1. R

    Other How does Apple test its new technologies?

    We all know that Apple had tried waterproof technology on iPhone 6 before it officially announced that iPhone 7 is water-resistant. This just got me to think that maybe Apple has always tested its innovative technologies in its current generations to test their features and then release the next...
  2. c14nhl

    iPad Pro FaceID while lying flat - pleasantly surprised

    Something I was concerned about prior to upgrading was the ability to unlock the new iPads while lying flat on a desk. I use mine a lot for note taking, using TouchID made accessing the locked device easy, wherever it lay on the desk. I’m pleasantly surprised at how well FaceID unlocks from...
  3. 2

    When will Macs get better FaceTime Cameras? They're inferior to the cameras on the iPhones

    It's been crossing my mind but I find it funny that the cameras on our iPhones are miles ahead of the ones that come with our MacBooks and iMacs. You would think that the cameras would be on par or even better on the Macs because they have more room to work with. I really hope the next updates...
  4. M

    iPhone XS Which is most secure way to set up XS?

    Looking for some advice. Just received my XS Max, my first FaceID phone, and was wondering what is the most secure way to set up. I don't have anything to hide on my phone, but in these days where officials can and do force people to open their phones for inspection if they have used TouchID...
  5. SegPip

    iPhone Is Landscape (horizontal) FaceID a hardware or software issue?

    Any iPhone X owner knows how frustrating it is when their phone is landscape orientation and you must rotate your phone to unlock with your face! I was wondering if this is a definite hardware issue (meaning it would be introduced as a feature of a new generation of iPhone) or COULD this be a...
  6. B

    iPhone X FaceID bug breaks Apple Pay NFC

    So I encountered a strange bug that took me a while to figure out (and completely stumped apple tech support). I noticed in the last several weeks my iPhone X wasn’t working at Apple Pay terminals around town that it previously had no issue with. I initially chalked it up to flakey terminals...
  7. Axe991

    FaceID when opening Forums

    Hello everybody! I've recently noticed that whenever I open the MacRumors forum page, FaceID activates without doing anything. It doesn't happen while I'm logging in, in fact, I never logged in with my phone. What is the cause for this?
  8. C

    iPhone X Face ID for Apps

    Hello, Yes, I am one of those people who purchased an iPhone 8 Plus on Launch Day and Friday upgraded to the iPhone X. Amazing how quickly the lack of the Home Button and Touch ID became a non-issue. A few questions I'm sure many of you have encountered. I had Touch ID access with my bank...
  9. M

    FaceID missing 80% of the time

    Can someone give tips on optimal setup for faceid? It's extremely frustrating how often faceid is failing to recognize me. i've redone setup like 10 times already. the biggest problem seems to be it only works in the conditions i did the original setup. These are some of the things that make...
  10. R

    iPhone Authenticate to Expand Notifications (TouchID)

    Hey guys, am trying to wrap my head around as to why authenticating via TouchID to expand notifications are not available for iPhone 8 and older devices? I mean, that’s basically the same premise right? Apple’s actually halfway there when they introduced and option in Accessibility to remain on...
  11. M

    TouchID or FaceID

    I'm seeing a lot of mixed reviews about Face ID compared to Touch ID and a lot of people saying they prefer Touch ID. I am curious to why? From past devices Touch ID was far from perfect for me. Most of the time it wouldn't work and thats with 4 fingerprints set up 2 on each thumb. This is...
  12. B

    iPhone iOS 11.1.1 seems to have made Face ID slower when authenticating to apps?

    Anyone with an iPhone X seem to have noticed face ID authentication on apps seems slower tan before and also less accurate where you have to enter the passcode more? In my experience, I feel it worked much better before the update even though there was that "i" bug.
  13. L

    Resolved Seeing infrared from FaceID in the dark

    Go somewhere truly dark, put a black wallpaper, brightness to lowest setting: am I the only one seeing the FaceID infrared blinking when turning on the lock screen ?! Tilt your phone so that FaceID does not see you or it will stop too fast
  14. andgon1

    FACE ID set up does not work on ios 11.1

    Set up on 11.03 worked and then once I updated to ios 11.1 I tried to redo face id set up and it will not recognize my face. Turned off phone twice and force quit settings. Still not working. UPDATE: Went to Apple and they confirmed that I am not crazy and it is a problem with the phone. I...
  15. J

    Iphone X Face ID Problems

    Having trouble getting the camera to recognize my face, it keeps asking me to move my iphone up and down. It never gets past the part where you put you face in the frame. Any suggestions?
  16. C

    Require Attention for FaceID: on or off?

    Why leave Require Attention on -- if it makes it slightly more difficult for faceid to register. What is the real benefit of having it on? I don't see anyone forcing me to do anything with my phone or sneaking up on me while my eyes are shut and opening my phone -- so is there a reason to...
  17. LewisChapman

    My Face Unlocks My Brothers X

    My brother collected his white 256GB iPhone X this morning and first things first - it's beautiful! Definitely a fresh design and the screen really is excellent. He's spent most of the day playing with the portrait modes which are a game-changer for him and his business. Now, FaceID. For the...
  18. I

    This video has over 450k views and is misleading viewers about FaceID

    Upon first look, it's a regular video. But, whenever the camera switches from the guys on the couch to their hands on the phone, note that the skin color sometimes changes and the hand holding the phone sometimes switches, rendering the video fake clickbait. HOWEVER, it's going viral and the...
  19. B

    Face ID vs Touch ID

    So lets have this discussion. I want to see true points where Touch ID would be better than Face ID and vice versa. We all know Face ID hasn't been used by any of us yet so we can only take Apple's word for it to work as advertised. (Looking at those screaming how terrible Face ID is when they...
  20. vbiro

    FaceID with apps that use TouchID

    Does anyone know how FaceID works with apps that currently use TouchID for authentication? Will it "just work"? Or will developers have to add the functionality in which case I'll have to go back to manually entering my password until they get around to it?