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  1. ondert

    Brand New M1 iMac, is this coil whine?

    Hello, Yesterday we just bought an M1 iMac from a nearby Apple Store for my wife. I didn't have time to use it then but today when I turned it on, I've started hearing this high pitched sound. It's low in volume but constant and I don't need to come close to hear this. I'm able to pick this...
  2. W

    Differences in thermal solutions between 14/16 or M1 Pro/Max?

    Just wondering if there are any differences between the thermal solutions (heat sink, fan size, etc) inside the new 14’’ and 16’’ MBPs. For example the 16’’ might benefit from larger heat sinks? Also is it the same heat sink/fans when you choose M1 Pro vs M1 Max? Assuming that M1 Max would...
  3. Mr Screech

    Macmini M1 100% fan noise.

    Anyone willing to record the sound a macmini m1 makes at 100% fan noise? I have a macbookpro m1, and though very silent in general, the fan is extremely loud at 100% with a high pitch that's annoying. I'm curious if the macmini m1 has a more tolerable 100% fan noise. Greatly appreciated.
  4. I

    Fan running constantly but no abnormality on performance.

    So guys! Need yours master help. My machine MacBook Air mid 2012, 13 inches, which I have just replaced the fan, now, as soon as I turn the Mac on, the fan starts medially. I have no complain about the noise, it sounds really smooth, but is still trickling... sounds not normal. The...
  5. P

    will an M1 laptop solve my fan issue with external display?

    My 2015 MacBook Pro 15" finds it hard to drive an external 4k display, and the fans go crazy when watching YouTube full screen, even 720p. This is over DisplayPort, and also happened with a 2017 MacBook Pro 13" nTB. I use it in clamshell mode, so it doesn't even have to drive 2 displays...
  6. S

    Macbook15"2019 fans are always on? Can disable?

    - Are the fans always on on the Macbook Pro (any Butterfly or later)? (Have Fanny monitoring app, says minimum around 2k rpm always. 2. Is there a ways to disable fans and thus force the CPU to throttle?
  7. B

    Is Mac Mini 70-80° CPU Proximity temperature is high?

    I bought a second-hand Mac Mini (5,2) for Plex. CPU Proximity temperature often raises above 70°-80° (when copying files). Should I be worried / consider returning the Mac Mini? Or is it in the normal threshold (meaning I can probably use it for a couple of years to come).
  8. Intenditore

    Top-line MBPr 15" fan noise problem

    I've got a top-of-the-line 2015 MBPr. Oh, why did I ever thought to take the top model?! It kills me with unreasonable noise - as soon as dGPU is invoked it starts to whine, just watching a YT video, around very reasonable 60C - and 60-70% fanspeed. For nothing Even when I stop it, it makes...
  9. Nathan King

    2019 MacBook Pro - Fan Speed with WebEx through Citrix

    I'm having an issue with my 2019 13" MacBook Pro where the fans quickly ramp up to what sounds like full speed when attending a WebEx meeting through Citrix. Curiously, using the WebEx app directly from the laptop (not through Citrix) gives much lower fan speeds that I would consider normal for...
  10. S

    iMac 27" 5K (End 2015) Fan speeds up, performance slows down

    Hello all, our normally good working iMac 27” 5K from End 2015 has a defects since some weeks. The Fan turns up and the performance drops down, so it is not possible to work on the machine. I tried to install the newest macOS, restart with D = no errors. TG Pro displayed that the Sensor “Power...
  11. liquidplace

    iMac PowerPC G4 (Lamp) > Constant beep during boot

    Hello dear community, I registered myself in the forum today and hope for concentrated "expertise"! ;-) and maybe your help with a little problem. A work colleague gave me a beautiful 20 "iMac PowerPC G4 / 1.25GHz / 80GB hard drive (Hitachi) / 1GB RAM (2x512GB DDR SDRAM) / 2004 / Mac OS 10.5.8...
  12. novakjos

    Help moving on from early 2020 MBA...

    Hello, So I am usually the person that a lot of my friends come to when they need help picking a Mac and I consider myself pretty adept at being able to recommend the right amount (no more, no less) of what people need. I'm writing because I really don't know what to do for myself. I was using...
  13. macnerd93

    Trying to find a cooling fan for my G4 Cube

    Hi all, So I got my G4 Cube onto my desk the other day (after spending around a year on a shelf on display) she’s now setup with Mac OS. 9.2.2 and OS X Jaguar as a working computer and it actually works great with my FireWire 400 capture box And Final Cut Pro Version 3. Something my 15 inch MBP...
  14. M

    iMac 27" Late 2013 stock HDD + crucial NVME - Fan 1200rpm always

    Hello guys, i bought an old used iMac Late 2013 base model. I decided to install a 512gb ssd nvme crucial + mac adapter and leave the stock 1Tb hdd as it is. Everythings work well, i installed Catalina but i noticed that the main (and only) fan always spin at 1200rpm. In this imac the minimum...
  15. A

    MP 1,1-5,1 MP4,1 2009 CPU heatsink fan

    Hi guys, I'm so sorry for asking this. But i've tried to search around but couldn't find a guide. (I've also combed through the Apple Technician Guide for it but to no avail). Is there a way to remove the fan from both the CPU heatsinks (non-destructively) cleaning and maintenance? I can see...
  16. Nunon311

    iMac Mid 2007 CPU fan in full blast! Constantly....!

    Hi all! For about a month now,on my 24" mid 2007 iMac, the CPU fan is working in full, constantly, and wow, it's loud, unbearably loud..! I've looked in forums, in apple, everywhere and can't find a solution. (see photo for data) Most common reason is due to a replacement of the HDD. I...
  17. C

    Brand new M1 Mac Mini has fan on continously

    Hello, I just received the new M1 mac mini, however, contrary what a lot of users/reviews say, the fan of my mac mini is constantly on. Not at full speed I guess, but I hear it fanning all the time. It starts even before I enter my password - it seems to have no relation with what I'm doing...
  18. lancee_xyz

    Strange and annoying fan noise in brand new iMac 27" 2020 (incl. audio file)

    Hi, I just replaced my late 2013 iMac 27" with a 2020 model to get the Big Sur experience :) Unfortunately my new iMac sounds strange - the fan make a clacking or engine like sound all the time when running at lowest RPM. iMac is 10 days old and does it ever since. Is this normal? I hope not...
  19. Darragh Ryan

    Pink Graphics Issue Caused By Bent Fan Mac Book Pro 17" 2009

    Hi everyone. I was cleaning the inside of my MacBook Pro and slightly bent part of what I think is one of the fans vents or filters? After turning it back on I was greeted with pink and sometimes green graphics distortion. When I put hard pressure on the shell it would go away. I then...
  20. D

    iMac 27 mid 2011 cooling mod?

    Hi Maccers, We got a 27" mid 2011 and some days ago the GPU to take it's retirement. The new GPU arrived, iMac is dismantled and before mounting everything back in it's place I'm trying find out how to improve it's internal cooling. Is there anyone here who added extra fans or did something...