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May 11, 2011
Hi, I recently got a new personal laptop (MacBook Air M2 2022) running Ventura. Since getting it, various desktop messaging apps, such as (Facebook) Messenger, WhatsApp and Signal seem to lose their internet connection and fail to sync. This happens when waking the laptop when it's connected to an external display (AOC U27P2Ca) via USB-C, even though the laptop is connected to the internet. Quitting and reopening the apps doesn't fix the connection... only restarting the laptop does. It doesn't happen when the laptop's not connected to the external display. There are no other connections, i.e. it's not connected via a hub, and no other peripheries are connected to the laptop (power is being provided to laptop via USB-C from the display). It also doesn't happen with my work laptop (MacBook Pro13" 2020 Intel) or my old personal laptop (MacBook Pro Early 2015). Is it an issue with some settings on Ventura, or with the hardware (MacBook Air or external display)? Any help would be appreciated.
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