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family share

  1. T

    Family Sharing with Multiple Apple ID for Single User

    I have 2 Apple ID's. Second one was created when I bought a new iPhone years ago. ID #2 has phone "stuff" like texts, VMs and messages and photos/videos taken with iPhone and is the only Apple device associated. ID #1 is used for iTunes, Subscriptions, and for Mac. It have iPhone as a device...
  2. markeaston

    HomePod HomePods will not play music I have purchased on iTunes

    Over the last decade, for movies and music, I have purchased: 2000 albums 1600 movies At an average of $15 each - that is an expenditure of $54,000!! I also own 4 HomePods (two large ones and two minis), a mac mini (I have had a new one every 2 years for the last decade or so), the latest...
  3. W

    iPhone 12 mini Does adding a family member with 2FA enabled convert non-2FA family members to 2FA?

    Hello. I want to add a family member who has two factor authentication enabled. However, I do not want 2FA and my account does not have it enabled. If I add this family member, will it convert my account to 2FA? I don't want to try adding them unless I have an idea of what will happen. Thanks...
  4. S

    Not receiving notifications on Family Sharing

    Hi guys and gals. I am setting up the Family sharing option on my iPhone 12 pro max. Everything is working well but there is one problem I can't get around. After setting up the Family sharing option I've added my daughter as Child, I am the organizer and my wife is added as Parent/guardian...
  5. matrix07

    Family Sharing?

    Do the master member of the family still have to have a credit card on his ID? Is gift card enough?
  6. Carlanga

    Family sharing and movies

    I have two adults on my iCloud family share, I have it ticked "share my purchases with my family", but I can't see none of my movies on their devices. We are talking about 250 iTunes movies that I own... Their devices are running iOS 11.
  7. abeautifuldesignnc

    App Store, Shared Purchases Gone?

    Does anybody know how to access shared purchases on iOS 11? You used to be able to go with under updates and see other people in your family plans purchases, but that's no longer the case from what I am seeing. Any ideas?
  8. Kylady

    Family share question

    can one send an invitation to a sister or brother's Apple ID or is it only parent-wife-child ?
  9. U

    How Photo Stream Should Work

    I like Apple's Photo Stream. It's one of the best ways to circulate photos to family members. But there's one limitation I wish Apple would change. Shared Photo Streams let my wife and I post photos to one stream, so if either of us gets a photo or video of our kids, we can both share it to...
  10. M

    iphone appstore family help

    hi all... need help in a dilemma not sure how to do this. bought the kid an iphone [i use other brand, its a work thing]. want control over what and how things get downloaded to the kids iphone. the family has an ipad and apple tech told me as i was setting up the kids iphone to create the...
  11. kmichalec

    Disable family sharing requests for other adult

    I have our family sharing set up with myself as the head of household, my wife as an adult (not parent/guardian) and our two kids accounts. Whenever my 12 year old daughter requests something, both my wife and I get the approval request notifications. I'm the one who always approves or declines...