1. purdnost

    Photos App Filters Outdated?

    I don’t remember the last time the filters in the Photos app got a refresh, but I feel like they’re due for one. I think Apple could really blow us all away with some professional options instead of what feels like 2010 Instagram looks.
  2. jaziCo

    iPad Pro New iPad 12.9 8GB Ram - Lightroom stuttering when editing

    Hey Gang, Like a lot of you, I got my the new iPad 12.9 256GB yesterday. As most of you are aware by now, anything less than the 1TB model has 8GB RAM, and 1TB and above has double (16gb). I was working on Lightroom last night, editing a raw photo (about 350MB), and when making edits in...
  3. Z

    editing in RGB or CMYK mode?

    In which mode is it best to edit photos, in CMYK or RGB? And why?
  4. purdnost

    Post-Processing - Disable Scene Detection for Editing in Lightroom?

    Curious if it’s a good idea to disable Scene Detection in Camera settings if I edit most of my mobile photos in Lightroom. The idea being, I’m reducing the amount of automatic image processing in favor of my own. Curious if anyone has experimented with this, and what you would advise.
  5. loby

    Best OS for FCPX using Mac Pro 20-3 6,1 12-core

    For those who use Mac Pro 2013 (6,1) for video editing and are looking for the best OS to use, taking in account render speeds, smooth editing, and project time finishing demands, what is the OS that is overall gives the best overall performance? Using a Mac Pro 2013 (6,1) 12-Core 64 GB RAM 1...
  6. Bob Olmstead

    Help Needed On Changing Title Card

    Howdy All Hope everyone is safe and well :-) I have both Final Cut Pro and iMovie. Several years ago, I created some shorts for a business of mine at the time, made entirely of B-Roll. If memory serves, I did these on iMovie, but not 100% sure on that. Here is a link to one of them...
  7. purdnost

    Will Apple Revamp Photos Filters for iOS 14?

    I don’t know about everyone else, but while the stock filters in Apple Photos aren’t the worst in the world, they’re definitely not the best, and there’s no reason why Apple shouldn't have the best. I used the Photos plugin aspect of the Filmborn app for a while. I was able to easily edit...
  8. C

    MP 7,1 Best Mac Pro build for video editing

    I edit in Adobe Premiere, I usually edit Pro Res video, but also Sony XD or H.264. Looking to upgrade to the new Mac Pros, but unsure what I should prioritize as far as specs(Better CPU? Better Video Cards? More RAM?). At first I was really excited to see the afterburner card, but now it looks...
  9. Apple_Glen_UK

    Lightroom Colour Editing Help

    I'm a novice when it comes to photo editing but I have Lightroom on my Mac which I mainly use for cataloguing my photos and I'm now trying to delve into it a bit more. I've watched some online tutorials regarding colour editing. In the photo below of my little girl I've turned the photo black...
  10. J

    iPhone Is it just me or is the video timeline crop super frustrating in ios13?

    It's basically impossible to position the start and of the yellow slider. Wherever you leave them, they jump to somewhere else. And you can't move the white time slider if it's remotely close to the yellow slider, it just picks up whichever end of the yellow bar is nearest - which wouldn't be...
  11. M

    Catalina Apple Photos editing broken? Cannot Start Editing, Photos cannot load adjustments

    Whenever I try to edit a photo in Apple Photos in Catalina, I get the following error pop up and then editing doesn't work (save doesnt save etc). This message sometimes pops up once per photo or sometimes tens of times. - Catalina 10.15.1 fresh install (same error on dosdude patched 2011 Mac...
  12. purdnost

    All Devices Is Editing In Apple Photos Much Better In iOS 13?

    I currently edit my mobile photos in Lightroom for iOS. I would consider switching to editing in Apple's Photos app, especially now that iOS 13 introduces white balance and tint adjustments (what took so long?). The photo filters, however, still feel like they came straight out of a 2010 version...
  13. H

    Experienced Video Producer - Moving up to new iMac, need specific guidance

    I use Adobe Premiere Pro 2019. It is time to consider replacing a 2011 iMac which does the job but the graphics card now displays confetti more often. It's also a bit slow for current needs. Current specs: mid-2011 iMac 21.5 inch, 2.5GHz i5, 24GB 1333 MHz DDR3, AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512MB...
  14. A

    iMovie: How to save edited clips to reuse??

    iMovie 10.1.10 This seems basic but maybe I'm going about it wrong! Here is info about my project and what I'd like to do, please tell me HOW to do this. I have (10) 45min videos of my son's games, I want to edit those games down to maybe (5) 20sec. clips for each 45min. game. Then I want to...
  15. I

    New edit machine???

    Ok - so my 2013 iMac is getting pretty old. The new version of Premiere Pro beachballs all over the place... especially since I upgraded the System OS and from Premiere CC 2017. SUX. I was really hoping for a new iMac today... Oh well. I still need a new edit machine... so I'm wondering what...
  16. S

    Recommendations for light video edditing

    Hi all, I was really hoping for an iMac update today, but it was not to be. That said, what do you all think would be a good option for light (maybe occasionally mid) video editing? (the iMac pro is unfortunately out of my range) would the current iMac still be option? or should definitely I...
  17. seitsme

    Chinese subtitles character limit for editing

    hello, i use Aegis subtitle program and some days ago i got a chinese subtitle text file to make it SRT etc. I did the arrangement regarding timecode etc. My issue. With Aegis i use MAX char per line for EN subtitles 35, warning at 15 and error at 25. i have no clue what is the setting i must...
  18. J

    Benefits of Separating OS/Applications drive from Media drive

    I’m looking to purchase a new iMac 2017 5K with 1tb of ssd for 4K video editing. Because the source files of the projects I will be working on will be below 500gb for any given project, I would like to utilize the fast internal nvme as an active media drive AND OS/Application drive (I will...
  19. E

    How to extract video from mkv?

    Am I missing any essential app for extracting workable video from MKV files? I.e. something I can either recut or cut to gifs? Currently I use AnyMP4 (free, App Store) to cut and convert to MP4, or Lossless Cut (free, GitHub) if I want to cut first, then convert. Both are terribly bad with the...
  20. alexmac712

    Aspect ratio issue exporting from FCP 7

    Hello, one and all I have a mix of files from a Sony Handicam at 720 x 480 and footage from a Samsung phone set at 1280 x 720. Edited.all of it down. As I've done in the past, I exported the project as .mov thru Qucktime. Unfortunately, the aspect ratio came out full frame. I have repeatedly...