1. Shaggymax

    Apple Pro Apps Bundle for Education Still Active Late 2019

    Just a heads up...just purchased Apple Pro Apps Bundle for Education for some classes I'm taking. An amazing value for pro software @ $199. Purchased on and my redemption codes were sent about 12 hours later in a password protected PDF. In App Store click Redeem at the bottom, login...
  2. P7S1

    Universal GradePoint iOS app created by a highschooler

    Hey my name is Atemnkeng Fontem. I'm currently a senior at a high school in Westerville, Ohio and I just finished finished creating my first iOS App called GradePoint, heres my story. Growing up I've always been interested in computers and computer science. In middle school used to do those...
  3. ApostolisApo

    iPhone Knowtrail: Know your surroundings!

    Hi, here is an app for iPhone and Apple Watch that I have been making for the last two years in my free time: It is using Wikipedia's API and your location to provide you with trivia about stuff around your current location. It has...
  4. bastula

    Universal Yanay Language - Learn a new language the fun & easy way

    Hey guys, We just released a language learning app, Yanay Language. It's designed primarily for kids but can be equally used by adults. We would love any kind of feedback or suggestions as we have several ideas planned for the app. App link...
  5. glaurent

    Universal Simple Music Note Workout, an app to help you learn your instrument

    I've recently published a small app for basic music training aimed at beginner musicians, it's called Simple Music Note Workout : There are 3 exercises, based on asking the user to play a note and, though pitch...
  6. behrad3d

    iPhone CMath - A solution to practice mental calculations

    Recently, my fiance was preparing for a consulting job and once she was practicing interview she came up with the idea of CMath. CMath provides an elegant solution to practice mental calculations for various operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and percentage. You would...
  7. C

    Should I buy the iMac in UK now?

    the reason is that considering the price increase from iphone 6s to iphone 7 and the constantly dropping GBP value, the new announced iMac might be priced as £1,599.00, £1,849.00 £2199.00 comparing to current version as £1,449.00, £1,599.00, £1,849.00. I think Apple already reduced the EDU...
  8. Fortun

    Universal Numito - word and numbers puzzles

    Juanma Altamirano (littlebigcode) Free Game
  9. kasirus

    Universal Multiplication Genius x19 Free

    :apple:Download; Description FOR KIDS and PARENTS: ----------------- Encourage your kids to master 9, 12 and 19 Times Table! The multiplication is the most FUNDAMENTAL foundations of mathematics. The more score in...
  10. C

    Apple education discount being discontinued?

    Currently at the University of York and the IT team have been tweeting about Apple stopping the education discount program?! And it being replaced by third parties? tweet1 tweet2 Seems like an odd move. Was unsure if anyone else had heard anything about this?
  11. PavelGubarev

    Universal The Curious Robot: Science for those who hate science! I'm introducing my new app. This game will help you to explain to your kid what is sound, what is heat, what things are made of and how small are atoms and molecules. This is the story about a curious robot that wants to be...
  12. Y

    Universal [FREE] Live Transport Puzzle for Kids

    Puzzles - accessible, various and universal game and in the same time amazingly useful for children memory, logical thinking, imagination, fine motor skills development. If you are working on kids intellectual grow, then this engaging puzzle game is must play. Simple and clear tasks will help to...
  13. mabozo

    Universal IQ Safari MATH [APP]

    Hi everybody, I would like to announce our educational app IQ Safari Math. IQ Safari Math is an education app for kids from preschool up to third grade. The application - developed in collaboration with kids and teachers - is a guide from basic additions and subtractions to more advanced...