an SSD, Mavs and a upgraded video card. Is it possible to mount more than 4 drives in the MP1,1? What is the largest single drive this update will recognize?
  20. S

    SSD showing incorrect usage

    Hello on the board, Could someone cast some light on this situation on a Macbook Pro (2017) running Mojave. My drive is 1TB, my Apps use 60Gb, my Library is 231 GB, System is 10 GB and Users is 176GB. This totals 477GB, but my drive reads that 783GB is used. Have I missed something here or...