1. jordanbaron

    Lubuntu WiFi drivers for mid 2011 Mac Mini

    I am using a mid 2011 Mac Mini with a fresh copy of Lubuntu however I can't connect to WiFi. I have no way of connecting via ethernet so how can I get the drivers?
  2. P

    Bootcamp driver issues

    Ok, I’ve searched and tried a few methods, but I’m not getting anywhere... I installed windows 10 on a G-Drive Mobile Pro SSD and running it just fine in bootcamp with the exception that I don’t think the drivers installed correctly. Bluetooth and WiFi/ethernet are just 2 issues I’ve found so...
  3. LargeSizedMan2020

    Are There Any Issues with Wacom Graphics Tablet Drivers for M1 based Machines?

    Hello, I was curious if Wacom Drivers emulate well on M1 ARM-based Macs or if it's just completely hung up on x86 based ones? Also, I can't seem to find if any of these graphics tablet companies are developing or have already developed drivers for the new Macs yet. Maybe I'm just looking in...
  4. Xiang54

    No sound coming from my macbook pro a1286 15" 2011

    Hi everyone! As I wrote on the title I hear no sound from my mac. If I go to System Preferences -> Sound I cant see any audio driver. I should visualize the internal speakers instead. Im not totally sure but the problem is probably begun once I've tried to install soundflower even though now...
  5. J

    MacBook Pro 16" (2019) and Windows 10: alternative drivers?

    I have a new MacBook Pro 16" (2019) with a clean Windows 10 installed, Boot Camp's default drivers. And I have critical problems with WiFi driver, Bluetooth driver and Display driver. Any suggestions on where to get new versions for these drivers? Maybe even beta versions or anything I could...
  6. PieTunes

    How up to date are Boot Camp drivers?

    Greetings, For those who Boot Camped, I'm curious about something. I might do it after I get my 2020 iMac delivered. How up to date does Apple maintain the drivers? If I receive my machine and start the process, are the included drivers recent and compatible with the new hardware in the...
  7. T

    Source of this driver?: com.driver.LogJoystick (2.0 - SDK 10.10)

    I'm running MacOS 10.13.6. I find I have to restart weekly to avoid system freezes and kernel panics (though the latter are much more common for me than the former). According to a poster on "Outdated drivers can generate kernel panics". I ran...
  8. F

    Windows Vista on which Mac?

    Hello. I am not sure where to post this. I am looking to get a 1st gen Mac Pro desktop but I am not sure which Mac Pro, either 2009 or 2010, is compatible with 64-bit Windows Vista? I looked at an article on everymac but it is from 2011. Also, where would I find the drivers for Vista? Would it...
  9. Matt T

    Possible to use two Bluetooth HCI controllers concurrently?

    I have a 2011 iMac with Bluetooth 2.1, and recently purchased a Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle required for my new wireless mouse. The dongle works great - I paired my mouse and keyboard to it without issue and used the following terminal command to ensure macOS uses the dongle instead of the...
  10. I

    MP 1,1-5,1 Minimum Windows Support Software without BootCamp

    I recently installed WIN10 CSM Legacy on its own SATA SSD. I'm using OC and rEFInd chainloading to boot, and I haven't bothered to install any BootCamp drivers so far. I wanna know: What are the minimum drivers I need, or Windows Support Software I should be installing to make WIN10 work...
  11. P

    WiFi instability in Windows 10 under Boot Camp

    I have a MacBook Pro, 2016, 15 inch. When in OS X, the internet works exactly as expected. Decent speeds, relatively stable ping. However, in the Windows 10 installation under Boot Camp,, it's quite the opposite. The connection frequently drops and reconnects, and when it is connected, the ping...
  12. biscuit1280

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 5,1 GTX 980Ti no signal

    So I got my hands on a 5,1 Mac Pro with dual x5680, and I put in a 980Ti, but I don't seem to be getting a signal on my monitor. From what I understood, the new gpu isn't initialized because of missing drivers, so I went ahead and purchased a GT120 off eBay so I will be able to install the right...
  13. Coggy_11

    Has anyone encountered games crashing there iMac constantly?

    Hi all, Thanks for your time. I am having severe crashes when I play any computer games. I can't last 5 minutes in game until I have a massive crash, the graphics pixelate, hangs for a couple of minutes and my comp restarts automatically. The funny thing is, after my computer restarts, I can...
  14. B S Magnet

    Resolved Is there a known USB 802.11ac USB adapter which features PPC drivers?

    This topic comes with an understanding that plenty of 802.11n solutions for PPC systems exist already — both for USB and PCI cards (I use an Edimax 802.11n PCI card with MIMO which works with my Power Mac G5). This topic also comes with an understanding that maximum data potential of the...
  15. MattiaSullini

    Updating to 10.12 on MacPro with gtx980 non EFI (and no proprietary videocard)

    Hi all, i work on a pimped-up MacPro that came with "just" a non-EFI MSI 970 GTX and no standard videocard. Eventually i need to upgrade from El Capitan to Sierra because newer versions of some apps i use need at least 10.12 and i would need to know if default 10.12.16 OSX drivers will support...
  16. S

    MacPro 6,1 - BootCamp/Gaming Check-in Thread

    Hey, anyone still gaming on your trashcan? I am, so I thought I'd start a post to share information about what games work, issues, tips and tricks. I'm not a huge gamer, but these days everything I do play is in Windows 10 on a bootcamp partition. I'm currently using the bootcamp drivers from...
  17. GuiPol

    Mac pro crashing HS 10.13.4 + nvidia web driver

    Hello all, Well a weird situation happened some days ago. On my mac pro 5,1, i've swapped my 970 gtx (non flashed) with a 1060 GTX (non flashed) somethng like 3 weeks ago, but the nvidia web driver stayed the same 387. (pfffiiuuuu what a pain.. thanks nvidia..). On bootcamp...
  18. karanlyons

    Boot Camp Issues with 2018 MBP

    I’m having a number of issues with Boot Camp and Apple’s drivers on the new MBPs, in addition to the obvious throttling: Audio lags by up to 2 seconds through the headphone jack. This can be seen in everything from DirectX applications, to YouTube, to even iTunes. Audio will start to "crackle"...
  19. whiteonline

    New Touchpad Driver Development

    I was perusing GitHub and came across a new development effort to incorporate native Windows 10 gestures for the Mac touchpad. Looks promising. Hardware support is incomplete at the moment, but hoping there is someone here that can contribute.
  20. voraciousvegan

    SATA Drivers in cMP Bootcamp: RAID/AHCI or IDE?

    I recently purchased the Caldigit FASTA-6GU3 Plus for a 4,1 cMP (flashed to 5,1). I'm installing their drivers on the Bootcamp partition (separate HD), and the SATA drivers have 2 methods of installation depending on the system mode. The issue is, I can't determine whether it's running AHCI or...