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  1. InAWhiteRoom

    iSight Camera on PowerPC

    Hi all, I have an iSight camera arriving in a few days, and I’m trying to figure out if it can work on a PowerPC Mac with any kind of video calling these days. I can’t see that FaceTime is likely to be compatible, but any thoughts on in-browser solutions, iChat, or more imaginative...
  2. C

    Can FaceTime be used without an Apple ID on iPhones?

    iMessage definitely can be used without an Apple ID. I think FaceTime, too, works without one on iPhones, but I'm not 100% sure. Wikipedia says it does: Did somebody test this? Is somebody using FaceTime regularly without an Apple...
  3. H

    Will FaceTime stream 1080p from a 3rd-party cam on a 720p iMac?

    I want to improve the webcam on my 2017 720p iMac running Monterey. First of all, if I purchase a third-party1080p or higher webcam, can it use the full 1080p or 4K resolution on FaceTime calls, or will it downsize the stream to 720p on an older iMac? Secondly, are there any webcams you...
  4. M

    Monterey external USB headset mic issues with FaceTime

    So I upgraded my Mac Mini 2018 last week, and was pleasantly surprised. Everything seemed to work fine, and it also seemed snappier — and Quicken running on Win10 via Parallels definitely was more responsive. today, tho, I encountered my first issue. My Logitech headset, which worked perfectly...
  5. D

    "Allow More Data on 5G": All FaceTime Calls always going through 5G even on Gigabit Wi-Fi

    For a while now, every time I did a FaceTime, my phone would disconnect from my Gigabit Wi-FI network to handle the call with my 1 bar of 5G. I would notice right away because people would tell me the quality is not good... I just realised today that the culprit is the "Allow More Data on 5G"...
  6. R

    iPad mini iPad mini 4 not screen share on FaceTime

    Hello everyone! My mom has an ipad mini 4 updated to the latest version, but we have not been able to use the screen share function (from her ipad to mine, although it works the other way around). When you hit the share button it says function not supported (or not available, I don't remember...
  7. GoztepeEge

    FaceTime bug on 2021 MBP 14" Monterey 12.1

    Hi all! I noticed a FaceTime bug while I was using it on my 2021 MBP 14", running on Monterey 12.1. When I try to start a FaceTime call, it starts however it feels a bit problematic, like struggling and a bit slow. A video call starts in the landscape mode for my camera, does not matter if the...
  8. Svm99

    Wifi Keeps Disconnecting While On FaceTime

    I just started noticing this around the time iOS 15 came out. What happens if I’ll be on FaceTime with my friend and then randomly both of our wifi will disconnect at the exact same time for like a minute or so, switch to cellular data during the time, and then will reconnect. It’ll do this many...
  9. B

    14 MBP Battery drain on Facetime

    I have a base model 14 MBP and started a Facetime call with 100% battery. After exactly an hour, my battery had drained to 65% which I felt was a bit low. On the other hand, that same Facetime call after an hour would only drain to 80-83% on my 2020 iPad Pro 11 inch. I realize the MBP is...
  10. S

    Pro Microphone for iOS calls

    is there any microphone that can work with iPhone audio/video calls? I heard AKG Lyra is supposed to work, no proof though, no reply from the support either. Any input deeply appreciated,
  11. D

    iPhone 13 iPhone 13 smoothing front camera

    is anyone else experiencing a smoothing/lack of clarity in the front camera of the iPhone 13 especially when in a video call on FaceTime ?
  12. G

    iPhone 11 Pro Voice cuts out FaceTime speakerphone call

    When I'm on a speakerphone FaceTime call or a regular speakerphone call with my wife when she’s using her iPhone 11 Pro her voice cuts out UNLESS I put her on mute. The fact that putting her on mute on my phone stops her voice from cutting out shows it's not a hardware problem with her phone...
  13. A

    Zoom works better than FaceTime

    In the past few weeks, FaceTime video calls between my daughters and me fail about 80% of the time..claiming a “poor connection” within a few seconds. Zoom videos have worked 100% of the time. Each of us (in different parts of the country) has 1 GB internet service and all of us only use...
  14. JoshuaMoraski


    Hello, I have been very curious if iOS 15’s FaceTime feature SharePlay will be available for Android/Windows links. I can‘t get a straight answer on Google and hoped a developer beta user could help me! My girlfriend (LDR) has a Linux laptop and Oppo phone and I have all apple devices. We...
  15. J

    iOS 15 - Facetime Bug

    Is anyone having the bug where FaceTime audio and video don't ring they just sit there until you press the end call button?
  16. P

    Call log/FaceTime issues

    Hi all, I’m having an issue with FaceTime. On my MacBook and iMac I am pretty sure I used to be able to see my recent call list from calls I made on my iPhone. They don’t update anymore. Also if I had a missed call show up on both macs if I cleared it on one it would also clear on the other...
  17. S

    iPhone 12 Does your iPhone 12 do this during a FaceTime call?

    Does your iPhone 12 display flash during FaceTime calls? I took a screen recording of it which I've posted in a video at the bottom of this post. Only the video of the incoming call flashes. ie. no other parts of the display are affected, including the pic-in-pic. It happens randomly (there...
  18. S

    iPhone 12 Pro FaceTime Connectivity Issues iPhone 12 Pro (on WiFi)

    Hello Macrumors! I have been experiencing some iPhone 12 Pro issues with FaceTime since first receiving the device but it took me a while to diagnose. To be crystal clear this is not the same connectivity issue that others have reported with 5G. The issue is as follows: During a FaceTime...
  19. V

    FaceTime reconnecting issues

    Encountering the 'Reconnecting' issue on FaceTime when the two iPads are on different iOS versions. My iPad is 7th gen running 14.2. The other device is iPad mini 2 running 12.4.9. The iPad mini cannot be updated any further. I have checked the internet connectivity and both users have enough...
  20. J

    Bluetooth Headset Issues

    Hi all, I hope this is the correct area to be asking this question, if not I'll post it elsewhere. I currently have two MPOW 5 Bluetooth Headsets that I would like to use simultaneously whilst on a video call. Through the Audio MIDI Setup I have the outputs set to a Multi-Output Device (I...