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external monitor

  1. B

    hooking up an additional monitor to the new M3 iMac

    I am looking at upgrading my 2017 27" iMac to a new M3 iMac. One of the criteria is that I can hook up a 2nd monitor. I really value the additional screen real estate, because I do a lot of video conferencing and comparing documents. I noticed that there is a limitation with the new iMacs in...
  2. N

    Best 27" display for a late 2013 Macbook Pro with the highest ppi?

    I'm looking for the closest resolution to the retina screen as I can find, while still being compatible with my older macbook pro (13" late 2013). I don't like blocky text and that's most important to me in terms of improvement. I have a 4k 27" msi monitor and the text is not great. It's scaled...
  3. El_Capitan

    iPad Pro Ultrawide monitor advice and recommendations, please?

    Hi everyone, I’m in a market to buy an ultrawide monitor. It would mainly be hooked up to my Mac but here’s the catch - I also want to be able to use it with my iPad Pro M2 12.9” in all of it’s full screen stage manager glory. I want something on a smaller side - 29” up to 34” maximum as it’s...
  4. C

    MP 1,1-5,1 Success: connecting webcam of external (HP) monitor to Mac OS Monterey

    Posting this in case useful to others. Reading the HP manual (!) I found connecting the USB B end (square plug) of the cable to the HP monitor and the USB A end to the mac, Mac OS automatically detected the monitor webcam. I can use (have tested) the 720p webcam in Teams and OBS studio.
  5. dragoon2745

    Anyone use both a XDR in HDR and Studio Display in SDR?

    I currently have a 27 inch Intel iMac from 2020 and pair it with a LG 27GP950-B monitor. When enabling HDR on the LG monitor, everything looks dull and awful. I think it's because Mac isn't rendering the UI correctly to adapt to HDR. If I replaced this setup with a Mac Studio along with one XDR...
  6. J

    Macbook Pro 2019 16'' - Big Sur - cropped search bar (external monitor)

    Dear forum, Recently I discovered that on my external screen, my search bar is cropped for some reason. This happened to me since upgrading to big sur. Do any of you have an idea what I can do to resolve this? Could this be an external monitor setting causing this? I tried the general things...
  7. DigitalAR

    What would you do with 2 iMac Computers? (And 2 extra Apple Monitors)

    Good morning, I recently came across a friend who was getting rid of their 2013 (21.5) iMac. I upgraded the internals and now is running 16GB and 1TB RAM of SSD storage and it runs great. 99% of the time I’m just browsing, listening to music/movie, typing documents, occasionally editing...
  8. M

    External display looks bad on M1 MacBook Pro and M2 Mac Mini

    So I just bought my first Mac Mini (the new M2) but noticed that the colors of the screen are bad. They are really inaccurate. Before I used the Mac Mini, I used a Hackintosh for about 3 years and never had any issues with the colors (using the same monitor). To make sure I wasn't going crazy...
  9. J

    External Monitor Flashing RGBBW

    Trying to run my 2017 13" MBP with two external monitors (LG 27QP88D-B2). The monitors are connected to my MBP via USB-C cables directly into my Thunderbolt 3 ports. Having an issue where one of the monitors will randomly start flashing red, green, blue, black, then white repeatedly for maybe 10...
  10. P

    iPad iPad and external ultrawide monitor black bars

    Hi! I i have ipad 11 M1 (ipados 16.2) and ultrawide monitor Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming 34" (3440x1440) When i connecting them via hdmi-hdmi with ugreen hub i get black bars view. Have any chance to get full screen view? Thanks.
  11. N

    Messaging apps lose connection on new MacBook Air when unlocking when connected to external display

    Hi, I recently got a new personal laptop (MacBook Air M2 2022) running Ventura. Since getting it, various desktop messaging apps, such as (Facebook) Messenger, WhatsApp and Signal seem to lose their internet connection and fail to sync. This happens when waking the laptop when it's connected to...
  12. D

    Blurry Text on 32LGQN600

    Hi , I recently bought a QHD 32LGQN600 as an external monitor for my MacBook M1 Pro , and it is running MacOS Ventura. The text in the monitor is blurry , even at maximum resolution 2560 X 1440 . I had tried some of the methods available on the internet , such as toggling fontSmoothing...
  13. iApplereviews

    USB C Video Issues Continue

    Just updated to 13.1 beta 2 still no fix for the USB C video issues and still no acknowledgment of an issue. Haven't been able to use a USB C monitor with either of my Macs since Venturas release.
  14. S

    First Time MacBook user using smart TV as external Monitor

    I really hope someone can help me with the following; I am using LG 55inch OLED 4K TV as an external monitor for my new MacBook Pro. I am trying to use a custom resolution of 3200x1800 instead of 4K resolution. However I don't want the screen to be stretched to fit TV, I simply want to have an...
  15. Rozovici

    Fonts on 4K Dell g3223q

    Hello, I just bought a 32inch 4K monitor for my 14inch Macbook Pro as I was trying to go for the best option that has at least 120Hz refresh rate and will give me sharp fonts. My slight disappointment is related to the sharpness of the fonts. I can't say they are blurry, but I don't find them...
  16. C

    iPad Pro Change from iPad Pro 11" 2nd generation to M1 11" iPad Pro?

    Dear all I want to switch from my iPad Pro 11" 2nd generation to iPad Pro 11" M1 for full resolution external monitor support in iPadOS 16. What do you think? I use it only for browsing internet, reading email, youtube video and as a simple internet device. I don't use or I will not use the...
  17. m0nkeyb0y

    Monitor output issues

    I have a 16" M1 Pro and 2 external monitors, both 32" 4k. (Samsung UR590C and Gigabyte M32UC) I've checked that my cables are high-speed. If I plug in one monitor hdmi-hdmi, and the other usb-C to DisplayPort, they both function, mostly. (One will not scale well, minimal options.) If I try...
  18. fjnrte

    iPadOS external monitor: PORTRAIT orientation with StageManager??

    Does StageManager on iPad work with a vertical monitor? (To super clarify: I mean 9:16 compared to 16:9 on the external monitor) *I'm coding and reading maths books a lot, so my vertical ultrawide monitor monitor is a godsent when using my Mac, but rn I'm at my parents house for a summer...
  19. cedarm

    Trying to hook my Macbook Air M2 to a Sharp PN-K321 with USB C to DisplayPort cable but only getting 30hz. Shouldn't this combo be able to do 3840x216

    Hi all, I have a M2 MacBook Air, and I'm trying to get 3840x2160 @60hz out of my new to me Sharp PN-K321 display which I got second hand. This monitor, as I understand it, is capable of it, and so is the M2. I bought a cable from Amazon that I thought would do the trick (no link so I don't get...
  20. M

    Do QHD external monitors look bad on M1 Max?

    Hi there, I currently use a u4021qw (WUHD 5120 x 2160) and the font and images look great. I recently started playing around with a LG 38wn95c-w (QHD 3840x1600) and noticed that the fonts look much worse. I was looking at the forums and there is mention that M1 processors do not handle external...