iPhone XS Which is most secure way to set up XS?


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Sep 26, 2009
Looking for some advice.

Just received my XS Max, my first FaceID phone, and was wondering what is the most secure way to set up.

I don't have anything to hide on my phone, but in these days where officials can and do force people to open their phones for inspection if they have used TouchID or FaceID, I have always used a passcode.

I have always avoided using banking apps, only ever doing banking via internet browser because I wasn't sure how secure they were.

Now with friends and my bank telling me that the the banking apps are safe to use, plus the convenience, I have decided to give a couple of them a try. but I would still like to set up my new phone to be as secure as possible.

So what would it be? Long passcode to open phone, then FaceID only for apps? Passcode to open and separate passwords for each app using a password manager?

How do you have your phone set up to secure your personal data?



Jun 22, 2007
There’s always a trade off between security and convenience. To be most secure, use long passcode only, and nothing else (no faceID). It can be inconvenient, but I’ve seen people who are used to it and/or are not willing to trade off security for convenience.

Personally, I use 6 digits passcode and Touch ID on my 6S. I understand the risks (very minimal) while I still like the convenience of logging into apps securely with just my finger. To me, it’s a good balance.

On the other side, I’ve also seen many people that simply refuse to use any security on their phones, simply because they have zero understanding about the security and risks. Thus they just want convenience.
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Jul 7, 2010
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Use a flip phone. But for reals tho just setup FaceID and be done with it. Typing in passcode is a thing of the past.
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